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The Info Service is in the process of putting together a newsletter. Twice a month we will send the newsletter out to all that subscribe.

Every week we will let you know about new and exciting websites, site updates, Internet news, new features and more!

The newsletter will be brief enough to quickly scan through. Your e-mail address will NEVER be sold or used for anything other than our letter. We get enough spam as it is and do not wish that on anyone else.

To subscribe, e-mail us: Click here or send us e-mail to

Please include in the subject line NEWSLETTER and in the body of the message:

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter (you can just cut and paste this)

We will pull your address from the e-mail. Then....

We will add your e-mail address to our list. It's that simple. If at anytime you would like to unsubscribe, you can let us know and we will remove it.

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