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123Greetings! This is huge site devoted to greeting cards. Send FREE Electronic Greeting Cards to Friends & Family all over the world.

1-800-Directory This is the complete AT&T Toll Free 800 Directory

911 Fire Police Medical Web Site, The A valuable list of Emergency, Fire...Police...and Medical web sites.

2ask 2ask allows searches of the best of online data without surfing to the sites them selves. It does this by having search engines for each site.

A Barrel of Genealogy Links A large collection of Genealogy links.

ABC News Top notch news, just what you would expect from ABC. Online-only features, International correspondents, video, latest-breaking stories along with instant polls and alot more!

Absolute Submission It's the Ultimate Self Promotion Website. Tons of FREE promotion info for your web site and even info on a free web site!

Academic Advising Resources An exhaustive Academic Resource, highlighting indepth career links, guides, schools and resources.

Access ~ Intellectual Property Index A Great legal site with many links separated into 7 Categories.

ACEKids A wonderful site for kids. A ton of games, stories and fun all in one complete and safe site. Over 1,000 links in all!

Achoo A very detailed collection of a huge amount of medical links. Well designed!

Acme Pet Everything and Anything relating to pets. If you can't find it probably doesn't exist! ( Unless WE have it )

ActiveX A huge site catering to "ActiveX". ActiveX, web sites come alive using multimedia effects, interactive objects, and sophisticated applications that create a user experience comparable to that of high-quality CD-ROM titles.

Advertising Law If you need to know the law. This site details all the rules and regulations from the FTC, BBB and more!

AEC InfoCenter The Internet Expo for Architecture Engineering and Construction. Well detailed and organized.

AGirlLikeUA uesful site for "Girls". AGirlLikeU will provide girls a fun place to see what other girls are doing to figure out what interesting things they can do with their lives. YouÂ’ll also get to see what some grown-up girls are doing with their lives and how they made it from their teens to grown-up-dom.

AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center) AgNIC is a distributed network that provides access to agriculture-related information, subject area experts, and other resources. Great detail along with many areas of hard to find info.

Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library A huge database of agricultural market information.Daily To Yearly Market and Outlook Reports, Prices, Commodities and Quotes. It's all here!

AJR NewsLink A fantastic news resource that goes beyond the conventional. Many extras here...Bookmark it!

All the Hotels on the Web A geographical meta-index of links to more than 10,000 hotels on the Web. Well designed.

Alpha Sim Home of Sports Games The Worlds Best collection of sports games. Over 750 links covering a ton of sports! This is a must for all sports gamers!! The Internet's biggest and best book store. It has everything and very easy to search and use! A must bookmark for any book buyer!!!

American Medical Association A huge medical reference tool. Your link to health and medical resources. You can even locate a doctor by name, specialty and location from over 650,000 physicians licensed to practice in the US.

America's Employers Looking for a job has never been easier with quick access to career information, company data, job postings, recruiters, and networking.

America's Most Wanted Criminals One of the most comprehensive and easily navigable page dedicated solely to law enforcement most wanted fugitives and criminals on the Internet.

Amiga Web Directory, The The most comprehensive guide to Amiga resources on the Web.

Anime Powerhouse, The One of the best Anime ( ah-nee-meh), Japanese animation, sites on the web.

Another Empty Bottle For those of you who suffer with the alcoholic - the friends, the family - an empty bottle represents pain, suffering, hopelessness. This sites for you........ Have all your questions answered for you at Whether you have an easy or advanced question, let take care if it!

AnyWho Directories A great Lookup Directory. Find a person along with their phone number. You can even send them a card.

Apparel.Net The OnLine Guide for the Apparel Industry. This one has it covered!

Artesian Well, The A great collection of artists works for sale and a gallery of links! Both thumbnail and fullsize views.

ArtServe This is an unbelieveable art site with 16,000 images (NOT available elsewhere) - i.e. some 1.6Gb of data - all concerned in some way with the history of art and architecture.

Art Vision International An International galley of the finest art work in the world that is for sale, showing each piece with full details. A class act!

Ask Jeeves For Kids A great kids search site that allows kids to ask questions in plain english to get back answers. There are other fun areas for the kids too. Very Nice!

Atlantic Unbound A fine Zine with stories that are both different in scope and refreshing in content.

Attorney Find This is a free directory for the public to select attorneys nationwide in many categories. Nice layout and easy to use.

AudioHEALTH AudioHEALTH is among the first to offer you frequently updated "audio" segments on general health topics. They also have a huge drug section, health topics, illnesses and alot more!

AudioNet The Broadcast Network on the Internet. Music, Sports, Features, Business, Politics and more If it broadcasts on the net...AudioNet has it!

AutoWeb Your one stop auto shop! New, used, buying or selling, it's all here. Search the database of 1000's of used cars and look up the bluebook price too!

Bandaids & Blackboards When Chronic Illness...or Some Other Medical Problem...Goes to School. Everyone should visit here. It's hard enough growing up, but what if you had a chronic illness?

Ben's Cable Box Have all your Cable TV questions answered here! A good collection of FAQs and Howtos.

Baseball Statistics Page, TheA fantastic collection of Baseball stats from the early days to present!

Batelco inet An infomative zine from Bahrain Internet Service. It covers a variety of topics and subjects. Well designed!

Beyond The Black Stump Many many many links, in many many many subjects! Great bookmark page!

Bible Notes Bible Notes makes reading and studing the bible easy. The entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is summarized with easy-to-read review notes and keypoints -- useful for everyone and a resource for Bible study.

Big Book A huge yellow pages with a ton of databased info. They offer more then just listings!

Big Eye, The A great collection of links numbering over 1,000.

Big Yellow E-Mail Search Find over 12 million e-mail addresses from around the world. Over 15,000 biographies produced in the tradition of the A&E television series. Read, Listen, Watch as this site brings you a massive database of people from past and present. A GEM on the net!

Blonz Guide, The This site targets the fields of nutrition, food science, foods and health. There's something for the newbie on up to the ardent webster.

Bob's Fridge Door Don't get serious...From the humor of Bob Hirschfeld comes Bob's Fridge Door. Parodies, Features, Insanity and more. Just don't forget to shut the door...your letting flys in!

Body-Mind QueenDom A Great site for women covering a wide range of topics. Join the Web Psych Club.

Books On-Line This is an unbelieveable collection of e-texts from all over the Internet. John Ockerbloom has given the Internet community a great resource. A must see!

BookWorld Companies One of America largest book distributors. Easy to read listings and nice selection.

Bot Spot Everthing you ever wanted to know about computer bots.

Broadcaster This is a FREE URL promotional site that submits your URL to 235 search and web media. Just fill out the forms and your off! has a great menu of live broadcasts from around the country. Who needs a radio!

Business City BusinessCity is a magnet website, bringing together business resources,leads, contacts, and the latest news. A huge information base!

Buyer's Index Search over 7,500 Web shopping sites and North American mail order catalogs. Buyer's Index covers everything for individuals and businesses.

By Owner Online This Real Estate site is designed for buyers and sellers who wish to make a "No Commission Real Estate Decision" A good database setup with many home links.

Campground Directory A huge database of over 10,000 Campgrounds listed with name and address. They also have a classified section.

Career Mosaic A great "Jobs" resource site for employees and employers. You can even send off your resume!

CareerLab - 200 Letters Over Two Hundred of the World's Best Cover Letters for Job Hunters. Many different categories...a must bookmark!

Careersite This FREE service allows jobseekers to uplaod their resume, search job postings, and more. It also lets employers Look for employees. A Great service!

Car Point by MicrosoftMicrosoft CarPoint is the smartest way to buy your next car, saving you time and money. They feature dealer invoice prices, photos, reviews, road test results, and a very cool virtual test drive using surround video. You need I.E. for this one. Very Neat!!!!

CarSmart CarSmart is the intelligent way to shop for a new or used vehicle. They offer free purchase or lease quotes as well as invoice pricing reports and even specific dealer inventories. They also have a vehicle locator search utility., The If you love a mystery, you'll love this site! On-Line mysteries to solve. Bet ya can't guess em!

Casino CityA huge collection of casinos where you can search by casino name, by location, by type of casino, by game, by hotel accomodations, by restaurant cuisine, and hundreds of other criteria.

Catalog Mart The Catalog Mart boasts over 10,000 catalogs in over 800 subjects and they are all available for FREE!

Catalog Site, The The Catalog Site is the largest Interactive Shopping Directory of great mail order catalogs on the web!

Caverns of Blood It's a terrifying animations/text/graphics/music online game site. It can best be described as "HORROR WITH ATTITUDE". Come Play...if you dare!!!

CCN The Christian Community Network offers a ton of information. CCN features the best of both secular and Christian Internet cultures by providing online chat, forums, games, a secure marketplace along with Reuters news and CCN Hit Radio!

CD Now! Possibly the best music buying source on the planet! You can find everything! Nice and easy search section.

Cheltenham Computer Training Over 3500 pages of computer training courseware materials. You can start a course today!

Chesebro' Genealogy A ton of work went into this family tree tracing the descendants of William Chesebrough, the first settler of European descent in Stonington, CT., and featuring more than 18,000 individuals predominately descended from early New England settlers and Mayflower passengers. You may have a relative here!

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi A visually rich site with over 2000 pictures, many articles and religious information for the world!. A wonderful site!

Circuit Central A great collection of schematics, useful for the common hobbyst. You should have some basic knowledge of soldering and electronics. A nice reference site!

City.Net Search over 5,000 destinations view maps, check fares, book your travel and more!

Classifieds 2000 Free Nationwide automotive, computer, and general merchandise classifieds.

ClearingHouse Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guide

CNN Interactive Everything you would want from CNN except the cable bills. A powerhouse!

College and University Admissions Office Email AddressesThe most comprehensive available list of college and university admissions.

Colleges and University Home Pages An online directory of college and university admissions email addresses, phone numbers, college scholarship and financial aid office email addresses, and links to the home pages and online applications of more than a thousand colleges and universities.

Collegescape This website features online college applications and college profiles. They have over 200 colleges in their database.

ColorMaker Now it is easy to create colorful web pages with the JavaScript "ColorMaker". Change link colors the easy way and have a great time doing it. A unique and "colorful" site. A Premier Healthcare Information Site with a ton of information!

Comic Strip, The Alley Oop - Arlo & Janis - The Born Loser - Committed - Dilbert - Drabble - Doctor Fun - Over The Hedge - Jump Start - Marmaduke - Nancy - Peanuts - Reality Check - Robotman - Rose Is Rose.

Commercenet/Nielsen Internet Demographics Survey, The A massive comprehensive survery of the demographics, attitudes and interests of Internet users. This valuable information is long overdue!

CompareNet Pick a type of product and you'll get buyers' tips, advice about important features, and a search tool that asks what kinds of features you want and what your price range is. You then get photos that match what your looking for.

Computer & Communication Companies A huge listing of companies dealing with computers & communications. A nice search engine is included.

Computer Currents Interactive A very detailed Computer Resource site with tips, news, downloads and lot more!

C|Net One of the premiere sites on the Internet. Many, many and huge, huge!!!

Consumer World A HUGE site with over 900 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet.

Cool Site of the Day Just because it's COOL! See the pick of the day.

Corporate Executives Survival Guide, The Here is a site that provides the corporate manager with a framework of contingency planning tools associated with international operations. Does your company have a plan for Orientation, Travel, In-Country Security, Crisis Management and Evacuation. Here's the place!

CorpTech A huge collection of 45,000 High Tech company profiles: CD-ROM, Electronic & Print, and take a look at 350+ employment trend reports FREE.

The Costume Page An index of costume and costuming-related links with over 1,300 unique links. Counsel Quest A premier internet legal resource locator. Designed to guide its guests to the vast amount of legal and governmental resources available on the internet.

Critical Thinking Community, The The Critical Thinking Community provides information about the theory and practice of critical thinking. Their pages offer concepts and definitions,techniques for learning and teaching Critical Thinking.

CT Software A wealth of Shareware programs with thorough product descriptions, including screen shots and alot more. A Keeper!

Custom Effects A creative site that has free screen savers, wallpaper, photos and alot more. Everything you need for your desktop or web site!

CyberAtlas A must see for anyone running a web site. Stories from the major players on who's on the web, how much money is being changed hands, advertising info, stats, trends and more.

Cyber Services Thousands of links.

CyberWhiz Here's a great collection of perl scripts to add to your homepage. You can even put up your own homepage for FREE!

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites One of the BEST genealogy sites on the planet, well-organized and very easy to use. This one's a must see!

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