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Info Service Categories

@Cafe New York
Almost Paradise Cafe California New York
Andrews Farm Bakery & Cyber Cafe Massachusetts
Atrium InterMarketing Iowa
Audio Cafe
Bean Central Tennessee
Big Surf CyberCafe, The Michigan
Bogen's Blacksburg Virginia
Bookman's CyberCafe Arizona
Bretz the Bar Ohio
Buzz Cafe New Brunswick
Cafe Communique Colorado
Cafe Connect@High Fives New York
Cafe Cyberway Maine
Cafe Diem Georgia
Cafe Internet Washington
Cafe Liberty Massachusetts Virginia
Caffe Bravo Michigan
Cahoot's Minnesota
Coffee Configurations Ohio
Coffee Haven Hawaii
Coffeetopia California
Common Ground New York
Cup@Joe North Carolina
CYBERCAFE & Training Center Virginia
Cyber Cafes in Europe
CyberCat Habitat, The Oregon
Cyber City Cafe Nevada
CyberDeck New Brunswick
Cyberian Expresso, Inc. California
Cyber Loft Pennsylvania
Cyber Java California
Cyberworld Cafe Pennsylvania
Cyber X Minnesota
CyberZone, Inc. Michigan
Cybernation Internet Coffee Bar & Computer Store Florida
Dave's Internet Diner Oklahoma
Discovery Net Missouri
DP's Coffee HouseCalifornia
eCafe California
Enid Message Center Oklahoma
Funtunnel Tennessee
Higashi Kaze Java House Washington
Interactive Bean, The Illinois
Internet Cafe Istanbul
Internet Cafe Massachusetts
Internet Cafe Pennsylvania
Internet Cafe New York
Internet Cafe, The Hawaii
JACS Cybercafe Florida
Jitters Internet Cafe Colorado
KoKobar New York
Log-in Cafe, Inc. Ontario
Main Street Cyberhall Oklahoma
Majordomo's Net CafeColorado
Mocha Mo'dem Utah
New Millennium Cafe South Florida
Online-The Internet Cafe Kentucky
On-Ramp North Carolina
Raven & The Sparrow, The Texas
Redlight Cafe Georgia
Ricks American Grill Texas
SurfNet Cafe California
WebCity Cafe
White Trash Cafe
World Cafe, The California
WWW Cafe, Inc. Texas

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