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Macromedia Shockwave Audio

Note: Anything less than a 28.8-Kbps connection will give poor results

1050 Chum - Toronto, Canada - Paul McCartney Interview (RealAudio)

1320 A.M.- Vancouver, B.C, Canada 24-Hour Live Chinese Language Radio (RealAudio)

1-800 Music Now Rock, Country, Pop, Alternative, R & B, Other - Hear the Top 10 (RealAudio)

ABC RadioNet - ABC Radio News - San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York (RealAudio)

aha! Kids Network Kids site with both Real Audio (songs) along with Live Video (need VDOlive at (RealAudio)

Air Force Radio News - Kelly AFB, Texas 5 minute radio news program - weekdays 3 P.M. CST (RealAudio)

All Access Music Group News, New Music (RealAudio)

American Blues - CD 101.9 New York American Blues - Archives (Shockwave)(RealAudio)

Artists and Performers Nice collection of Interviews (RealAudio)

Atlantic Broadcasting System - Live Commentary on the U.S. Stock Markets (RealAudio)

AudioNet THE Broadcast Network on the Internet - Stations, Special Audio Events, Live Broadcasts,Sports and lot more!

AudioNet CDJukebox

Black Harlequin Web specific Opera - downloadable files.

Bootcamp Reports on Computers & Technology (RealAudio)

Brentwood - Hollywood, CA - First websoap to be presented using RealAudio (RealAudio)

BusStop RadioNet - KUFS 90.3 San Fransisco,CA - Internet Radio Show (RealAudio)

Catalunya Radio 4 stations Based in Spain - News, Classical, Adult Contemporary.

CBC National Public Radio Broadcasting Site - Toronto, Canada (RealAudio)

Chicago Sun-Times Music Previews Music Previews in real time on demand (RealAudio)

Children's Bible Hour Keys For Kids Daily Stories (RealAudio)

CKNW 98 F.M.- Vancouver, B.C. - Programs, Weather, Sports, Vancouver Canucks Games (RealAudio)

CKUA 93.7 F.M. Radio Network Alberta, Canada 24-Hours Jazz, Folk, Classical (RealAudio)

CNET Radio CNET Radio offers groundbreaking daily original audio "Webcasts" produced exclusively for the Web, covering news and trends of computing and the Internet.

@Computerworld Audio Edition up-to-the-minute daily news & in-depth features (RealAudio)

Concord Road Church of Christ - Nashville, TN Multimedia Sermon Library (RealAudio)

Cornish News Service Liverpool, Merseyside, UK Archive for Cornish Language Material (RealAudio)

Crash Course in Basic Judaism - Los Angeles, CA 5 Classes each an hour long (RealAudio)

C-Span's RealAudio Server C-Span's programs (RealAudio)

Dr. Tomorrow Cyberadio Show Over 200 segments produced on a monthly basis (RealAudio)

Earth & Sky 7 Days a week Astronomy & Biological Sciences (RealAudio)

Fox 101.9 FM Melbourne,Australia Radio Station (RealAudio)

France 3 en ligne (France OnLine) On-Line news from France (RealAudio)

Friday Night Live Houston,TX The Latest Information on the Broadcasting Industry, Communications and the Internet (RealAudio)

Global Publishing Group Radio - Voice of America News & Radio - Persian Music (RealAudio)

Green Day - Livingston,NJ Audio clip, Lyrics and more (RealAudio)

Green Peace - Amsterdam, Holland Environment Info (RealAudio)

Happy Puppy Game Sounds Site Computer Fun Talk Show (RealAudio)

HardRadio Hardrock - Leather Nun show every Thursday 8 p.m. CST (StreamWorks)

Harry Shearer's Le Show Hour Long Weekly Showcase - Humor (RealAudio)

Hastings UFO Society UFO Talk & Info (RealAudio)

Hollywood OnLine Big collection of Sound/Movie Clips (RealAudio)

Hong Kong Commercial Radio Variety of Chineses programming (RealAudio)

Impress Corporation - Tokyo,Japan Music & Entertainment (RealAudio)

Internet Radio Hawaii Hawaii - Hawaiian Music, Comedy, Jukebox, Requests Board (RealAudio)

InfoWeb Radio Internet Radio Station (RealAudio)

Interactive History of the Wienermobile Need I Say more? (RealAudio)

Internet News Radio Major Internet News in English or French (RealAudio)

Internet Radio.Com Wide Variety of Music Clips (RealAudio)

Jerry Garcia - Not Fade Away Two Hour Music & Interviews (RealAudio)

Jewish Torah Audio - Los Angeles,CA Jewish Audio - several clips (RealAudio)

JOL Radio 24- Hour Jazz (SteamWorks)

Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecast - London,UK Zodiac Forecasts (RealAudio)

J-WAVE 81.3 FM Yokohama,Japan Independent Music (RealAudio)

KBUD Radio - New York,NY Music, Interviews (RealAudio)

KDGE 94.5 Dallas/Ft. Worth Alternative and Underground Rock (RealAudio)

KICK AM - Synday,Australia 24-Hours - Country, Rock N Blues (RealAudio)

KISS 95.7 FM Hartford, Connecticut Live Music (RealAudio)

KISW OnLine Versions of currently popular rock songs (RealAudio)

KLIF Live - Dallas,Texas 24-Hour - News, Sports, Talk (RealAudio)

KING-FM 24-Hour Classical (RealAudio)

KSHE - FM 24-Hour Real Rock Radio (RealAudio)

KZPS 92.5, Dallas/Fort-Worth Classic Rock - Live Radio (RealAudio)

Laugh Dome Comedy recordings featuring the greatest comedians of the 20th century (RealAudio)

Le Diixieland The sound and look of the 20's (RealAudio) (DirectAudio) (TrueSpeech)

Live! with Derek McGinty Live 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) - Talk Show (RealAudio)

Los Angeles House of Blues Concert 4 Hour Concert

Making Contact Politics, News (RealAudio)

Metro Broadcast Hong Kong 104 FM Live English radio station - variety of programming (RealAudio)

MuCoMo Radio Alternative - Some live concerts - some archives (RealAudio)

Nashville.Net A variety of programming. (RealAudio)

Negocios.Com - Madrid, Spain Spanish (RealAudio)

NetRadio Vintage Rock, Adult Contemporary, Alternative - Some Live concerts (RealAudio)

NFL Highlights Football highlights (RealAudio)

NGO Forum on Women Look at the World through Womens' Eyes 30 August to 8 September 1995, Huairou, China (RealAudio)

NPR - "Talk of the Nation" - (RealAudio)

NTR-Radio / NTR-Berlin Varous programs, music from Berlin. Best used with an ISDN line or better.

Ocean RealAudio Server Historic Speeches, Music, and other archives (RealAudio)

On-Air An Internet Radio Station - Music, Live Events, Archives (RealAudio)

Oral Arguments from the U.S. Supreme Court Full-length oral arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court for the last 40 years. (RealAudio)

Positive Life Radio Christian music and programming (RealAudio)

Project Candide, East Africa '96 A month-long, 5-person trip to Africa, with video, graphic, and audio. (RealAudio)

PSEUDO Online Radio 24-Hour Live Talk (RealAudio)

Q-Net Polkas, Folk Music, Irish, Blues and Doo-wop.

Quirks & Quarks Talk - Science, Technology, Medicine and the Environment. (RealAudio)

R and B Page Rhythm and Blues programming.

Radio ATN Rock, Heavy (Shockwave format) (RealAudio)

Radio Classics The entire broadcast of H.G. Well's "War of the Worlds" (RealAudio)

Radio France / France Info 24-Hours - Europe's first radio to broadcast news 24 hours a day. (RealAudio)

Radio On the Internet The World's Largest collection of Audio-On-Demand Archives - Over 200 Hours of Programming! (RealAudio)

Radio X 24-Hour Live - Italian radio station - Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Hip-Hop (RealAudio)

RealAudio at Webcorp Speeches in history along with the related video (RealAudio)

RealTime Live Vancouver, BC, Canada Live 3:58 - Midnight, Pacific Time Saturdays (RealAudio)

Real Voice Audio Components Auditioning for voice over talent from around the world. (Real Audio)

Rebel Radio - Chicago Rock (RealAudio)

Reel Top 40 Radio Repository Analog Aircheck Archive of Classic Top 40 Radio (RealAudio)

SDF Community netRadio A community DJ'd radio station (RealAudio)

Superman Radio Serial Listen to Superman radio serial (RealAudio)

Tech Talk One of the nation's top technology talk shows. (RealAudio)

The Bone Live Blues Concert Every Tuesday 10 p.m CST- plus archived shows (RealAudio)

The Internet Jukebox Hear a ton of music in various formats (RealAudio)

The Net Connection Radio Show Radio Show (RealAudio)

TIME Highway Radio 24-Hour - POP, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Alternative etc. (RealAudio)

Trinity Broadcasting Network 24-Hour Radio (RealAudio)

TVW: Washington State's Public Affairs Network Unedited coverage of state government deliberations and public policy events. (RealAudio)

Up Close Rock - Music and interviews (RealAudio)

U.S.News Online News and Features (RealAudio)

Virgin Radio Pop, Rock - From UK - Poor durning Daytime - Carried in Europe, North Africa, and Asia (RealAudio)

WBAL Radio 11 - Baltimore Talk, News, Sports, Features (RealAudio)

WCLV - 95.5 FM Cleveland Classical Music (RealAudio)

WCSB - 89.3 FM Cleveland Broad range of programming--virtually every type of music or opinion. ( Audioactive)

Web 93.5 - Champaign-Urbana Unique brand of Adult Album Alternative LIVE (RealAudio)

What's New in the World of Science

WOAI - AM 1200 Live - Wide Variety of programming (RealAudio)

World Radio Network A collection of News sites from around the world (RealAudio)

WRKR 107.7 FM - Kalamazoo, Mi. Rock (RealAudio)

WRLT - Radio Lighting - 100.1 FM Nashville's only progressive radio station. (RealAudio)

WRRK 96.6 FM - Pittsburgh, PA Classic Rock - Live (RealAudio)

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