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Better Business Bureau: Advice for Safe Surfing and Shopping Online
Better Business Bureau
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Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)
Buying Medical Products Online
Cagey Consumer
California Global Corporate Accountability Project: News
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Center for Study of Responsive Law
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Consumer Credit Guide
Consumer Democracy
Consumer Distorts
Consumer Education for Teens
Consumer Federation of America
Consumer Handbook to Credit Protection Laws
Consumer Information Center
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Consumer Institute of New Zealand
Consumer Law Page
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Consumer Project on Technology
Consumer Protection: Landlord/Tenant Law in Washington State
Consumer Reports
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Consumer World
Consumers' Council of Canada
Consumers Digest
Consumer's Guide to Electronic Payments
Consumers International
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Corporate Accountability Project
Corporate Citizenship
Corporate Watch UK
Corporate Watch
Council for Ethics in Economics
Council on Economic Priorities
Credit Card Freedom
Credit Counseling Centers, Inc.
Credit In A Nutshell
Credit Information Center
Credit Scoring Site
Debt & Credit Legal Encyclopedia
Dispute Resolution Services
E-Commerce and the Internet
Electronic Money Resource List
Enough Anti-consumerism Campaign
Essential Information FTP Server
Essential Information
Ethical Consumer Research Association
European Commission DG XXIV - Consumer Policy and Consumer Health Protection
Fair Credit Billing Act
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
False Profits
Family Economics and Resource Management Division
Fed Up with Junk Phone Calls?
FightBack! with David Horowitz
Florida Consumer Information
Free Credit Analyzer
Global Excess: The Activists Resource Network
Global Trade Watch
Guest Choice Network, The
Guide to the Lemon Law
Hang Up On Fraud
Healthy Flying With Diana Fairechild
Hicks Management Group
Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility
Holiday Shopping on the Internet
How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers
How to Protect Yourself: Shopping on the Internet
I Care About Air
In the Public Interest by Ralph Nader
Insurance Information Institute
Insurance Regulatory Information Network
KS Enterprises
Landlord-Tenant Law in Oregon
Latvia Energy Consumers Committee
Laundry Blaster
Law Guide: Consumer Law
League of California Homeowners
'Lectric Law Library: Consumers Rights & Protections
Legal Information Institute: Consumer Credit
Lemon Aid Stand, The
Lemon Car Page
Lemon Law Information and Sites
Lender Liability Law Page
MLM Survivors Page
Mr. Postman
Multi-Level Marketing
National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG)
National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators (NACAA)
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
National Consumer Agency of Denmark
National Consumers League
National Debtor Adjustment Corp.
National Fraud Information Center
National Institute for Consumer Education
Netcheck Commerce Bureau
Networking Multi-Level Trap
New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Nolo Press: Consumer Law
Northwest Corporate Accountability Project
Obligation, Inc.
Ohio Landlord/Tenant Laws
Ohio Lemon Law
Ombudsman Ontario
Open Ratings
Overcoming Consumerism
PC World: Window-Shopping the Web
Philanthropic Advisory Service Reports
PIRG: 1998 Congressional Scorecard
Postal Inspection Service Consumer Fraud
Privacy Policy
Privacy Program
Private Citizen, Inc.
Product ReviewNet
Protect Yourself From Consumer Fraud
Public Citizen
Public Concern at Work
Public Eye
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)
Public Interest Research Groups - Alaska
Public Interest Research Groups - California
Public Interest Research Groups - Colorado
Public Interest Research Groups - Florida
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Public Interest Research Groups - Minnesota
Public Interest Research Groups - Montana
Public Interest Research Groups - New Mexico
Public Interest Research Groups - New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG)
Public Interest Research Groups - Pennsylvania
Public Interest Research Groups - Washington
Public Interest Research Groups
pyramid scams
Refund World
Residential Tenancy Law in B.C.
Reviewboard Magazine
RHOL: Landlord, Tenant, & Rental Housing Law
RV Consumer Group
Safety Alerts
SERFF Consortium
Six Essential Security Tips for Online Shopping
Skyrage Foundation
Social Investment Forum
Social Investment Organization
Southern Institute for Business and Professional Ethics, The
States, Laws & Landlords
Survey of Real Property Law in Poland
Swedish Co-operative Development and Research Institute
Taxpayers for Common Sense
U.S. Consumer Gateway
U.S. Federal Trade Commission Office of Consumer Protection
U.S. Landlord-Tenant Law
UK Social Investment Forum
United States Post Office Consumer Information
Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS)
Victims of Credit Reporting (VCR)
Wattage Monitor
What's New in Landlord/Tenant Law?
What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?
Zero Junk Mail

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