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16 Color Cinema - Make your own internet movie.

1996: A Bass Odyssey - An interactive choose-your-own-itinerary game.

1-On-1 Free Basketball Game - One on one basketball game.

3D Maze - A maze game.

3-D Tennis - A different style of tennis.

3-D Tic Tac Toe - This is a four layer version of the popular game.

3D riDDle Home Page - The idea in this little game is to navigate through a number of pages by solving three-dimensional riddles.

Adventureland - Lists interactive fiction adventure games.

American President Crossword Puzzle - Online crossword puzzle with clues based on Washington, DC.

Animal Logic - Logic puzzle game.

Array - Play light board style animations.

BeoCity - Just like Pacman. Use pointer to start and for directions.

Birthday Game - Make a cool certificate from your birthday info.

Brad:the game - Text based adventure. Find your pants!

Bridges - A strategy game.

Build a Snowman - Use your mouse to drag items onto the snowman.

Build a Snowman: An Artistic Activity - Moving clothing and other accessories onto snowman.

Build a South Florida Snowman - Drag and drop items to build different snowmen.

Caissa's Web - The web's first full-service chess server. With over 500 live games a day.

Cardboardman - This features a superhero made of cardboard boxes.

Carlos' Coloring Book Home - A really cute on-line interactive coloring book. The little ones will love it!

Centipedo - Game.

ChatFiti - Several virtual canvases.

Chat Lingo - Logic puzzle game.

Cheese-O-Matic - Leave messages written in easy cheese.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Climbing the corporate ladder, relationships, and marriage.

Choose Your Own Damn Adventure - Adventure game.

Choose Your Own Damn Pokémon Adventure - Are you the ultimate Pokémon trainer?

Choose Your Own Damn Serial Murder - Serial murder game.

Choose Your Own Romantic Adventure (CYORA) - Readers chooses paths to determine the conclusion.

City Creator - Build a 3D city.

CleverMedia: Snowman 4000 - Online snowman construction kit.

Cobs v1.2 - tetris clone - Cool creature featured tetris clone.

Code Breaker - A code game.

Crab Race - A race game.

Create-a-Ride - Your chance to design the ultimate modded ride online.

Crossword Puzzle - Take a shot at a real on-line crossword puzzle.

CyberMUD - A college text based adventure.

Doors, The - Open the door, start making your choices, and hope you don't run into a brick wall!

Easy Mahjongg - A title game.

Electric Postcard, The - Send a postcard to someone.

Erazmatazz - Interactive Storytelling Tools for Writers.

Escape From Westfield - Online text based adventure with choice of characters.

Exodus Colony - A game/simulation about crash landing on a Planet.

Fake Out! - A dictionary guessing game with various skill levels.

Famous Lines - Logic puzzle game.

Fantasy Film League - Make virtual money by banking on fantasy movie talent.

Furious George and the Cross-Country Crime Spree - Help George wreak havoc.

Glenn Teitelbaum's Maze - A few mazes, from easy to hard.

Gopher Bash - Hit the gopher as he pops up. - Interactive tools, consisting of whiteboard, chat, and message board.

Hairball! - An interactive find-your-owners game.

Happily Ever Afters - Interactive novel offering different inspirational stories.

Happy Roid Hotel - Internet roleplaying game,involving posting messages on a forum.

House Logic - Logic puzzle game.

Hunt the Wumpus - In this game you hunt the wumpus monster.

ifMUD:A MUD Forever Voyaging - A MUD for discussion of interactive fiction.

Interactive Fiction Authoring - Interactive fiction/text adventure.

Internet Anagram Server - Enter the word or words in the form and hit RETURN.

Jigsaw Puzzles - A puzzle game.

Just for the Ride - Interactive women's rodeo.

Labyrinth, The - Enter the dark and secret world hidden deep below the bustling streets of New York City. Get to Father's library and you will be rewarded.

LRPD VandalSquad - Graffiti vandalism on virtual wagons.

Mahjongg - A title game.

Make Piet Mondrian Roll Over in His Grave! - Game.

Mandelbrot Explorer - This one's different. Create an image...well you'll see.

Manic Maze - You are trapped in a large maze with no apparent way out. 3-D viewing.

Memory Game (Easy) - Test your memory game.

Memory Game (Medium) - Test your memory game.

Memory Game (Hard) - Test your memory game.

Mini-Mizer - Create a Lego version of yourself.

Moon Lander - Land your ship on the moon.

Movie Boss - Book the films being released in theaters.

Mr. Potato & Friends - Make funny vegetable faces by clicking and dragging elements.

Mystery Of The Hidden Maze, The - First, you have to find the maze...then there's even more fun.

New Year - Picture match game.

Nowhere - A 3-D maze.

one double you - Prove yourself in this land of contradiction, you will have to gather evidence that supports your beliefs.

OuterSpace - Two different stories.

Planetarium - Illustrated puzzle story in weekly installments.

Plot-o-matic - Write your own Hollywood screenplay!

Poetry Machine - Write poetry using words Shakespeare used.

Producer's Chair - Make your own online movies. Write the script, get the cast and make a poster

Puzzler, The - Are you a know-it-all? Guess again! Many word puzzles to keep you quessing!

Rush Hour - Sliding title game.

Seek A Word - A word game.

ShadowServer - Activate lighting devices in a light-proof box. Discover the mystery.

Shocked Poetry - Online shockwave magnetic poetry.

Siji - Plan a strategy to solve each level.

Sir Jim's Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game - A magical, mysterious, and haunting world.

Sliding Title Game (Squigly) - Sliding title game.

Sliding Title Game (Annie) - Sliding title game.

Sliding Title Game (Woody) - Sliding title game.

Snowboarding - Picture match game.

Snowman - Picture match game.

Sodaplay - Animate and edit models made out of masses and springs.

Solar System - Logic puzzle game.

Sonny Bono Adventure Game - Game.

Squigly's Maze - A maze game.

Star Chemistry - Find the perfect chemical balance of celebrities.

Stories.Com - Interactive stories, fiction, madlibs and poetry.

Story Builder - Build a story.

Superbad - Experimental design piece.

Tempest - Game.

Tic Tac Toe - Game.

Towers of Hanoi - Move all of the tiles from one post to another.

Tril's Interactive Fiction Page - Interactive fiction.

Tux on the Run - Make Tux run and jump.

TV Land - Several "Neat" TV and non-TV games.

Vineyard Challenge, The - Nurture a crop of grapes worthy of the finest vintners in the land.

Virtual Macaroni Art - Dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors of virtual macaroni.

Visual Cars - Collect the missing pieces of the picture, dodging the suicide cars.

Wacky Web Tales - Fill-in-the-blanks interactive tales. Several to choose from.

Wax - Get through a city at night.

Way Of The Exploding Octopus - A world of pie making and soya beans.

Word Star - Guess the puzzle before you run out of stars.

Wumpus World - Retrieve gold without being eaten or falling into a pit.

Zewall - Online painting and galleries.

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