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Earthquake Scales
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1.0-3.0 2 I Usually not felt, detected by instruments.
3.0 2 II Felt by few, especially on upper floors of buildings, detected by instruments.
3.9 3 III Felt noticeably indoors, vibration like a passing vehicle, cars may rock.
4.0 n/a IV Felt indoors by many, outdoors by few, dishes & windows broken, some cracked plaster, trees disturbed.
4.9 4 V Felt by most people, slight damage; some dishes & windows broken, some cracked plaster, trees disturbed.
5 5 VI Felt by all, many frightened and run outdoors, damage minor to moderate.
5.9 5 to 6 VII Everyone runs outdoors, much damage to poor design buildings, minor damage to good design buildings, some chimneys broken, noticed by people driving cars.
6 6 VIII Everyone runs outdoors, damage is moderate to major. Damage minor in well designed structures, major in poor designs; chimneys, columns & walls fall, heavy furniture turned, well water changes; sand & mud ejected.
6.9 7 IX Major damage in all structures, ground cracked, pipes broken, shift foundation.
7.0+ 7 & 8 X Major damage, most masonry & frame structures destroyed, ground badly cracked, landslides, water sloshed over river banks, rails bent.
n/a 8 XI Almost all masonry structures destroyed, bridges fall, big fissures in ground, land slumps, rails bent greatly.
n/a 8 & above XII Total destruction. Ground surface waves seen, objects thrown up into the air. All construction destroyed.

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