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Jean-Paul Fitness Specialists A complete site to help you get into shape. Detailed info committed to your individual wellness. Workouts, features and more are right here!

John McDonnell's Researcher's Toolkit A great site with a ton of useful links to help make your Internet surfing easy.

John Skilton's Baseball Links The Ultimate Baseball site. Over 1000 baseball related links!

Jokes for the Jolly Hold on to your funny bone. Here is a huge site with something for everyone. Good design too!

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page Your one-stop source for information on "Homeschooling". Many links and state-by-state listings. A big A+!

Jumbo The Official Web Shareware Site with over 59,000 programs! That's right over 59,000!

KitSoft This site contains a 'mix' of everything, from free original downloadble Graphics, Animations, buttons, bullet points, download free and shareware programs, look for device drivers and alot more. Very useful and attractive site!

Knots on the Web Everything and anything having to do with Knots and Knotting. A great collection of links.

KuesterLaw A great law resource. Don't leave home without it!

Kurt Kelly's Backstage Pass A music lovers delight! Go backstage with the best bands in the world for this multimedia musical experience.

Languages This is for people learning a language or looking for more information about a specific country or culture.

Law and Politics Internet Guide A comprehensive guide to law and politics. Great design and selection of links.

Law Enforcement Online A big Law Enforcement site with a nice index and many links.

Law Enforcement Sites on the Web part 1 of 4
Law Enforcement Sites on the Web part 2 of 4
Law Enforcement Sites on the Web part 3 of 4
Law Enforcement Sites on the Web part 4 of 4 An unbelieveable collection of Law Enforcement links. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE! By Ira Wilsker. Called "The Ability Utility" . offers useful information on everything from the essentials in life to the just plain fun. Their "2torials" gives you step by step advice on a plethora of subjects!

Learning@Web.Sites by David Levin A guide intended primarily for senior high school educators who would like to enhance their curriculum and instruction using the internet. A very well planned teaching aid that makes learning enjoyable. More schools should do this!

Learning Vacations Don't just take a vacation..."Learn" on a vacation. This site points to learning vacation adventures. A great Resource

Legal Sites on the Web A great collection of good legal and court related sites on the web, this one is also by Ira Wilsker.

Leonard's CAM World A HUGE collection of LIVE cameras from all over the world.

Library of Congress Documents, photographs, movies, and sound recordings that tell America's story. Full text access to current bills under consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. A huge collection from their exhibitions. There is so much more here...massive in scope!

Library Paraprofessional Clearinghouse , The A mega site of reference material. A great tool!

Life Resources A great all around resource, covering subjects and products. Many links!

Lind-Waldock The World's Largest Discount Futures Brokerage Firm. With many informative categories.

List, The A list of over 6,220 Internet Service Providers

Los Angeles Times A solid source for news, sports, weather and more both national and international.

LottoMan An elaborately constructed site for the avid lottery player, including national results, analysis, forecasts, software and more.

Lycos 18053764 URLs to search, plus The Lycos 250.

Madworld Have some with this unique site. Full of "Mad" things.

Magellan Internet Guide Thousands of links with a huge directory base. Home of the Magellan 4 star award!

Man's Life, A Everything a guy could possibly want. A Zine for men, about men. Basicly it's complete instructions for health and wealth. Hey guys...check this one out!

Many Paths A wisdom page with words for thought, chat rooms and links. Come in relax and open up you mind!

Maps On UsThere are a few map sites that will pinpoint your location and give you directions. This one will also save your preferences between sessions. You can even create a hot list with your home and work addresses, plus your favorite restaurants, stores, parks, museums, and more!

Marcell's E-Cards Page A unique collection of E-Card links that allow you to send a "greeting card" type e-mail message to someone.

Match.Com Match.Com is where you meet new people in the most popular, comfortable, engaging place around. Over 90,000 Members!

Matt's Script Archive A wealth of cgi scripts and information on one of the webs's most popular script sites. We use his guestbook and messageboard scripts...check it out!

Medical Breakthroughs This valuable site highlights groundbreaking reports each week on lifesaving discoveries in the world of medicine.

MedicineNet A FREE medical reference in easy-to-understand language updated by medical experts.

Menu-Online Another Great dinning site with links all over the country. A very nice database search with a large base of information!

MetaCrawler MetaCrawler takes your search request and runs it against AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Webcrawler, Thunderstone, and Yahoo! To give you a single search result.

Metroscope Organized by metropolitan area, METROSCOPE links users to over 5000 of the BEST net sites.

Medieval Drama Links The world's best source for Medieval drama information! Lots of detail.

MIDI Karaoke! MIDI Karaoke! allows you to sing along to your favorite hits online!! Just pick your song and your off.

Midi Farm Everything and anything having to do with MIDI. Tons of files, software, news and more..ALOT MORE!

Mining Co.,The A wonderful geography site loaded with Maps and geography of every continent, country, and U.S. state. Add photos, facts, fun, games, humor and more and you have an 800+ site that will keep you exploring for hours! A real treat!!

Mirsky's Worst of the Web A great site of the best of the worst on the web. Mirsky's hand picked goodies will keep you laughing!

Monster FTP Sites List An exhaustive list of FTP sites.

Monticello Thomas Jefferson's mountaintop home in Charlottesville, Virginia. This site is a living history to the man and his time. Very well designed.

Mortgage Market Information Services, Inc. MMIS publishes mortgage rate information plus expert home finance commentary. A great information base!

Mountain Zone, The A Great E-Zine having to do with anything and everything related to "The Mountains". Nice design and great info!

Movie Cliches List, The A large list of Cliche Topics, plus top movie list. Fun for the whole family!

MovieLink Your complete source for what's playing at the movies. You can search by Theatre, Title, Time and Type. There's movie trailers, chats, upcoming films and even a store! MP3 is the future of music! You can now condense songs to a tenth their size, without lost of quality. Download new and exciting Winamp from our Software site to use as a player.

Mr. Showbiz The premiere "behind the scenes" look into the showbiz world. News & reviews, features, star bios, archive, chat and more!

Mr. Traffic Any body who drives MUST visit this site. THE most comprehensive traffic & drivers resource on the Internet!

MSNBC Solid reporting on an already solid foundation brings this giant to the Internet. It's everything you'd expect from a news source and more!

MSN Money Central Enjoy financial news, quotes, features, advice, tips and alot more to help you do better managing your money.

MTV You'll want your MTV...Keep up with all the music poop with this entering version of the cable hit. Some quicktime movies too!

Music Search The Internet's largest music only search site.

My Launch Here is a great music site that delivers news, features, album and concert reviews, chats and more! You can customize the site to get the kind of info YOU want.

Mystical Unicorn Online Used Bookstore, The This Online Used Bookstore has thousands of titles in stock. Save time and money looking for a good book.

Nap Time Notes A great collection of humorous stories. Nap Time Notes is for anyone who is a mom, has a mom, or knows a mom.

N.A.S.A You can spend days "Exploring" these great links.

National Geographic They bring you the world to the Internet. Many things to choose from. Take it for a test drive.

Nation Job Network An on-line job search service containing thousands of detailed job listings and company profiles. The listings are from around the U.S. with a Midwest focus.

Netmarket An inexpensive members-only store full of everything! Books, Computers, Cameras and more. There's an Auction section, Flea Market, and a Haggle Zone where everything's negotiable with new items daily. Unique...try it. Great pricing!

Netscape Netcenter Netscape has a great site with tons of links, software, and news!

NetVet An abundance of Pet and Animal Veterinary Resources. Everything from career info to laws and regulations and MORE, can be found here!

NewScientist - Planet Science A wonderful space and science site with many links and hidden treasures!

NEWS.COM A full news service from the makers of C/Net. Very well done.

Newspaper Mania A huge collection of newspapers over 1,600 on site! Also a nice collection of movie links.

New York Times All the news that fit to print...and publish on the Internet. It even looks like the newspaper.

Nijenrode Business Webserver A complete site with resources relevant to students, faculty, and researchers at Business Schools.

N-Net An Exhaustive collection of thousands of newspaper listings from all over the country! No site offers this much info...NO ONE!

Northern Light A different kind of search engine. You can search over 100 Million Web pages and the Special Collection™ of more than 5,000 full text sources. Your results are dynamically organized into Custom Search Folders™. Open them to zero in on what you want. And it doesn't stop there! This is the way it should be!!

Old Town Crossroads A Unique 3D Web site with hundreds of links to explore within a make believe city!

OncoLink The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource. OncoLink is a multimedia oncology information resource with a wealth of medical information.

OnHealth A new way to look at EVERYTHING involving your health. In depth studies on all health issues with new views, ideas, treatments and advice from leading pros. Myth or'll find it here!

Onion, The A parady zine with some VERY funny stories. You'll find something to laugh at here. This site is for adults 18+.

Online Advertising Index See what it costs to advertise on web pages or submit your own site, in this complete Web Page advertising Index.

Online Book of Parrots, The This virtual "encyclopedia" contains mega information about parrots. A parrot lovers paradise!

Palm Pilot Gear HQ If you've got a PalmPilot or Palm IIIs this is the place! A great collection of software and extras!

Parent Soup A site for parents about kids. A wealth of information to help any parent or grandparent. Many articles and help sections.

Pathfinder It's Time Warber's Pathfinder Network. Besides top stories, features and reviews, you'll find all 21 Time Warner sites right here.

PBS Enjoy features Online from some of their programs. Get a listing of what's on TV, KIds stuff an Online NewsHour and more!

PC Magazine Top 100 Many many sites picked by PC Magazine

PeekABoo-TM A great collection of a wide variety of links. Nicely done!

PedagoNet PedagoNet facilitates the exchange of learning materials and resources. PedagoNet is the service that lets others access your resources and lets you find the important information you need

PetPlanet A well designed pet site with valuable information along with it's many features.

PetStation A great detailed pet site with a large selection of links and categories. The Train stops here!

Photographers News Network THE gathering place for photographers. This site has everything. Visit the gallery....join the forum. If you take pictures, this site is a must!

Pilot to Physics A Great Science site with many fun and useful links and information.The world's most comprehensive index to on-line physics resources!

Police Notebook, The Over 130 articles on various public safety topics including crime prevention, Internet safety, personal safety, fire safety, 1st-Aid & Health, and many more - over 600 HTML pages. A great job!

Popular Mechanics A Web site unmatched in quality and depth of content. There are more than 1,000 pages here.

Popular Science The web site to the long running Popular Science! Lots of info on this great zine.

Power Index A large base of links seperated into 17 Categories

Power to the Imagination It's all about the power of Imagination. A unique "visual" site that must be experienced. A great resource for program developers. It's where serious developers turn for news and resources on the Net.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists This is an exhaustive collection of mailing lists available primarily through the Internet and the UUCP network

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