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Info Service Categories

#1 Flowers
3D Garden Designer and Encyclopedia of plants
(no) Problem Garden, The
A and C'S Gardening at Home
A Collection of Old and Old-Fashioned Garden Roses
AARS Rose Collection
African Violet Society of America, Inc.
African Violets on the Cheap
African Violets Online
Alanta Garden Connection
All-America Rose Selections
Almaden Wildflowers
Amaryllis, The
Amateur Gardener's Fun Resource
Amazing World of Orchids
American Cottage Gardener Magazine, The
American Daffodil Society
American Dianthus Society, The
American Fuchsia Society
American Hemerocallis Society
American Horticultural Society
American Primrose Society
American Rose Society
An English Country Garden
Arboricultural Stuff
Armchair Gardener, The
Asclepiad Page
Ask Earl - The Yard Care Answer Guy
Australian Fuchsia Society
Back In The Yard
Bay Area Gardener
Belleville Area Rose Society
Bernie's Pond Page
Better Homes and Gardens Gardening Guide
Better Lawns and Gardens
Bob's Horticultural Connections
Bonsai Carl's Japanese Garden
Bonsai Styling and Advice Corner, The
Brazilian Orchids
British Cactus and Succulent Society
Brousseau Collection of California Wildflowers
Burke's Backyard
Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Calendar of Garden Events
California Cut Flower Commission
California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.
Canadian Begonia Society
Canadian Orchid Congress Home Page, The
Carnivorous Plant Database
Chris' Gardening Page
Clearwater Landscape Design Online
Clupper's Organic Gardens
Compost Resource Page
Compost System
Coventry Fuchsia and Geranium Society
Crash Course in a Witch's Garden
Dahlia - What A Flower
Dahlia Variabilis Diseases
Dallas/Fort Worth Wildflowers
Daylilies Growing Along the Information Highway
Daylilies Online
Delphi's Gardening Forum
Don't Panic, Eat Organic
Dr. Tanaka's Page
Edible Landscaping Database
EEB Greenhouse Home Page
Elizabeth and Crow Miller's Organic CyberGarden
Enchanted Gardens Of The Renaissance
Encyclopedia of Roses
Entheogenic Plant and Seed Exchange
Ervin's Orchids Page
Family Gardening
Farmer Brown's Garden Path
Florida Wildflower Showcase
Flower Export Council of Australia
Flower of Christmas Eve, The
Flowers Picture Archive
Friends of the Daylilies
Fuchsia News - Metropolitan Essex Fuchsia Society
Garden Designs by My Deer Garden
Garden Escape
Garden Florida
Garden Gate at SunSITE, The
Garden Gate, The - Down The Garden Path, The
Garden Gate, The - Internet Resources, The
Garden Gate on Prairienet, The
Garden Links
Garden - Mart
Garden Pages
Garden South
Garden Tour
Garden Village
Gardener's Notebook
Gardeners of the Golden Horseshoe
Gardening - Leisure and Recreation
Gardening Archive
Gardening as an Anarchist Plot
Gardening at Telperion Productions
Gardening Hotline
Gardening in the Cabbage Patch
Gardening Launch Pad
Gardening, Growing and Nursery Page
GardenNet's Gardens On-line
GardenNet's Guide to Internet Resources
Gardens and Gardening
Germinator, The
Gesneriad Reference Web
GetSet! Gardening Page
Ginkgo Trees
Gothic Gardening
Grand Valley Rose Society
Green-Thumb Corner
Growing Citrus
Growing EDGE magazine
GrowRoom, The - Your Link to Modern Gardening
Haus and Garten
Hedge Rows Garden Tapestry
Hemerocallis - the Daylily
Herb Finder
Home and Garden Conference
Home Forcing of Potted Amaryllis
HomeArts - Garden Central
HomeArts - Ms. Grow-It-All -- Shade Trees
HomeArts - Plant Encyclopedia
Horticultural Web
Horticulture and Home Pest News
Horticulture and Molecular Biology
Horticulture for the Houston/Clear Lake Area
Horticulture Guy
Horticulture in Virtual Perspective
Houston Rose Society
Howard Garrett's basic organic program
Howie Brounstein's Home Page
Hydroponics! Hydroponics! Hydroponics!
Hydroponics Mailing List
Index - Composting Links
International Bulb Society
International Geranium Society, Inc.
International Violet Association
Internet Directory for Botany - Alphabetical List
Internet Gardening Sites
Internet Server Access from the Australian National Botanic Gardens
InterUrban WaterFarms Online
Irises -
Irises -
It's a Small Garden After All
Japanese Irises
Jardin de fleurs nordique
Jeremy's Roses
Joe's and Mindy's WebGarden
John Shelley's Garden Center and Nursery, Inc.
Johnny's Selected Seeds Home Page
Johno's Greenhouse
Just a Patch of Ground
Keith's Tomato Home Page
Kelly M. Irvin's Horticulture Page
Lawn Institute, The
Lawnmasters Lawn Care Tips
Learning To Grow
Leelanau Grower, The
Long Island Orchid Grower
Marin Rose Society
Mary's Gardens HomePage
Master Gardener Information
Master Gardener
Melbourne Garden Guide
Missouri Botanical Garden
Museum of Garden History Home Page
Native Plants
Netter Page
Neva's Garden Page
North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers' Association
Northern California Daffodil Society
Northern Gardening
NZ Gardens Online
Oakville African Violet Society
Ohio Florists' Association
On-Line Guide to Growing Dahlias
Orbweaver's Haven
Orchid Conservatory
Orchid House
Orchid Hut
Orchid Photos
Orchids List Digest Photo Exchange
Orchids of Wisconsin
Ordway Orchids
Organic Farming
Organic Gardeners' Web
Ornamental Ginger
Outdoor Power Equipment Institute
Pacifc Northwest Gardening
Penn State Horticulture Variety Trial Garden
Perry's Perennial Pages
Pete's Pond Page
Plant Answers
Plant Of The Week
Plant Pathology
Poinsettia FAQ
Poinsettia Pointers
Pollinia - Network Orchid Stuff
Real Gardeners
Rec.Gardens.Roses - FAQ
Rhododendron Page
Rhubarb Compendium
Rob's Hydroponics Journal
Rochester Gardening
Room of Saintpaulia
Rose Gallery
Roses Inc.
Rot Web
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew WWW Home Page
Ruda's Garden Page
San Diego Rose Society
San Juan Naturals
Sandra's Gardening Corner
Scotsman's English Garden
Seeds of Hope...Harvest of Pride
Sherry's Greenhouse
Shields Daylily Gardens
Show Roses and Exhibiting
Something to Grow On
South Austin Community Gardens
Southern Rose Gardening
Space City Chapter, American Hibiscus Society
Succulent Plant Page
SUFA's Tree Care Center
Texas Poinsettia Producers Guide
Texas Rose Rustlers
Texas State Florist Association
Texas Wildflowers
Time Life Complete Gardener Encyclopedia Search Page, The
Time Life Gardening Library, The
Tomatoes and Horticultural Therapy Info
Tour Of My Rose Garden, A
Traditional Christmas Gift
Tree House
Trees of Reed
TRFN - Regional Gardening Sites
Tropical Fruit
Tropical Hibiscus: Queen of the Tropics
Tulip Book of P. Cos, The
Turfgrass Information Center
University of Arizona - Plant Walk
Urban Garden
Utah State University Hydroponics Site
Van Bourgondien - Dutch Bulbs Perennials
Vegetable Gardens of the Columbia Basin
Vegetable Gardens
Virtual Garden
Virtual Orchard
Virtual Walk in My Rose Garden
Weekend Gardener
Welcome to My Garden
Wild Flowers
Wildflowers of Western Kentucky
WiseAcre Gardens
Woodlands Wildflowers, The
Woodside Garden's Bulletin Board
Wouter's Fuchsia Page
Wrights Daylily Garden
Yard and Garden
Yesterday's Rose

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