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Dave Central Software Archive A great collection of software along with a What's New and What's Hot section.

Deaf Watch The deaf community has its say. A great collection of resources and a place to air your gripes and know your rights!

Deja News The equivalent of 500 hefty, 400-page novels, is posted to Usenet newsgroups every single day of the year. This site searches through them all! A must have bookmark!

Dick Butkus Football Network The football great is just as good on the web too! Many football areas to explore along with comments, advice and more from the football legend!

Dictionaries A GREAT collection of 67 different dictionaries. This site not only provides you with a way to submit your sites to the top directories and search engines, but also provides monthly reports on the status of your submission.

Diners Grapevine, The The Premiere On-Line Dining guide, your world wide restaurant resource.Let the vine pick your perfect place to eat from over 6,000 restaurants.

DineSite Lets EAT! Travel all over the U.S.A. and browse all the cities and "Best Restaurants". Nice search engine too. Look for a doctor in your area not only by city but by practice. This huge directory will be a time saver!

Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall All your favorites are here in this great Doonesbury Zine!

DOWNLOAD.COM Tons of software await your downloading from the makers of C/Net. It's huge!

Early America Review, The A historical collection of original newspapers, maps and writings from 18th Century America. An array of authentic documents that form an historical record of a significant time in the American experience.

EarthCam The most comprehensive and easily navigated reference directory for locating live video cameras on the Internet.

Earth Times, The The Earth Times offers news and views on the environment, sustainable development, population and current affairs from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Earth Watch 3-D weather information and forecasts. A great collection of 3-D weather data, with excellent quality maps! Why wait for the weather when you can get a customized report on your schedule with EarthWatch® Weather On Demand?

East Coast Trail Association This is a detailed web site on and about the development of hiking trails on the east coast of Canada. Find out more about this scenic adventure!

EasySEARCH Great way to search. All the best search engines gathered together so you can search them all!

Ecomall The EcoMall is a popular environmental site that offers a wide range of environmentally-friendly companies and products, and ALOT more!

Editor & Publisher Interactive A Professional Newspaper site showcasing many publications, as well as, it's own publication. Plenty to read and enjoy!

.edu Colleges and Careers Center. Everything from choosing a college to job hunting. A great resource.

Eeek-Net! A Wonderful web site with Facts, Figures, Triva, Bits, Strange News, and a TON more to choose from. You'll stay for DAYS!!! Fun for the whole family.

E.F. Moody A huge site, detailing many areas of financial management and life in general. It's different...worth the view, but watch out for the humor!

Egypt Interactive A huge database of Egyptian Internet links and resources. Religion, Culture, Travel, Language, Museums and alot more. The Best in it's class!

Electric Library You can pose a question and launch a comprehensive, simultaneous search through more than 150 full-text newspapers, hundreds and hundreds of full-text magazines, two international newswires, two thousand classic books, hundreds of maps, thousands of photographs, as well as major works of literature and art.

Electric Minds If ever there was a meeting of the minds on the Internet, it may be going on right here. A virtual community to share like ideas, thoughts and feelings. Both well designed and structured.

Electronic Newsstand Homepage The Electronic Newsstand has the largest collection of magazine resources available anywhere on the Web.

Electronics 2000 An entertaining and informative site dealing with electronics. Learn the Basics of Electronics and more....and enjoy the music! The Internet's Premier 'E-mail Change of Address' Search Engine and Registry. Other searches include Politicians, Celebrities, Companies and more.

EmergencyNet EmergencyNet is your Fire/Police/EMS Station on the InfoSuperHighway!! EmergencyNet news, Detailed reports, Disaster/RescueOperations Page , Hazardous Materials Operations Page, Infectious Diseases, Counter-Terrorism and alot more. Know what's happening around the world...and be prepared!

Empowerment Resources for Personal Growth,Social Change, and Ecology This is a huge directory. Tons of links. A great resource! The Internet's FREE Encyclopedia! Over 17,000 articles with links to over a million more areas of information. A Super Reference!!!

Encyclopedia Mystica An on-line encyclopedia about mythology, folklore, legends, and more...

EpicuriousOver 6,000 recipes your fingertips wine tips, restaurant and book notesand practical kitchen tips. And even if you don't know exactly where you're going, Epicurious Travel's Search offers six powerful ways to compile a dossier on your next flight of fancy.

ESPNET The BEST site on the Internet for Sports! A great up to the minute resource.

Europe Online Europe Online is a HUGE site with a diverse range of information services available in different European national languages.

E*Trade This Internet trading firm has over 50,000 accounts and close to $3 billion in customer assets. It's commissions are low, $14.95-to-$19.95 per-trade fee. You'll need $1000 - $2000 to get involved.

EventSeeker: The World Events Calendar A complete calendar including business and leisure events from all over the world. Search by date, country, keyword, or event. Don't travel without it!

Excite Live! Custom design your own site with YOUR information. Stocks, Weather, Links, News it's all your links...what you want! I have one and it's great!

Falcon's WWF Another well detailed wrestling page with reviews of the events. This Disney owned site has links on education, parenting, travel, health, activities and more. There is also a state by state directory to family sites near you.

Family Gardening A huge gardening site with all kinds of extra goodies to "weed" through. Great articles, tips, triva, planting, and everything else you can think of. DIG IN!

Famous Birthdays Who was born on your birthday? Find out here! Gotta love this site!

Father of Shareware, The A HUGE collection of Shareware sites from all over the planet! You'll find what your looking for right here.

FAQ Finder Here it is...Your one stop source for ALL FAQs! This is IS guide to find the answers you've been looking for.

Federal Gateway The entire U.S. Government community all in an easy to use site. It's all here! Send someone a Free 3D animated video greeting. A great group of people to choose from. All types of occasions. ALOT of FUN!

Feminist.Com Another Great site for women with many many subjects and help. Check this one out!

Fifty Plus Net Canadian Association of Retired Persons. More than 290 web pages of useful, meaningful information covering the issues that concern you.

FilePile One of the BIGGEST sites on the Internet. Over 1,000,000 FREE Files. This site covers everything! A must have bookmark!

Film 100, The A ranking of the "100 Most Influential People in the History of the Cinema". A Great collection, plus lots of extras!

Film Com A great Movies site with many links, reviews and archives.

Finding an E-Mail Address Another Great E-Mail finder. Searches many different sources.

FINWeb - A Financial Economics WWW Server Another HUGE Financial site. Well detailed and arranged with substantive information concerning economics and finance-related topics.

Firefly Is a unique community that allows you to share your feelings and ideas with thousands. Firefly believes that INFORMED CONSENT is central to creating a framework of trust between individuals and businesses on the Internet.

Fonts For Every Need A great collection of unique fonts for both Mac and PC. There's a ton for the picking!

Foreign Languages for Travelers Just pick the language you speak. Then select the language you want to learn.

Freeware & Software You'll find thousands of links.

Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, The A huge Dictionary with 700 contributors.

FreSch! The Free Scholarship Search Service Here you will find a huge database of scholarships that are available to the public, and it won't cost you a cent to search or browse them! A great resource...why pay for something that should be FREE!

Frogland Everything and Anything having to do with frogs. The Biggest Frog site on the, planet!

Gabby Cabby, The Take a ride with a New York cab driver and learn all about life and New York. Well designed and informative.

Galaxy A guide to worldwide information and services and is provided as a public service.

Galt Shareware Zone Get the Hottest Shareware Downloads, Latest Shareware Reviews, Free Shareware Newsletter and more! Game downloads, cheats, and guides highlight this game site. Easy to use and to find the game your looking for.

Gamelan The most sophisticated directory and registry of Java(tm) programs and resources on the Internet. A TON of stuff, over 1000 links!

GameLand A Shockwave Game Site.. With over 30 fun and addictive games. There's something here you'll like. Great site!

GameSpot Inside news on the latest games, one-stop resource for gaming news, previews, reviews, demos, and downloads. This is a Computer Gaming World magazine site.

Genealogical Journeys In Time A great genealogical resource. Lots of links and research.

Gerd's MIDI Pages The Worlds BEST collection of MIDI files. You won't believe your ears!

Gibson Research Corporation Did you know that anyone crawl into your computer while you're connected to the Internet? Checks the security of your computer's connection to the Internet FREE! Also download a great (also Free) firewall software client.

Global Internet News Agency Keep up with the latest Internet News, Tips and ALOT more. A wealth of information.

Go Indy An Internet Zine that hosts a wide range of subjects and columns. Nice Design!

Goldmine OnLine The collectors record and CD marketplace.

GolfWeb The single best golf site on the Internet! It's more than just scores and players, to start with how about a guide to 21,000 courses. You can match your score to players who played on the same course. Or, you can enter round information from your scorecards and obtain statistics and analyses of your games and learn about areas for game improvement. Did I mention an On-Line store? This is it baby!

Good Stuff Cheap A great shopping site on the Net, specializing in close-out merchandise.

Google Google! is a Stanford University project designed to find the most relevant Web pages. There are over 25 million pages catalogued. GoProfit is a new multilingual portal and search engine designed to keep investors in touch with world financial markets at any time. A wealth of info all in one place. A must financial bookmark!

Greatest Films, The All the Greatest Films in Cinematic history, with their greatest moments, famous scenes and more!

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet The best philosophy site on the Internet. A wealth of information. A huge Resource

Happy Puppy Quite possibly the BEST Games site on the Internet. This site has it ALL!

Health A-Z A HUGE medical site with a massive amount of links in several subjects. Includes a search engine.

Homebuyer's Fair If your moving or at least thinking about it, Homebuyer's Fair has it all. A ton of information on Deciding Where to Live (Info on schools, crime, etc.) Orchestrating Your Move, Getting the Best Mortgage, Buying Your First Home (articles and calculators to help you get ready), Apartments and alot more!

HomeByNet HomeByNetgives you unbiased mortgage advice, and connects you with top mortgage lenders. You'll discover how much you can afford and which type of mortgage fits your needs. You can even prequalify!

Hometime Take a trip down home improvement lane with Dean & Robin as they present the BEST Home Improvement site on the planet! This site has everything, including a great collection of How -To projects!

HotBot Fast, accurate searches that return results by relevance. You can search by date range, you can do a second search against the results of your first search. Results are better than most engines.

Hot Rod Your Head A great website devoted to making you THINK! Stories, Tests and more to make you smarter!

HTML Goodies Domain Home Page A great collection of "HTML Goodies" to help with your web site. Many subjects.

Human-Languages Page, The The language resources listed here come from all around the world, and range from dictionaries to language tutorials to spoken samples of languages.

Huron On Line Come play the newest and best sweepstakes, contests and games on line. A unique site!

iBride The site offers focused discussions, how-to sessions and rich information to guide people through one of life's most important transitions. PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, and online gaming make up the heart of Contests, cheat codes and battle Internet foes with the World Opponent Network.

ImmInfo A comprehensive on-line resouce for anyone seeking information about U.S. immigration procedures and policy. It contains hundreds of pages of information. A great reference tool!

Index to Multimedia Information Sources A HUGE collection of Multimedia resources, archives and software.

Industry.NetThis is where the industry does business. Everything from control products to manufacturing systems and electronic components to power transmissions are featured. 17 other Categories are featured.

Industry Search An interactive database of companies and suppliers. Pinpoints exactly what your business is looking for.

Information for Investors A MASSIVE web site, with a ton of Investment information. A Super Resource

InfoSpace A HUGE Internet E-mail directory, business searches, yellow pages, phone directories and lot more!

inquiry.comThey've got over 130,000 recent technical articles from major publication in one database, cross-referenced with white papers and product information.

Insweb Looking for insurance quotes? Auto, Life, Health and other types of insurance are just a click away. They also have an agent locator.

Internal Revenue Service All the forms that the IRS prints, you can get it, usually in PDF format, so you can print it out at home. You can even fill in the forms on screen and print it out. There's also tons of tax advice.

International Kids' Space A GREAT web site for kids of all ages. You can start the little ones on the web, right here!

Internet Address Finder A Great e-mail finder. You can search through over 3,000,000 e-mail addresses and find the person you're looking for!

Internet Business News A large collection of links designed to help the business world. There is also software to download!

Internet Information Center A very good "all-in-one" Internet site with information on both computers and the Internet.

Internet Lost and Found, The Lose something? Try the Internet's only Lost and Found department! They have a searchable database useable in 30 countries.

Internet Mall, The The largest commercial site on the Internet with over 7500 Internet shops!

Internet Movie Database A huge move site with a database not only for the US but for the UK and Italy.There are over 100,000 movies with over 1,600,000 filmography entries. Many hours of enjoyment are awaiting you.

Internet Public Library A HUGE site with mega links, set up as a library. It even has a MOO chat network.

Internet Service Providers - from Boardwatch A huge collection of Internet Service Providers. Over 16,000 to choose from.

Internet's Fitness Resource, The One of the best fitness sites on the planet. They have weekly editorials on nutrition, the fitness plan, fitness classifies a ton of links and more. Get into shape...right here!

Internet Starter Kit A complete hyperbook online to help you understand the Internet. There is a Mac and a PC version.

Internet Weather Report This unique site measures Internet traffic at any given moment for many providers from a base location at "Clear Ink" in Walnut Creek, California.

InvestorGuide This is your "One Stop" guide to investing! A very detailed, extensive directory of investing information. Stocks, Funds, Tips, Summaries, Research, News....a MUST bookmark!

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