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Info Service Categories

ACR's International Calling Codes
Ahoy! Homepage and e-mail address finder
American Directory Assistance
AmeriCom Long Distance AREA DECODER
AT&T 800 Number Telephone Directory
Austin Internet Yellow Pages
Big Foot
Big Yellow
Bitfire Public Phone Number Mnemonic Service
Book of Transportation Professionals
Brazilian Postal Codes
Canada 411
Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Geographic Names
CCSO Phonebook Gateway
Central Source Directory Service
Christian White Pages
City Net's White Pages
City Net's Yellow Page
City State / ZIP Code Associations
ClassMates Online
CyberPages International - Lost and Missing Relatives
Cybernet Yellow Pages
Danish Postal Codes
Database America People Finder
Deutsche Post AG (Germany)
Directories - Finding People and Organizations
Directory of 800 numbers
Electronic phonebook on the Web (French)
Electric Postcard, The
Finding E-Mail Addresses
Finding People on the Internet
Find People Fast
Geographic NameServer
Geographic Name Server
Geographic Server by State
German Zip Codes
Global Yellow Pages
GTE Super Pages
Hunting for E-Mail Addresses
Icelandic telephone directory
Infobel - Find Business & Residential Addresses (Belgium)
Institutional Phonebooks (Worldwide)
Internet Address Finder
Internet Electronic Mail Directory
Internet Meeting Point
Internet Speed Dialer
InterNIC White Pages Directory Services
InterNIC Directory Services
Janyce's Root Diggin' Dept. - People Searching & Adoption
Lycos PeopleFind
Military Search Bulletin Board
Mining White Pages
National Address and ZIP+4 Browser
National Address Server
New Area Codes
NTC - Telephone Area Code/Prefix Database
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages - Home Page
NZ Directory Search ( New Zealand )
Official Postal Service Abbreviations
Okra - Net Citizen Directory Service
One7 Home Page and Query Page (Pakistan)
On-Line Phone Directories of the World by Bob Coret
Other Univ. of California directories
Pay Phone Directory
People Finder
PeopleSearch - W3COM
Personal Seek
Postage Rates
P & T Luxembourg OnLine! (Luxembourg)
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
Reunion Hall
San Diego State Phone Book
Search - Area Codes
Search Engines
Searching For People
Searching for People (UT Austin TeamWeb)
Seeker Magazine, The
Seekers of the Lost International Reunion Registry
Semaphore's National Address Browser
Sharkey's Search Engine Index: People and Businesses
Slovenian Telephone Directory (Slovenia)
Social Security Death Index Search
Spanish Yellow Pages
Sunny's CyberConnexion
Telephone Directories on the Web
Telephone Exchange Name Project
TIV Tele-Info Verlag, Online Auskunft Deutschland (Germany)
UC San Diego Phone Directory
Ultimate White Pages, The
University of Texas at Austin Electronic Directory
University Phone Books - Selected phone books for North American Universities (Notre Dame)
Univ. of San Diego Staff Directory
U.S. Area Code Lookup (Search.Com)
U.S. Gazetteer, Searchable Index
U.S. Government Online Telephone Directories
USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
USPS ZIP+4 Lookup Form
Virtual Telephone KeyPad
Virtual Yellow Pages, The
West's Legal Directory
Westminster - Canadian Postal Code Lookup Service
What Does Your Phone Number Spell?
Where Did They Go?
White Pages
White Pages Phone Directory (Australia)
White Pages, The
WHO's On-line
Who's Who Online
World E-mail Directory
World Alumni Page
World Pages
World Telecom Directory
World Telephone Code Information (Austin Hosp, Melbourne)
World-Wide E-Mail Address Book
World-Wide Profile Registry
World Wide Yellow Pages
World Yellow Pages Network
WWW Phone Dialing Services
Yahoo's links to phone directories
Yahoo! People Search
Yellow Pages Superhighway
Yellow Pages Online
Yukon White Pages
ZIP+4 Codes for United States Vessels
Zip Codes and Phone Numbers

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