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Info Service Categories

8bit Emulation FAQ
Apple II History
Apple II Page
Apple Corporate Timeline, The
Apple Lisa Web Page, The
A Short History of the Computer
Atari 8-Bit FAQ
Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum
Charles Babbage Institute
Commodore 8-bit Web Server
Commodore FAQ
Computer Collection
Computer History and Emulation Homepage
Computer History Web Sites
Computer Museum
Computer Museum Network
Computer Science Museum - University of Virginia
Computer Science Museum
Franz' Computer History
Freedie's Computer History
Great CPUs of the Past and Present
Historical Computer Society
History of Computers
History of Computing
History of Computing and Social Implications of Computer Technology
History of Computing Information
History of Technology and Computers
History of the Internet and WWW
Hobbes's Internet Timeline
Jim Brain's US Commodore 8-Bit Computer WWW Site
Jim's Computer Garage
Microsoft History Web Page
Past Notable Women of Computing & Mathematics
Retrocomputing Museum
Timeline of Microcomputers, The
Triumph of the Nerds
TRS-80 Color Computer
Virtual Museum of Computing, The

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