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Random Trips Across Cyberspace

Academic Computer Society Cookie Page
Adam Sandler's Jokes Page
Arabian Insults
Asia Business Random Image
Atheist Fortune Cookies
Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator
Bad Cookie
Business Buzzword Bingo
Cool Roulette
Cool Site of the Moment
Dartmouth Computer Poetry
eDork - Poetry
Elizabethan Curse Generator
Emily Dickinson Random Epigram Machine
Exploit the Net
Fantastic Typing CyberMonkey
Fortune Cookies
Fortune For You
Fortunes for the Masses
Funny Things Found in Real Newspapers
GEnie HotSpot: Personalized Insults
GenX Fortune Cookies
Get out of Dodge
Grunge Band Names
Holden Server, The
Inbedded Text Generator, The
Infinitely Magic Ball
Information Supercollider
Inspirational Quotes
Internet Conspiracy Generator
Jerry Springer Show Constructor
Jim's Journal Jenerator Random Joke
Jokes Board
Jon Kitzman's random quote page
Kilroy Moot's Devotronic Bandbox
Kyle's Joke Lists
Lee's Super-Hero Generator
Lonster's Virtual Manager
Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator
MagicURL Mystery Trip
Matt's Random Link Generator
Mefco's Random Joke Server
Merle's Random Sentences
Michi-Web Random Link to a Random Page
Mis-Fortune Cookies
Mission Statement Generator
Mr. Ed's Educational Site of the Moment
Nick's Fortune Cookies
Oblique Strategies
Observatory, The
One Shakespearian Insult
Oneliners and Proverbs
Online Fortune Cookie
Origami Fortune Cookie
Paul Tomko's Random Quote Page
Poetry CreatOR2
Pojo's Digital Destiny Machine
Quote of the Moment
Quotes 'R' Us
Quotes from The Perfect Man
Quotes Unlimited
Quotes! of the Moment
Random Beer
Random Burma Shave Sign
Random Camera
Random Chick-en
Random Deep Thought
Random Flight Tracking
Random Funny Quotes
Random Inspirational Quote Generator
Random Joke Generator
Random Joke
Random Knowledge Generator
Random Log-line Generator
Random Madness
Random Media Nugget
Random Monty Python Skit Server
Random Movie
Random Mud Link
Random Opinions
Random Oscar Wilde Quote
Random Paul Weller Quotes
Random Quotes
Random Sentences
Random Story Generator
Random Topic Generator
Random URL
Random URL
Random Words
Random Yahoo! Category
Random Yahoo Link
Randy's Shakesperean Insult Server
RoboPoet: The Random Poetry Generator
Sammy Server, The
Shakespearean Insult Kit
Shakespearean Insult Server
Shakespearean Insulter
Smirk City Mystery Tour
Spin The URouLette Wheel
Stan's Insult Generator
Stilton Poetry Machine
Suck - Random Filler
Suck - Random Hit and Runs
Sugar Packet Wisdom
Surrealist Compliment Generator
Tabloid Headlines
Tabloid O' The Day!
Talk to Zippy the Pinhead
TEI's Random Joke Server
Textual Abuse Page
Todays Fortune
TR-i's Magic 8 Ball
UNIX Fortune Teller
Virtual Talking Mom
Web Autopilot
Web Autopilot
WebCrawler Random Link
Weekly World Spews
WonLoo Cookies
Words of Wisdom
WWW Fortune Cookie Machine
Your lucky fortune cookie

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