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Not everyone gets a SUPER SITE AWARD, so please include a subject your site belongs in or it may not be included!
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How do I get one?
About 65-70% of all our mail are people wanting our award.

Here is our criteria:
Usefulness -
Is your site beneficial to the Internet community?

Completeness -
Is your site through? Do people come to your site because it contains the latest or an extensive amount of information on the subject?

Freshness -
Is your site maintained? Is it updated regularly?

Balance -
Is your site well balanced? Do you have a good balance of information, creativity, and display? Is it easy to load? We've reviewed so many sites that are so loaded down with gifs, jpg, animated gifs, sound files, movies, etc... that it takes FOREVER to load...only to find a few links. This is waste of bandwidth.

Be Honest -
Awards should be earned, not given away. Please don't beg for one. Also, we feel we have earned the awards we have won. Please don't ask for an award from us, just because you have given us one.

Many Factors -
We look at many things when we decide on our winners. Just because a site isn't fancy, doesn't rule it out. Nor, a fancy site deserve an award. We all look at the "whole picture". We hope this will help in your quest for..."The Super Site Award".

Again -
Please submit your link using the form. We will delete submissions that are not in this form.

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