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Info Service Categories

1st Alabama Cavalry
1st Dakota Cavalry Roster
1st Florida Volunteer Infantry
1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry
1st Iowa Cavalry, Clayton County Rangers
1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry
1st Kentucky Brigade, CSA, "Orphan Brigade"
1st Louisiana Cavalry, Scott's Louisiana
1st Maryland Cavalry, CSA - Battalion History
1st Michigan Light Artillery, 3rd Battery
1st New York Artillery, Co. K
1st North Carolina Colored Infantry
1st Ohio Light Artillary
1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery B
2nd Maryland Battalion History
2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery, Co.
2nd New York Veteran Cavalry
2nd North Carolina Union Volunteers
2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
2nd United States Colored Cavalry - Recruits
2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
4th Michigan Cavalry
5th Mississippi Cavalry, Co. A
5th Mississippi Infantry
5th New Hampshire Volunteers History
5th Texas Cavalry, Partisan Rangers, CSA
5th United States Colored Cavalry
5th Virginia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, USA
6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
7th Illinois Mounted Infantry, Co. H
7th West Virginia Cavalry
7th West Virginia Infantry
8th Georgia Battalion Volunteers, Co. A,
8th Iowa Cavalry
8th Louisiana Regiment
8th United States Colored Infantry
8th/13th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA
9th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry, CSA, Co. G
9th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry, USA
9th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
9th Mississippi Infantry, "Corinth Rifles"
9th New York Cavalry History
9th New York Cavalry, Co. F, Roster
10th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
10th Iowa Infantry
10th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
11th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, USA
11th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Co. K
12th New York Cavalry Roster
14th Brooklyn New York State Militia, Co. E
14th Kentucky Infantry
14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
14th South Carolina Volunteers, Co. A, Roster
15th Iowa Infantry
15th Mississippi Infantry CSA, Co. D
15th New York Cavalry
15th United States Infantry
15th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Roster
16th New York Regiment Infantry
16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
16th Virginia Cavalry
19th Alabama Infantry - Burial Data
19th Alabama Infantry - Regiment History
19th Alabama at Chickamauga
19th Kansas Cavalry
19th Cavalry Enlistments, 1861-1865 (Kansas)
20th Maine Volunteer Infantry History
20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, The
20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA
21st New York Volunteer Infantry
22nd Alabama Infantry
22nd Kentucky Infantry Roster
23rd Alabama Infantry
23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry
24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
24th New York Independent Battery Roster
25th Alabama Infantry History
26th Mississippi Infantry, CSA
26th North Carolina Troops
26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
27th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
28th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
29th Virginia Infantry, CSA
31st Mississippi Infantry
32nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry
33rd Alabama Infantry History
33rd New York Volunteer Infantry
33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Historical
33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
36th Illinois Infantry
36th Iowa Infantry POWs at Camp Ford, TX
36th Iowa Infantry
37th New York Volunteer Infantry
37th United States Colored Troops - Recruits
39th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
40th Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry
42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry
43rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Co. D
43rd New York Volunteer Infantry, Co. E
43rd Virginia Cavalry - Mosby's Virginia Partisan Rangers
47th New York State Volunteers
47th Tennessee Infantry
48th Alabama Infantry
48th Virginia Infantry
49th Alabama Infantry, Hale's 31st
49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
51st Georgia Volunteer Infantry
53rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry
53rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry
53rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
54th Massachusetts Infantry
54th Massachusetts Infantry Casualty
55th Illinois Infantry
55th Massachusetts Infantry History
56th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
61st Pennsylvania Volunteers
61st Pennsylvania Volunteers
64th Georgia Volunteer Infantry History
66th Illinois Infantry
69th New York State Volunteers
75th New York Regiment
76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
84th Pennsylvania Volunteers
85th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
93rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
98th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
101st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
103rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Roster
103rd Pennsylvania Volunteers
103rd Pennsylvania, Co. G
103rd Pennsylvania: Andersonville Prison
104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
105th United States Colored Troops
110th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
111th New York Volunteer Infantry
112th New York Infantry
114th Pennsylvania Regimental History
115th New York Volunteer Infantry
117th New York Volunteer Infantry
121st New York Volunteer Infantry
128th New York State Volunteer Infantry
134th New York Infantry
148th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. C
154th New York
187th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Abraham Lincoln Online
African-Americans in the Civil War
Alabama Governor 1863-1865: Thomas Hill Watts
Alabama Governor 1865-1867: Robert Miller Patton
Alabama Governor 1868-1870: William Hugh Smith
Alabama Military Governor 1867-1868: Wager Swayne
Alabama Provisional Governor 1865: Lewis Eliphalet
Alabama State Bible
American Civil War
Assault of Battery Wagner, The
Augustana College Library Projects
Bad Civil War Generals
Battle Flags of the Confederacy and Civil War Guns
Battle Summaries by Campaign
Battle Summaries by State
Battle for the Wilderness
Battle of Allatoona Pass
Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg)
Battle of Bloody Bridge (Burden's Causeway)
Battle of Britton's Lane
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Chickamauga
Battle of Corinth
Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Mobile Bay
Battle of Oconee River Bridge, GA (Nov. 25, 1864)
Battle of Olustee
Battle of Petersburg
Battle of Pickett's Mill
Battle of Secessionville
Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing)
Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse
Battle of the Staunton River Bridge
Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War
Blount County, Alabama
Bradford's Battery Confederate Guards Artillery
Camp Ford - Prisoner of War Camp
Causes of the Civil War
Chronological list of Civil War Battles
Churches and Congregations in Charleston, SC
Cincinnati Civil War Round Table Presentations
Civil War Artillery
Civil War Battle Image Map
Civil War Battles by Campaign
Civil War Battles by State
Civil War Battles in Georgia
Civil War Generals
Civil War Information, Documents, and Archive
Civil War Military Actions Around Charleston, SC
Civil War On-Line Orders of Battle
Civil War Potpourri
Civil War Relics
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
Civil War Timeline
Confederate Bonds
Confederate Coins
Confederate Currency
Confederate Stamps
CWSAC Battle Descriptions
Deaths of Union Forces, by State
Drew's Civil War Database
Etiquette in the 19th Century
Facts and Figures about the War Between the States
First Battle of Fredericksburg
First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)
Gettysburg Orders of Battle
Gettysburg, The Turning Point in the Civil War
Guide to Civil War Manuscripts in the VMI Archives
Hispanics in the Defense of America - Civil War
History's Beckoning Fields
Horse Equipment Used During the American Civil War
Increasing Accuracy with Blackpowder Arms
John Brown's Raid
Kansas POW's at Camp Ford, TX
Kirchner's Map of the Confederacy - 1863
Lawton-Gordon-Evans Georgia Brigade
Lesson Plan: James Island, SC
Lesson Plan: The Civil War
Life in Georgia during the Civil War
Links to History: Lincoln's Cabinet
Mississippi Civil War Information
Money in the Civil War
Navies in the Civil War
North Georgia before the Civil War
Note on the Atlantic Slave Trade Database Project
Order of Battle for Major Engagements
Order of Battle: Battle of Helena, Arkansas
Order of Battle: Battle of Jackson, Mississippi
Orders of Battle for Major Campaigns in the West
Origins of the Civil War Conflict
Outline of the Civil War
Pages From the Civil War In Alabama -- Study Guide
Researching People of the Civil War Era
Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)
Selected Civil War Photographs
Shenandoah Valley Campaigns
Stephen Recker's Confederate Currency of the Week
Substitutes and Conscriptees
Teaching with Primary Sources: The Civil War
The Abolition of Slavery in the 1800's
The Atlanta Campaign
The Battle for Port Royal, SC (Nov. 1861)
The Battle of Chattanooga, TN
The Battle of Chickamauga: Prelude
The Battle of Chickamauga
The Battle of Corinth, MS
The Battle of Franklin, TN
The Battle of Gettysburg, PA
The Battle of Gettysburg
The Battle of Milliken's Bend
The Battle of Port Hudson (May 23, 1863)
The Battle of Port Royal Ferry, SC (Jan. 1, 1862)
The Battle of Ringgold Gap, GA
The Battle of Saltville, VA
The Battle of Stockbridge, GA (Nov. 15, 1864)
The Civil War and the African-American Response
The Civil War in Central Virginia
The Civil War in Georgia
The Civil War in Miniature
The Civil War in Tennessee
The Civil War, 1861-1865, A Brief History
The Confederate Cipher Wheel
The Iron Brigade of the West
The Louisiana Native Guards
The National Archeological Database Search Form
The National Archeological Database
The Old South
The St. Albans Raid
The Valley of the Shadow
The War of the Rebellion: A compilation of the Official Records
Time Line of the Civil War
US History - The Civil War Cycle
United States Civil War
United States Colored Troops -- The Civil War
United States Sanitary Commission, The
Valley of the Shadow Project
Vermont in the Civil War
Wakulla County, FL -- Some Civil War Action
Wisconsin Losses in the Civil War
Wisconsin in the Civil War

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