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28 Hour Day
28-Hour Day Page, The
2K or Not 2K, That Is The Question
Absolutely Millennium
Australia's Daylight Saving Times
Badger's Disney Countdown
Brian's Views on Time Travel and Interdimentional Voyages
CGI Fun Page - Countdown 'Til Christmas
Clickable Geologic Time Scale
Clock in a URL
Clocks and Time
CNN World Time
Countdown -
Countdown or Up
Countdown Page
Countdown to - January 1st, 2000 -
Countdown to - January 1st, 2000 -
Countdown to - January 1st, 2000 -
Countdown to - January 1st, 2000 -
Countdown to - January 1st, 2000 -
Countdown to 2000
Countdown to Christmas -
Countdown to Christmas
Countdown to New Year's
Countdown to New Year
Countdown to Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Countdown to the Millenium
Countdown to your Vacation
Current Time
Date and Time Gateway
Daylight & Standard Times Around the World
Daylight Saving Time
Daylight Savings Time
Dr. Bob's Geologic Time Page
FAQ - Time and Frequency Issues
Geologic Ages of Earth History
Geologic Time Scale You Can View or Print
Geologic Time Scale
Global Countdown
Global Metric Time Service
Greenwich 2000 Millennium Countdown Clock
Greenwich Mean Time - GMT
IEN Right Time of Italy
Interactive World Clock
International Standard Date and Time Notation
International Time Zones
January 1st, 2001 Is the First Day of the Third Millennium
Local Time in Cologne, Germany
Local Times Around the World
Long Now Foundation, The
Manor House Museum
Metric Time
Millennial Madness - Blame It on Dennis the Short
Museum of Timepieces and Mechanical Music - MUMM
Mystical World Wide Web Time Grid
National Institute of Standards and Technology - Time and Frequency Division
NIST Web Clock
North American Time Zones and GMT
NTP source code FTP Archive
Number of Seconds Till Millennium 2001
Number of Seconds Till Y2K Year 2000
Number of Seconds until the 21st Century
Old Jim's Countdown to Christmas
On the Nature of Time
Origin of Daylight Saving Time
Postal Telegraph Synchronous Electric Time
Quartz Watch, The
RB's Countdown to the Year 2000
S & B Computers - Countdown Page
Saving Time, Saving Energy
Stephen's Time Travel Page
Sun Rise and Set Times
Sunrise and Sunset Calculator
Swatch Internet Time
Time Cube
Time of Internet
Time Synchronization Server
Time Travel - The Way It Should Work
Time Travel Institute
Time Travel
Time Zone Converter
Time Zone Page -
Time Zone Page -
Time Zone Page -
Time Zones
Times of Our Lives
Universal Time Organisation Promoting a Metric Based Time System
Walk Through Time, A
Web Directory - Countdown Script Around the World
Web Directory - Daylight Saving Time
Web Directory - Internet Clocks, Counter, and Countdowns
Web Lift for Geological Time
What Time Is It In Indiana?
When Does the New Millennium Start?
World Book Encyclopedia - Measuring Time
World Book Encyclopedia - The Seasons
World Clock
World Time Zone
WWW Clock
Y2K MeltDown Timer
Year 2000 - Beginning or End?
Year 2000 Countdown

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