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A - C ..... D - I ..... J - P ..... Q - Z Beside the typical quotes and financial info. helps you get the most out of your money. Many great tools for people who want to get control of their finances.

QuinWell Travel Service This is a Full-Service Travel Agency offering SABRE online Reservations & Ticketing, 200+ HTML pages of travel information, 3,000+ travel related and more. A must see!

R and B Page This site features a comprehensive and professionally produced collection of Rhythm and Blues programming using Real Audio. Very well done and great music.

Radio & Records ( R&R) The Industry's main sourse for radio and music information. It has all the latest music charts and lot more.

Radio Tower An online real audio "Radio" with links to a ton of real audio radio stations. The site is designed to be used as a radio. Nice design!

Ram Price Index Get daily prices on ram chips. Know the trends BEFORE you buy. Was in a newsgroup now a web site!

Rank This Here is a free online tool to help you determine your "ranking" on different keyword sets in 8 of the major search engines. How far up are you on the search engines?

Realm Graphics Putting together a web page? This HUGE collection of backgrounds, bullets, buttons, icons and lines is a must!

Research-It! A great collection of specialized search tools. Well designed and Indexed!

RedFrog - "The Children's Art Gallery" This is experimental project offers free exhibition space to children who wish to present their drawings to the world. Children 3 - 15 can upload their Art work (drawings) Free of charge. Find, browse, search, and participate in more than 150,000 newsgroups, mailing lists, and web forums. A huge site! is a free Internet application specially geared to making sure you stay on-top of all your upcoming events. The application will automatically send you an email to remind you of each event at the date you specify on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Rent Net Representing over 2,033,000 apartment units in all 50 states, Canada, and overseas. This is the most visited, most comprehensive apartment guide on the Internet! Try their 3-D 360 tour of hundreds of apartments.

Robin's Nest A deceptively big site with a great collection of links

Rob's Multimedia Lab The biggest multimedia site on the planet. This site covers EVERYTHING. Can you say MASSIVE!

Rock the System Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, Violence, STDs, Legislation and more is the focus, told the way it SHOULD BE!

Runner's World Online A well detailed site covering everything and anything in the world of running!

Science and Nature For Kids A great site for kids of all ages to explore. Yes, you CAN learn AND have fun too!

Scientific American Science at it's best. Enjoy Exhibits, Explorations, features, interviews and more.

Serra International An International collection of Import-Export sites. They are a Customs Broker & Freight Fowarder. One of the best...if not THE best Shareware sites on the planet! This ones really got it all!

Shareware Link, The A ton of Software Sites!

Shareware Stop A huge shareware site with over 40,000 shareware listings! More than 2 million products with discounts up to 60%. Hey...let's go!

Skeptic's Dictionary, The The skeptic's dictionary offers a skeptic's view of the world around us. Robert T. Carroll, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Sacramento City College offers his view on hundreds of subjects.

Smooth Hound's UK Hotel & Guest House Directory One of the largest known UK Hotel and Guest House directories featuring over 5000 places to stay. Easy to use with a great map locator!

Sonaco Travel Club Research your destination before you make a trip. Book a room in over 7000 hotels around the world and a lot more! Join Today!!

Software Library There are thousands of freeware and shareware downloads. There's something for everyone! Always fresh and exciting new software!

Software Publishers Association The largest international network of software professionals, representing more than 85 percent of the U.S. packaged software industry.

Software Zone, The Track down the hottest games and the latest information! Cheats, reviews, patches, and screenshots are all here. A huge space related site that has over 5,000 links, games, news, photos, entertainment and ALOT MORE! The BEST space site on the planet!

Split-Cycle Technology Ltd This unique site boasts of a newly created split-cycle engine that could revolutionize the auto industry. Great design.

Sporting News, The To put it simply...The Sporting News is for the REAL hardcore sports fan. The fan that likes the stats. The fans that wants it ALL! I have a Sporting News from Aug 3rd 1949 with "Stan The Man" in the on deck circle hanging here in my'll have to kill me for it!

Sports Network, The Another GREAT Sports site with up to the minute scores and info!

Stamp on Black History Explores the history and contributions of black Americans through United States postage stamps. These people are the pioneers in their respective fields whose talents range from publishing to exploration, from painting to law.

Starting Point Thousands of links with daily additions.

Stepstones A unique site setup as a 3D House. Travel through the house to view collection of links. It's Fun!

Stockhouse Online Journal News Info and Commentary on Micro and Small stocks. A wealth of information. Great design.

Stroud's CWSApps List Overall one of the best Internet Software sites on the Internet. Hundreds of Internet programs in every catagory, with full detailed reviews.

Submit-It! Home of the Internet's most popular Web site announcment service. Over 1.4 million Web pages announced since Feb. 95. A great place to go for all kinds of web and computer related help. Having problems, stop buy for a fix!

Surplus Record Machinery & Equipment Directory Their database lists over 50,000 items, including , metalworking and fabricating machine tools, chemical and process equipment, cranes, air compressors, pumps, motors, circuit breakers, generators, transformers, turbines and more along with over 800 dealers!

Switchboard A free nationwide directory of residential and business listings. Over 10 million businesses. Happy hunting!

Swoon Dating, Mating and Relating. Horoscopes, personals, jealousy and more. It's about love, life and you!

System Optimization The ALL-IN-ONE web site for information about your PC. Performance, Components, FAQ's, Hardware/Software info and ALOT more!

Telecom Information Resources This is huge site with over 2000 links covering all forms of telecommunication, including, voice, data, video, wired, wireless, cable TV, and satellite.

Thomas "Thomas" is a government run site with a complete collection of Federal Legislative Information.

Ticketmaster Who, What, When and Where? Then ticketmaster knows! The last word on Live Events.

Tile.Net/Lists This site is a reference to all the LISTSERV discussion groups on the Internet. This is a HUGE site!

Timecast: The RealAudio Guide A current RealAudio guide of shows and programs. Your "one-stop-source" for RealAudio programming.

TMWeb The first exhaustive search service for American and Canadian Federal Trademarks. There is also extensive info about trademarks in general. A great resource!

Tom's Hardware Guide One of the most extensive sites ( if not THE BEST) devoted to computer hardware. This site has EVERYTHING! Reviews on almost every kind of product...this is a MUST bookmark. Simply just WOW!!!

Trailer Park, The The Trailer Park has a great collection of movie trailers, news and information on new and upcoming movies!

Transportation Connection A transportation information clearing site that promotes the use of existing mass transportation options and provides a forum for casual usage ride share matches.

Travel Channel Online Network, TheYour one stop source for travel information. A huge collection of travel links and information!

Travelocity Great travel information, reservations, tips, features, destinations & interests and alot more!

Travelspots TravelSpots can take you around the globe. They showcase travel information world-wide, including hotel and resort properties, cruise lines, car rental companies, adventure tours and ALOT more!, The A huge travel site with info on EVERYTHING you need to know before you leave. Everything for the business traveler except the stress!

Trivia Links Over a hundred Trivia links! If you drive over the road...this is a must site. Many, many useful links and info! More than 2500 transportation URL's.

TUCOWS Another great Internet Software site. Also, hundreds of programs in every catagory. Pull out the ole plastic and find your favorite CD. They're all online and waiting. Great Categories and good prices. TuneUp your PC for maximum performance at "It's your One-Stop Online PC Service!"

TV Net A fantastic site with thousands of TV links. A remarkable web site!

Twisted You want humor? They've got a collection of the best. It's the World's Largest *FREE* Daily Joke & Funny Image mailing service. Prepare to spend some time here. Outrageous! Oh yes, and sign up!!

Ultimate Band List, The The worlds largest collection of information on almost every band in the world!

Ultimate Border Collie, The

Ultimate TV List, The An amazing collection containing 3696 Links for 636 Shows, including 937 WWW Pages.

Uproar Pick up some cash and prizes as you match wits with hundreds of others on-line gamers. Also play more traditional board and strategy games.

USA Today The BEST site on the Internet for News! It also covers other areas very extensively.

U.S. Census Bureau Explore vast amounts of fascinating data to find info about your town, county, or state. Economic indicators, demographics and just plain strange infomation the government has collected.

Universal Currency Converter, The The Universal Currency Converter allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate conversions.

Usenet FAQs This document contains a list of all USENET FAQs found in news.answers. And BOY... are there ALOT!

U.S. News Online Keep up with all the latest news and events with this detailed site, hosting an army of reporters!

Virtual Library International Development This page contains a random sampling of Internet resources of interest to people in the International Development field.

w3C The home page of the World Wide Web Consortium. Leading the evolution of the web!

W3 Lawyer An Excellent Legal site covering a plethora of subject matter. Want legal info...this is the place!

W3 Servers This is the summary of a list of registered WWW servers alphabetically by continent country and state.

Walk Round the Earth Read the true story about the "First Verified Walk Round the Earth" that took place 6/20/70 - 10/5/74. A great adventure!

Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition What they have done for print they are now doing for the web. This site is worth the visit.

Washington Post, The is a 60,000-page site that includes every article printed in The Post each day along with dozens of other sections and interactive features. This has everything!

Weather Channel, The The premiere weather site. No one even comes close. There's more than just weather here....gardening, aviation, health & allergies and lot more!

Weather Net Access to thousands of locally-generated weather products and the Net's largest collection of weather links.

Weather Underground, The A very detailed, interactive weather site that you can customize. Great maps, forecasts and you can even add the service to your website (for a fee).

Web-AID: The Internet's Ultimate HTML Resource As the Name States...Web-AID has it all! A complete archive & interactive site with everything HTML you'll need!

Webcorp This Multimedia Library has an exhaustive collection of audio files, gifs and movies that is a must see.

WebMuseum Paris The biggest and the best collection of Art anywhere on the Internet. Thousands of pieces of art work!

WebNexus A large site with hundreds of links

Website Promoters Resource Center A great web promotions resource site, with a fine collection of links to help marketing your site easier.

Wedding Music Guide Getting married? Here is the music list you need to help make that day even better. A great music guide with a large song database, just for weddings!

Web Chat Broadcasting System Use your browser to chat. Many rooms with thousands of people online. It's "The Largest Chat and Event Center on the Web"!

Web Developer's Virtual Library, The From the beginner to the expert. From authoring to articles this site is a huge library of information. Now, all the info you'll need on building a site and understanding the world on HTML and beyond can be found here.

Web Development Resources A great well rounded site and helps with all your web page developing problems. In depth articles covering a ton of info. It's the webmaster's library. Learn the tricks, read the news, from beginner to expert, webmaster is the place to go for all your designing needs!

What's Hot & Cool on the Web Thousands of links.

Whats New Too What's New Too! posts an average of over 500 new and unique announcements every day.

White Pages, The Internet's largest white page directory with over 3 Million listings.

Whole Family A great site that involves the entire family. There's something for everyone!

Who's Marketing OnLine The Magazine of Internet Marketing. The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How much on Marketing your Web site. A SUPER Resource

WhoWhere Another great person finder including a personal home page directory that you can search by topics of interest, community, genealogy, or maps.

Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling? This art site is a result of a collaboration between high school students in Borlange Sweden and The Bronx. There's more than just DaVinci here!

Wilson Internet Services A mega Web marketing site that is rich in both information and design. A ton of articles, links, advice and more makes this site a "Must See". An Info Service favorite! Tips and tricks, drivers, networking info, bugs and fixes, shareware and lot more. If it has to do with Windows'll find it here!

Windows 95 Internet Headquarters Lots-O-Stuff about and for Windows `95

Wines on the Internet A cyberspace guide to wine and wineries. You'll find great information and great wine here. Very detailed and pleasing for both nose and palate.

Wire, The News from the Associated Press. Select the area of the United States your located and get the news YOU want, local, timely and with the largest staff in the Nation.

W.K.Kellogg Foundation a nonprofit organization whose mission is "to help people help themselves through the practical application of knowledge and resources to improve their quality of life and that of future generations."

Women's Wire A ton of information, features, news, tips, love and alot more. One of the best women's sites!

World Kids Network, The A non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to educating and enriching the lives of children through an on-line, interactive web site. There are over 500 children working on this project.

World's Most Wanted, The A great national Public Resource. A state by state listing of wanted criminals.

WorldPages Find anything, anyone, anywhere! 112 million U.S. and Canadian white and yellow pages listings, 9 million e-mail addresses, 30 million URLs, and links to over 200 directories. Most listings are even accompanied with a map maker.

World Sounds Hear dozens of high-quality music and sound effect samples from around the globe, all available for downloading.

World Wide Information Outlet They provide articles on many topics and sources for you to get free information for use on your personal web page, business web site or for your personal or company e-mail newsletter or e-zine. You can contribute your articles as well. A great FREE service!!!

WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server, The This is a list of acronyms in a huge database. Tons on entries.

World Wide Web Consortium, TheW3C works with the global community to produce specifications and reference software.

Wrestle World One of the Biggest ( if not the biggest) Wrestling sites on the planet!

WWF Canadian Connection, The Another well detailed wrestling page. A huge site. A great collection of many kinds of programs, applications, articles and books. Loads of Java fun here. Home of the "The CareWare Idea".

WWW Virtual Library, The Thousands of links in a large subject base.

Yahoo Ten's of Thousands of links with subject matter on EVERYTHING!

ZAUCTION The computer store where YOU set the price! Low, low prices. You bid on the products shown.

ZDNet AnchorDesk A Timely PC news zine with a wealth of computer information and subjects.

Z Filez A GREAT Search tool allowing you to search THOUSANDS of servers for Shareware, Freeware and Commercial Software. Searches bring back FTP links arranged by date with file size displayed. This is GREAT!!!

Zip2 Yellow Pages A huge database of over 16 million businesses in the USA. Easy to find..easy to's a ZIP!

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