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Info Service Categories

2002 Calendar The whole years calendar.
Accounting A growing list of Accounting sites.
Accounting Software Links to accounting software.
Acupuncture Medical links about Acupuncture
Adoption Want to's the place.
Advertising (web sites) Find out about advertising on web sites, advertising stats and more.
Advertising Agencies A huge list of advertising agencies and public relations firms.
Advice Fun advice links.
Aerobatics Stunt flying.
Aging Health matters related to aging.
Agriculture Agriculture sites.
AIDS/HIV Medical links about AIDS/HIV
Ailments Disorders, illnesses and ailments is the subject matter.
Airlines A list of airlines from around the world.
Alcoholism Medical links about Alcoholism
Allergies Medical links about Allergies
Alternative Fuel Alternative fuel links.
Alternative Medicine Medical links about Alternative Medicine
Alzheimer's Disease Medical links about Alzheimer's Disease
Amateur Radio Ham and shortwave links.
American History History sites dealing with American History.
Amiga The Amiga site with a wealth of links.
Amusement Parks A collection of amusement parks and attractions.
Ancient History History sites dealing with Ancient History.
Anemia Medical links about Anemia.
Animal Rights Your pet has rights too!
Anime A site devoted to Anime (Comics-Cartoons mainly from Japan)
Anniversary Gifts Reference chart about anniversary gifts.
Anorexia Nervosa Medical links about Anorexia Nervosa.
Antiques Your guide to antiques and collectibles.
AntiVirus Get rid of those pests in your computer with help from these sites.
Appliances Appliance manufactures.
Arcade Interactive A host of browser played interactive games. From very simple for small kids to the old classics for adults. Over a hundred!
Archaeology Archaeology sites.
Archaeology History Archaeology history sites.
Archery Archery & Bowhunting
Archie Software 16-bit Archie clients to download. (Internet Software)
Archie Software 32-bit Archie clients to download. (Internet Software)
Archie Software For Macintosh to download (Internet Software)
Architecture Buildings and people dealing with architecture
Archives Public archives of many types.
Army Corps of Engineers Army Corps of Engineers links.
Arson Arson sites
Art Art sites from all over the world.
Arthritis Medical links about Arthritis.
Art Organizations Art organization links.
Artificial Life Artificial life sites.
Ask A Question Get your questions answered here by leading experts in the field.
Ask Yahoo! Get your answers to the world's most puzzling questions.
Asteroid-Comet Destruction ScaleReference chart about asteroids and comet destruction.
Asthma Medical links about Asthma.
Astrology Astrology and Horoscope links.
Astronomy Clubs & Organizations Astronomy Clubs & Organization links.
Astronomy Home Pages Links to Astronomy Home Pages.
Astrophysics Astrophysics links.
Auctions Auction houses and Online Auctions.
Audio Software 16-bit audio clients to download. (Internet Software)
Audio Software 32-bit audio clients to download. (Internet Software)
Audio Software Macintosh audio clients to download. (Internet Software)
Autism Medical links about Autism.
Auto Clubs & Organizations Links to auto clubs and organizations.
Autographics Collecting autographics.
Automotive Automotive searches, types, links and parts.
Automotive Parts Links to automotive parts.
Automotive Travel Different driving spots of interest.
Auto Magazines Auto magazine links.
Auto Racing Magazines Auto racing magazine links.
Auto Museum Auto Museum links.
Aviation Aviation links.
Awards Awards The Info Service has won.
Award Sites Other Award sites on the Net.

Babylon 5 Links to the TV show Babylon 5.
Baby Names Links to Baby names.
Background Checks Sites to do background checks.
Back Problems Medical links about Back Problems.
Badminton Badminton sites.
Ballooning Ballooning links.
Banking Banking sites.
Barber Shop Quartets Barber shop quartet links.
Baseball Baseball sites.
Basic and QBasic Programming in Basic and QBasic.
Basketball ( NBA) Basketball sites.
Basketball ( NCAA) NCAA Basketballsites.
Beaches Beaches links.
Bed and Breakfasts Get out of that house and enjoy the world's best.
Bedrooms Bedroom furniture.
Beanie Babies Links to Beanie Babies.
Beatles A collection of Beatle links.
Beauty Beauty links.
Better Business Bureau (United States) Addresses, phone numbers and web sites for each BBB site in each state.
Better Business Bureau (Canada) Addresses, phone numbers and web sites for each BBB site in each province.
Biking Biking sites.
Billiards Different pool game links.
Biology Biology sites.
Biochemistry Biochemistry.
BIOS BIOS help for your computer.
Birding Birding links.
Birds Bird links.
Birth Defects Medical links about Birth Defects.
Birthstones Reference chart about birthstones.
Blair Witch Project Links to the movie Blair Witch Project.
Boating Boating & Sailing sites.
Board Games Board game links.
Boarding Snow, Skate and Wind.
Body Building Body building and weights.
Body Weight vs. Height A chart dealing with Body Weight vs. Height.
Book Reviews Links to book reviews.
Books and More! Books, Authors, Fonts and Publishing.
Bottles Links on bottle collecting.
Bowling Bowling sites.
Boxing Boxing sites.
Brain Disorders and Neurology Medical links about Brain Disorders and Neurology.
Breast Cancer Medical links about Breast Cancer.
Brewing Beer brewing links.
Browser Software 16- bit Web Browsers that you can download. (Internet Software)
Browser Software 32- bit Web Browsers that you can download. (Internet Software)
BuildingYour guide to building and remodeling.
Bulletin Board System (BBS) BBS Internet list.
Burglary Sites on Burglary
Business News Links to business news.

C and C++ Programming in C and C++.
Cabinets Wall and floor cabinets.
Cafe Internet Cafe sites.
Calendars Various calendar sites.
Calculators Financial Calculators.
Cameras Live Cameras from all over the world.
Camping Camping links.
Cancer Medical links about Cancer.
Car Audio Car Audio sites.
Card Games Links to card games.
Carpal Tunnel Medical links about Carpal Tunnel .
CART CART racing links.
Cartoons TV Cartoon sites.
Casinos List of Casinos.
Catalog Catalog sites.
Cats Cat links.
Caving Caving links.
CD-ROMS CD-ROM drivers and manufacturers.
Ceramics Ceramic art links.
Charities A list of charities.
Chairs Chairs and Sofas.
Cheerleading Cheerleading links.
Chemistry Chemistry sites.
Chess Chess links.
Children's Health Medical links about Children's Health.
Chili Pepper Hotness Scale Chart on chili pepper hotness..
Chinchillas Chinchilla pet links.
Choir Choir links.
Cholesterol Medical links about Cholesterol.
Chronic Pain Medical links about Chronic Pain.
Cigars Devoted to Cigar smoking.
Circus Arts Links on circus acts.
Civil Air Patrol Civil Air Patrol links.
Civil War Civil War links.
Classic Cars Classic car links.
Classified Ad Sites Free Classified Ad Sites
Climbing Rock climbing sites.
Coins & Currency Collecting money.
Cold Water Survival TimesReference chart about cold water survival time.
Collectibles Your guide to collectibles and antiques.
College and University Art Dept. Art Departments at Colleges and Universities.
Comets About Comets
Comics Comics from all over the world.
Comic Books Comic Book sites.
Commercial Galleries Commercial art gallery links.
Computer History History sites dealing with Computer History.
Communication Software 16-bit Communication clients that you can download. (Internet Software)
Communication Software 32-bit Communication clients that you can download. (Internet Software)
Communication Software Macintosh communication clients that you can download (Internet Software)
Companies A big collection of companies.
Company Job Listings Links to company's job bank.
Computer Companies A huge collection of computer related companies.
Computer Humor Have a laugh with this collection of computer humor.
Computer & Internet Computer and Internet links.
Conservation Taking care of our planet.
Conspiracy Links dealing with conspiracies.
Consumer Advocacy Links to consumer advocacy sites.
Cooking Schools Cooking school links.
Cooking Shows Links to cooking shows.
Cosmetology Schools Cosmetology School links.
Cosmology Links to the scrience of cosmology.
Counters Web site Counter sites. Download your favorite counter.
Creating Pages Links on page creation.
Creatures Links to strange and mysterious creatures.
Credit Reports Sites to get credit reports.
Cricket Links to the game Cricket.
Crime Prevention Links on crime prevention.
Criminal Justice Links on Criminal Justice.
Croquet Links to the game Croquet.
CU-SeeMe Reflector sites.
Culture A melting pot of culture sites.
Curling Links to the sport curling.
Cybercards Send cards, flowers and more through e-mail.
Cycle Clubs & Organizations Cycle Clubs & Organizations on the web.
Cycle Magazines Cycle magazine links.
Cycle Museums Cycle Museums on the web.
Cycle Racing Links to cycle racing.
Cystic Fibrosis Medical links about Cystic Fibrosis .

Dancing Enjoy all types of dancing.
Darts Links about darts.
Deafness Pages for the deaf.
Death and Dying Medical links about Death and Dying.
Death Penalty Links about the death penalty.
Decorating Home Decorating.
Dementia Medical links about Dementia.
Dentist Dentistry links.
Dementia Medical links about Dementia.
Descent Links about the game Descent.
Desktop Themes Change your desktop.
Diabetes Medical links about Diabetes.
Diarrhea Medical links about Diarrhea.
Dictionaries A list of on line dictionaries.
Diecast Toys Diecast toys as collectables.
Digestive System Medical links about Digestive System.
Digital Subscriber Lines DSL links.
Digital Television Everything you need to know about digital television.
Dinosaurs Dinosaur sites.
Disasters Collection of information and history on disasters.
Disorders Disorders, illnesses and ailments is the subject matter.
Divorce Divorce and Custody links.
Dogs Dog links.
Dog Sledding Dog sledding links.
Dog Years A Java page comparing your age to a dogs.
Do It Yourself Do It Yourself links.
Dolls Collecting Dolls.
Domains Countries/Domains that have visited The Info Service.
Domain Name Help Everything you need to help you with Internet Domain Names.
Domain Names Check to see if a domain name is taken.
Domestic Violence Links dealing with Domestic Violence.
Donkeys Donkey links.
Doom I & II Game links.
Drag Racing Drag racing links.
Dragons Links about dragons.
Drivers Drivers, Patches & More
Duke Nukem Links about the game Duke Nukem.
DV Digital Video format links.
DVD DVD sites.
Dyslexia Medical links about Dyslexia.

Earth Times, Maps, Currency, Ecology and lot more.
Earthquake ScalesReference chart about earthquake scales.
Earth, The Our planet Earth.
Eating Disorders Medical links about Eating Disorders.
eBay Site Map The directory tree of everthing on eBay.
Ebola Medical links about Ebola.
Ecology From worms to World Climate, many links on Ecology.
Economics Links to enonomic sites.
Eczema Medical links about Eczema.
Education Many educational links to help with everything from finding a school to teachers helpers.
Electronic Commerce Links on electronic commerce.
E-Mail Directory (World) E-Mail directories from around the world.
Emphysema Medical links about Emphysema.
Encyclopedia A list of on line encyclopedias.
Endangered Species Endangered Species.
Endometriosis Medical links about Endometriosis .
Energy Energy related links.
Environmental Environmental Institutes.
Environment -Government (United States) U. S. Government Environmental links..
Environmental Health Links to environmental health.
Environment - States U. S. State Governments dealing with the Environment.
Environment - World World Governments dealing with Environmental issues.
Epilepsy Medical links about Epilepsy.
Equestrian Equestrian links.
e-Text and e-Books On-Line, full length books, text and documents.
Etiquette Links on etiquette.
European History History sites dealing with European History.
Excite Excite's site with directory trees.
Exotic Pets Exotic pet links.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Medical links about Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.

Family Issues Sites dealing with family/parenting problems. Includes 51 facts for families.
Fantasy Baseball Fantasy baseball links.
Fantasy Basketball Fantasy basketball links.
Fantasy Football Fantasy football links.
Fantasy Golf Fantasy golf links.
Fantasy Hockey Fantasy hockey links.
Fashion Links to fashion.
Fencing Fencing links.
Ferrets Ferret links.
Fibromyalgia Medical links about Fibromyalgia.
Finance Financial sites with a wide range of services along with a quote checker.
Financial Aid Educational Financial Aid links.
Financial Guides Links to Financial Guides.
Financial Help Links to financial help.
Finger Software 16-bit Finger clients to download. (Internet Software)
Finger Software 32-bit Finger clients to download. (Internet Software)
Finger Software For Macintosh to download (Internet Software)
Filmmaking Sites dealing with filmmaking.
Film - Personal Pages Personal pages on film.
Film Production Film Production companies.
Firearms Guns and firearm links.
Fire Departments Fire Department sites.
Fish Fish links.
Fishing Fishing links.
Fitness Fitness related sites.
Flags Flags from all over the world.
Flash Links to Flash 4 pages and information.
Flowers for Each Month Reference chart about flowers for each month.
Food Food and Drink sites.
Food Types Various food type links.
Foosball Foosball links.
Football Football sites.
Football Teams Football Team web sites.
Formula One Formula One racing links.
Four Wheel Four wheel drive vehicle links.
Fraud Links about fraud.
Free Catalogs Links to free catalogs.
Free Coupons A ton of free coupons.
Free E-Mail Free E-Mail sites..
Free Games Links to free games.
Free Software Free software links.
Free Stuff A ton of free stuff.
Free Web Links to both free web hosting and free dialups.
Frisbee Frisbee links.
Frostbite Medical links about Frostbite.
FTP Software 16-bit FTP clients to download. (Internet Software)
FTP Software 32-bit FTP clients to download. (Internet Software)
FTP Software For Macintosh to download (Internet Software)
FTP Sites A huge collection of FTP sites.
Fun A huge collection of Fun sites.

Gallery Photography Showcase.
Gambling Addicition Medical links about Gambling Addicition.
Games Different game sites, places to download games and companies.
Gardening Collection of gardening links.
Genealogy World Category of genealogy subjects.
Genealogy Links Genealogy links.
Genealogy Newsgroups Set your browser to read newsgroups.
Genealogy Searches Great genealogy search areas.
General Reference General Reference links.
Genital Warts Medical links about Genital Warts.
Gerbils Pet links about Gerbils.
GE Reflux (GERD) Medical links about GE Reflux (GERD).
Geriatrics and Aging Medical links about Geriatrics and Aging.
Ghosts Links about ghosts.
Glass Glass from the art world.
Global Economy Links to info on global economy.
Global English Sites dealing with the English language around the world.
Glossaries A collection of glossary links.
Golf Golf sites.
Golf Courses Links to different golf courses.
Golf Resorts Golf resort links.
Gonnorrhea Medical links about Gonnorrhea.
Gopher Sites Gopher clients to download. (Internet Software)
Gopher Software 16-bit collection of different gopher software.
Gopher Software 32-bit collection of different gopher software.
Gopher Software Macintosh collection of different gopher software.
Government (United States) U. S. Government links.
Government (United States) Environmental U. S. Government Environmental links..
Government - States, Environmental U. S. State Governments dealing with the Environment.
Governments - World, Environmental World Governments dealing with Environmental issues..
Grade Point Average Calculator A great GPA calculator even let's you use + and - .
Graffiti Links to sites on graffiti.
Grammar and English Learn to speak better.
Graphic Cards Graphic Cards drivers and manufacturers
Graphic Software 32-bit graphic clients to download.
Graphics Come and get those Buttons, Icons, Bars, Stars, Images and more, for your web site.
Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs links.
Gulf War Syndrome Medical links about Gulf War Syndrome.
Gymnastics Gymnastic links.

Hair Loss Medical links about Hair Loss.
Half-Life Devoted to the game Half-Life.
Halls and Museums Hall of Fames and Museums.
Hang Gliding Hang Gliding sites.
Headaches Medical links about Headaches
Health & Fitness Category dealing with health and fitness.
Health Care Health care links.
Heart Attack Medical links about Heart Attack.
Heart Disease Medical links about Heart Disease.
Heat Stroke Medical links about Heat Stroke.
Hemochromatosis Medical links about Hemochromatosis.
Hemophilia Medical links about Hemophilia.
Hepatitis Medical links about Hepatitis.
Hernia Medical links about Hernia.
Herpes Medical links about Herpes.
Hexen I & II Game links.
Hiking Different hiking and walking links.
Hints and Cheats Games hints and cheats.
Historical People History sites dealing with Historical People.
Historical Reenactments Links that perform Historical Reenactments.
History All kinds of history subjects.
History (miscellaneous) Miscellaneous historical sites.
Hobbies & Pastimes Various Hobbies and Pastimes.
Hobbies (general) Miscellanous hobbies.
Hockey Hockey sites.
Hodgkin's Disease Medical links about Hodgkin's Disease.
Home and Garden Magazines Links to home and garden magazines.
Home Audio Home Audio site.
Home Automation Home automation links.
Homeland Security Advisory SystemA chart dealing with Homeland Security Advisory System.
Homeless Links on the homeless.
Home Networking Home Networking links.
Home Pages A huge collection of Home Pages.
Homework Help Links to help you with your homework.
Homicide Homicide links.
Horses Horse links.
Horse Racing Horse Racing links.
HTML Editing Software 16-bit HTML Editors to download. (Internet Software)
HTML Editing Software 32-bit HTML Editors to download. (Internet Software)
HTML Editing Software Macintosh HTML Editors to download. (Internet Software)
Hubble Space Telescope Hubble Space Telescope links.
Human Rights Organizations Human Rights Organizations links.
Humane/Rescue Societies Humane/Rescue society links.
Humor A collection of humor links.
Hunting Hunting links.
Hurricane Intensity ScaleReference chart about hurricane intensity scales.
Hydrology Hydrology links.
Hypertension Medical links about Hypertension.

Ice Skating Ice Skating sites.
I.C.W. - Our Newspaper The Info Service newspaper's title page
I.C.W. - News The Info Service newspaper dealing with News
I.C.W. - Sports The Info Service newspaper dealing with Sports
I.C.W. - Weather The Info Service newspaper dealing with Weather
I.C.W. - Finance The Info Service newspaper dealing with Finance
I.C.W. - Zines The Info Service newspaper dealing with Magazines
I.C.W. - N-Paper The Info Service newspaper dealing with other Newspapers
I.C.W. - C-Puter The Info Service newspaper dealing with Computer info
I.C.W. - Internet The Info Service newspaper dealing with Internet info
I.C.W. - Astro The Info Service newspaper dealing with Astrology
I.C.W. - Comics The Info Service newspaper dealing with Comics
I.C.W. - Today The Info Service newspaper dealing with things On This Date
I.C.W. - Songs The Info Service newspaper dealing with top Songs
I.C.W. - Stuff The Info Service newspaper dealing with fun Stuff
Illnessess Disorders, illnesses and ailments is the subject matter.
Immunology Medical links about Immunology.
Impotence Medical links about Impotence.
Index The Main Index.
Infectious Diseases Medical links about Infectious Diseases.
Influenza Medical links about Influenza.
Inline Skating Inline Skating links.
Insomnia Medical links about Insomnia.
International Police Association International Police Association sites.
Internet Agents 16-bit Web helpers (agents) that you can download. (Internet Software)
Internet Agents 32-bit Web helpers (agents) that you can download. (Internet Software)
Internet Beginners Guides Tours, Guides and Tutorials.
Internet Brokers Trade online with the list of Internet brokers.
Internet Law Links on Internet law.
Internet Policies Links to Internet policies.
Internet Privacy Internet privacy links.
Internet Resources Plus Various Internet links plus some computer links.
Investigative Services Links to investigative service companies.
IRC ( Internet Relay Chat) Software, Servers, FAQs.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Medical links about Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Java Programming in Java.
JavaScript Programming in JavaScript.
Jobs Links to help you find a job.
Jokes A collection of jokes from everywhere.
Juggling Links about juggling.
Junk Mail Sites dealing with spam.
Jupiter The planet Jupiter.

Kidney Disease Medical links about Kidney Disease.
Kidney Stones Medical links about Kidney Stones.
Kites Go fly a kite!
Kids, For Links just for kids (parents too).
Kit Cars Homepages & companies that deal with kit cars..

Lacrosse Lacrosse links.
Lactose Intolerance Medical links about Lactose Intolerance.
Languages Languages around the world.
Latex Allergies Medical links about Latex Allergies.
Law Enforcement - General General police and law enforcement sites.
Law Enforcement Products Law enforcement product links.
Law Enforcement Training Law enforcement training links.
Law Organizations Links to law organization sites.
Legal Issues - Law Legal Law, lawyers and more.
Leprosy Medical links about Leprosy.
Leukemia Medical links about Leukemia.
Libraries, Public A list of public libraries around the world.
Library, The Dictionaries, Languages, Libraries and more.
Library of Congress Complete index of the Library of Congress.
Light Pollution Sites dealing with light pollution.
Links Pages that have lists of links.
Linux The Linux operating system.
Live News Sites to live news feeds.
Liver Diseases Medical links about Liver Diseases.
Live Sports Sites to live sports feeds.
Lung Cancer Medical links about Lung Cancer.
Lycos Lyco's site with directory trees.
Lyme Disease Medical links about Lyme Disease.
Lyrics Music lyrics.

Macintosh Many sites all for the Mac.
Macintosh Software Many downloads for the Mac.
Magazines A large collection of Internet e-zines.
Magic Links dealing with magic.
Mail Clients 16-bit Mail clients that you can download. (Internet Software)
Mail Clients 32-bit Mail clients that you can download. (Internet Software)
Mail Clients Macintosh Mail clients that you can download. (Internet Software)
Mail & Phone Directories Both phone and general e-mail directories.
Malls & Stores A ton of places to shop.
Mame Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator sites.
Map & Data Maps, Views and Databases.
Mars The planet Mars.
Martial Arts Martial Art sites.
MatchbooksCollecting matchbooks.
Measurements Different measurement standards.
Media (general) General media sites in all area of tv & movies.
Medical E-Books On-line medical e-books and e-texts.
Medical Journals All types of medical journals.
Medical Libraries Various Medical libraries.
Medical Links General medical links.
Medieval Sites History sites dealing with Medieval time in History.
Mega Main page for all the Mega Sites.
Meningitis Medical links about Meningitis.
Mental Health Medical links about Mental Health.
Mercury The planet Mercury.
Metal Detecting Metal Detecting sites.
Meteors About Meteors.
MG Miget & Austin-Healey SpriteI own a Sprite (that looks like an MG...Nuff said)..
Microsoft Microsoft's site with directory trees.
MIDI Sites, sounds, soundfonts, newsgroups.
Midwifery Links to midwifery.
Military A collection of military sites.
Military AircraftMilitary Aircraft links.
Military History History sites dealing with Military History.
Millenium Bug Sites and info about the Y2K Bug.
Miniatures Collectable miniatures and figurines.
Missing Persons Missing people is the subject of these links.
Mitral Valve Prolapse Medical links about Mitral Valve Prolapse.
Model Aircraft Model Aircraft sites.
Model Railroading Model Railroading sites.
Modems Modems drivers and manufacturers
Mononucleosis Medical links about Mononucleosis
Monty Hall See if you can guess the right door.
Moon Our moon.
Morse CodeReference chart about morse code.
Motorcycles Motorcycle types, links and parts.
Movie and Film Organizations Movie and film organization links.
Movies If it has to do with's here.
MP3's Sites that deal with mp3 audio.
MPEG MPEG sites.
Multiplayer Games Links to Multiplayer Games.
Multiple Sclerosis Medical links about Multiple Sclerosis.
Muscular Dystrophy Medical links about Muscular Dystrophy.
Museums Many types of museums and exhibits.
Music A huge collection of music groups and music types.
Music Education Musical education links.
Music Equipment Companies Music equipment company links.
Music History Music history links.
Musical InstrumentsMusicial instruments from Accordions - Violins.
Music Magazines Links to music magazines.
Music Memorabilia Links to music memorabilia.
Music Organizations Music organizations.
Music Promotion Links to music promotion.
Music Recording Music recording equipment links.
MusicalsLinks to musicals.
Music Software Music Software links.
Myasthenia Gravis Medical links about Myasthenia Gravis.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Links to the TV show.
Myths, Legends and Folklore Links to the main myths, legends and folklore that have haunted us for years.

Narcolepsy Medical links about Narcolepsy.
NASCAR NASCAR racing links.
National GuardNational Guard links.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration links.
National Weather Service National weather service links.
Neptune The planet Neptune.
Networking Networking links.
Newsgroups Usenet info and groups
Newstand Links to news and newspapers.
News Readers 16-bit Internet News Readers to download. (Internet Software)
News Readers 32-bit Internet News Readers to download. (Internet Software)
News Readers Macintosh Internet News Readers to download. (Internet Software)
NHL Teams Your favorite NHL Teams are here!
Northern Lights Links about Northern Lights.
NFL NFL links.
NFL Teams Your favorite NFL Teams are here!
Nursing Nursing links.
Nutrition Links to nutrition.

Oceanography Oceanography sites.
Off Road Off road cycle links.
On-Line Greeting Cards Send cards, flowers and more through e-mail.
Online Services 16-bit Internet Online Services like "Point Cast" to download.
Online Services 32-bit Internet Online Services like "Point Cast" to download.
Online Services Macintosh Internet Online Services like "Point Cast" to download.
Orchestras All types of Orchestras.
Orienteering Orienteering links.
Organizations (Environmental) Organizations and Foundations dealing with the Environment.
Organizations (General) Mostly non-profit Organizations and Foundations working for a cause.
Opera Opera links.
Operating Systems Sites having to do with different operating systems.
Osteoporosis Medical links about Osteoporosis
Outdoor Furniture Outdoor furniture.

Paintball Paintball sites.
Paleontology Studing older forms of life.
Pancreatic Cancer Medical links about Pancreatic Cancer.
Panic Disorder Medical links about Panic Disorder
Parkinson's Disease Medical links about Parkinson's Disease.
Parks (National) A list of National Parks around the world.
Parodies Sites that parody everything!
Patches Drivers, Patches & More
Patents Patent sites.
Performing Arts Performing Arts links.
Perl Programming in Perl.
Personal Digital Assistants PDA links.
Pet Diseases & Conditions Links to pet diseases & conditions.
Pet Loss Pet loss links.
Pets (general) General Pet sites.
Pet Grooming Pet grooming links.
Pet Health & Medicine Pet Health and Medicine information.
Pet Names Links on Pet names.
Pharmaceutical Companies Pharmacceutical companies.
Pharmacy Various types of drugs.
Phone & Mail Directories Both phone and general e-mail directories.
Phonetic AlphabetReference chart about the phonetic alphabet.
Pinball Pinball related sites.
Planetariums Links to planetariums.
Pneumonia Medical links about Pneumonia.
Poetry Poetry links.
Political Science Political science links.
Police Law Enforcement's main page
Police Department Sites Police Department web pages.
Pollution All types of pollution links.
Polio Medical links about Polio.
Polo Links to polo sites.
Pools, Spas & Saunas Pool, Spa and Sauna links.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Medical links about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Pregnancy Informational sites on Pregnancy.
Premenstrual Syndrome Medical links about Premenstrual Syndrome.
Primates Primate links.
Printers Printer drivers and manufacturers
Programming Sites on perl, cgi and more (also see java & javascript).
Promotions Promote your web site to the world. Several options.
Prostate Cancer Medical links about Prostate Cancer.
Philosophy Philosophy links.
Photo Equipment & Supplies Good resource for photographers
Photographers Home pages and personal galleries.
Photography Main photography page.
Photography - General General & miscellanous sites.
Photography Magazines Great photo zines.
Photography Organization & Clubs Official sites.
Photography Specialized Services Unique and hard to find resources.
Photoshop The graphics program Photoshop links.
Pluto The planet pluto.
Psychology Psychology links.
Public Health Public Health links.
Public Records Sites to public records.
Publishing Everything and anything having to do with HTML and web publishing.
Putt Putt Putt putt links.
Puzzles Puzzle sites.

Quake I & II Game links.
Quilts Links on quilting.
Quizzes See how smart you are with this collection of quizzes.
Quotes Various quotes from every walk of society.

Rabbits Rabbit links.
Racquet Ball Racquet ball links.
Radio Links to Radio sites and stations.
Radio Gear & Stuff Radio station equipment and speciality stuff.
Radios Radio collecting links.
Radio Astronomy Radio Astronomy links.
Radio Stations K Stations starting with a "K".
Radio Stations "C" Stations in Canada with a "C".
Radio Stations W Stations starting with a "W".
Radio Programs A growing list of Radio Programs.
Railroads A guide to railroads around the world.
Random Links Random link engines.
Rats Rat links.
RealAudio Music, News, Talk, and Features in real time.
Real Estate Looking for a home, land or just advice? This is the place to start.
Research Science and space research.
Record Collecting Links to record collecting.
Record Labels A huge collect of Recording companies.
Relationships Sites dealing with relationships.
Religion Different religions from all over the world.
RemodelingYour guide to remodeling and building.
Reptiles & Amphibians Reptile and Amphibian links.
Research Papers Research paper links.
Respiratory System Medical links about Respiratory System.
Resorts Resorts around the world.
Retail Retail furniture sales.
Retirement Planning Links to retirement planning.
Rocketry Model rocketry links.
Rocks & Minerals Rock collecting.
Rodeo Rodeo links.
Rugby Rugby sites.

Sailing Sailing & Boating.
Samples Music samples and loops.
Satellites Links about satellites.
Saturn The planet Saturn.
Schizophrenia Medical links about Schizophrenia.
Science Science sites.
Science & Technology History sites dealing with Science & Technology.
Science Fiction Sci-Fi links.
Scoliosis Medical links about Scoliosis.
Screen Savers Sites to screen saver software.
Scuba Diving Scuba Diving links.
Sculpture Sculpture links.
Searches Various direct input search engines.
Search Links Links to different search engines.
Season & Clock Setting Dates Reference chart about when to set your clocks.
Security and Encryption Sites dealing with security, hacking, encryption.
See & Say This site has IRC and CU-SeeMe sites.
Seniors Links for seniors.
Sewing Sewing info is here.
Sex Crimes Sites dealing with sex crimes.
Shooting Shooting and gun links.
Signs of the Zodiac Reference chart about signs of the zodiac.
Sinus Infection Medical links about Sinus Infection.
Sites The Info Service's Super Sites main page.
Sites A - C The Info Service's Super Sites.
Sites D - I The Info Service's Super Sites.
Sites J - P The Info Service's Super Sites.
Sites Q - Z The Info Service's Super Sites.
Skiing Skiing sites.
Skin Cancer Medical links about Skin Cancer.
Skin Conditions Medical links about Skin Conditions.
Sky Diving Links to Sky Diving sites.
Sleep Apnea Medical links about Sleep Apnea.
Small Business A list of small business info & links.
Small Pox Medical links about Small Pox.
Smoking Addiction Medical links about Smoking Addiction.
Snow Mobiles Links about snow mobiles.
Soccer Soccer sites.
Softball Softball links.
Software Companies Companies that make software.
Software Help Get the help you need on figuring out Internet Software.
Software Sites Sites that offer software.
Software/Systems Different software sites, companies, shareware and more.
Sound Cards Sound Card drivers and manufacturers
Sound IntensitiesReference chart about sound intensities.
South Park Links to the TV show South Park
Space A wide collection of Space links.
Space Agencies Space Agencies
Space Magazines Space Magazines
Space Missions The United States Space missions.
Space Photos Space photo links.
Space Shuttle Space Shuttle missions and links.
Speciality Furniture Speciality furniture.
Sports (general) General Sports sites.
Sports Live Live sports links.
Squash Links to the game Squash.
Stamps Stamp collecting.
Star Trek Sites on the TV shows and movies Star Trek.
Stats Internet statistics.
Stock Exchanges Stock Exchanges from around the world.
Stock Photographs Need a "shot" look here.
Strep Throat Medical links about Strep Throat.
Stress Health site relating to stress.
Stroke Medical links about Stroke.
Stuttering Medical links about Stuttering.
Submit A Link Instructions on how to submit a link to The Info Service.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Medical links about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Summer Camps & Camps Links to Summer Camps and various other camps.
Sun,The Our Sun.
Support Problems in your life? Check out Support, for help.
Surfing Surfing links.
Surgery Different types of surgery.
Surname Special Surname genealogy links.
Surnames A-C Surnames A-C
Surnames D-H Surnames D-H
Surnames I-M Surnames I-M
Surnames N-R Surnames N-R
Surnames S-T Surnames S-T
Surnames U-Z Surnames U-Z
Swimming Swimming links.
Syphilis Medical links about Syphilis

Tablature Cords and tab links.
Table Tennis Table Tennis sites.
Taxes Tax related sites.
Telescopes & Observatories Telescopes & Observatories around the world.
Television A good collection of Television links.
Television Shows Links to your favorite TV show.
Telnet Software 16-bit Telnet clients to download. (Internet Software)
Telnet Software 32-bit Telnet clients to download. (Internet Software)
Telnet Software Macintosh Telnet clients to download. (Internet Software)
Temperture Conversions A chart dealing with Temperture Conversions.
Tennis Tennis sites.
Terminal Software 16-bit Terminal (dialup software) to download. (Internet Software)
Terminal Software 32-bit Terminal (dialup software) to download. (Internet Software)
Terrorism Sites about terrorism.
Thesaurus Thesaurus links.
Three Stooges Links about The Three Stooges.
Thyroid Cancer Medical links about Thyroid Cancer.
Thyroid Disease Medical links about Thyroid Disease.
Times & Dates World clocks and dates.
Tips, Articles and more Photography info and more.
Titanic Sites about the ship.
Tool Manufacturers Tool manufactures.
Tools Police tools.
Tornado Intensity ScaleReference chart about tornado intensity scales.
Tourette Syndrome Medical links about Tourette Syndrome.
Toxic Shock Syndrome Medical links about Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Tuberculosis Medical links about Tuberculosis.
Track & Field Track & Field sports links.
Trade Associations Trade association links.
Trading Cards Sport and non-sports card links.
Trails Links dealing with trails.
Transplants Medicial transplants.
Travel Travel links from all over the world.
Travel Accessories Links to travel accessories.
Travel Guides Travel guide links.
Travel Health Health links devoted to travel.
Travelogues Travelogue links.
Travel Magazines Magazines about travel.
Travel Photos Links to travel photos.
Travel Tips Links on travel tips.
Triathlon Ironman Triathlon links.
Triplet Color Chart Codes and colors for changing font colors.
Trivia Trivia and Fact links.

UFO's UFO links. (at least the links exist).
Ultralight Flying ultralight links.
Unit Conversions A great page for converting measurements.
University Libraries Both University and College libraries.
University White Pages University and other institutions personal directories.
Unix The Unix operating system.
Uranus The planet Uranus.
Urban Legends Links about urban legends.
U.S. Air Force U.S. Air Force links.
U.S. Army U.S. Army links.
Usenet Usenet Info and Sites
U.S. Marine Corps.U.S. Marine Corps. links.
U.S. Navy U.S. Navy links.
U.S. States States official sites.
Utility Software 16-bit Utility clients to download.
Utility Software 32-bit Utility clients to download.
Utility Software Macintosh Utility clients to download.

Vampires Links about vampires.
Vegetarianism The Don't eat meat site.
Venus The planet Venus.
Video Video related links.
Viewers Viewers and Paint programs that you can download. (Internet Software)
Viewers and Graphics Macintosh software to download
Virtual Library WWW Virtual Library's site with directory trees.
Virus 16-bit virus clients to download.
Virus 32-bit virus clients to download.
Virus Macintosh virus clients to download.
Visual Basic Links to Visual Basic programming.
Vintage Motorcycles A collection of vintage motorcycles links.
Volleyball Volleyball links.
VRML 3D Interactive web sites.

Water Puzzle Just as it says...a Water Puzzle.
Water Skiing Water Skiing sites.
Wav's Sites that have wav files.
Weather Cams Links to weather cams.
Weather Channel The directory tree of everything on The Weather Channel..
Weather Companies & Hardware Weather Companies & Hardware links.
Weather Links Weather links.
Weather Phenomena Links to weather phenomena.
Weather Radars Weather radar links.
Web Browsers - 16 bit For Windows 3.x
Web Browsers - 32 bit For Windows 95/NT
Web Browsers Macintosh Mac browsers
Web Chat Rooms Web based chat rooms.
WebCrawler WebCrawler site index.
Web Design & Layout Links about web design and layouts.
Web Designers A list of companies that design web pages.
Web Rings Join a web ring on your favorite topic.
Web Site Help (general) Generalized Web site construction help.
Weddings Everything you need about weddings.
Weight Loss Dieting and weight loss links.
Weird Stuff A collection of the Weird side on the Internet.
Whooping Cough Medical links about Whooping Cough.
Wills Famous peoples wills.
Windows 2000 Links to Windows 2000.
Windows 95 Windows 95 newsgroups and links.
Windows 98 Windows 98 links.
Windows Me Windows Me links.
Windows NT NT Services Packs, Newsgroups, Links and User Groups.
Wrestling Wrestling sites.
Women in History A ton of links for women in history.
Woodworking A collection of Woodworking and Furniture Building sites.
World Health World Health info.
Worlds Nations, The Links to different Nations.
World Weather Links to the world's weather (cities).
Writing All kinds of links devoted to writing.

X-Files Sites about the TV show X-Files.

Yahoo Yahoo's site with directory trees.
Yeast Infections Medical links about Yeast Infections.
YMCA The YMCA nearest you.

Zoos A huge collection of Zoos from around the world.
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