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101 uses for AOL disks
386 Support Group, The
A Trip to the Dark Side: AOL's Web Browser
Adventures of Jorge Gonzoles
All New Bastard Operator From Hell
Alternative Computer Dictionary
America On Hold
America Online Trash
America Outtaline
Anti-Computer page
AOL Kix Ass!
AOL SUX Pyramid
April Fool's the Mac
Artificial Malevolence
Bad Languages Page
Bastard User From Hell
Bill and Dave's Excellent Adventure
Bill Gates Appreciation Society
Bill Gates Bought Our Balls
Bill Gates Grants Self 18 Dexterity, 20 Charisma
Bill Gates is the Devil
Bill Gates Lovecenter, The
Bill Gates Net Worth Page
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
Bill Gates Voodoo Doll
Bill Gates-O-Matic
Bill Gates: The Myth, The Man, The Lovin' Machine
Bill Gates@NBC--It's Must C:\ TV
Bill's Gate
Career Guide for Engineers and Computer Scientists
Center For The Technically Abused
Christmas CDROM Tree
Complete WWW BOFH collection
Computer Geeks Anonymous
Computer Stupidities: Free Disks
Dave Barry in Cyberspace
Dean's Page
Decapitate Bill Gates
Dialog Box
Dictionary Of Computing
Do you know Bill Gates?
Exploding Mac, The
Fitapatrick the Mac Rat
Free AOL Disks
Funny Pictures of Bill Gates
Gigglebytes by Lincoln Spector
Guide to MRML
Hacker Purity Test
Help Desk Workshop
How the Grinch stole our vision of Perfect objects
Humor for Webmasters
I Hate Bill Gates
I Hate Computers
If Microsoft Built Cars
Illustrated Guide To Breaking Computers
Image-Warp Bill
Inhell Inside Pentiumgram Processor
Internet Exploiter
IT Doom Dome
Jennifer Gates
Laptop Laffs
Mac Code, The
Mac's BedRoom
MacOS 98
Made With A PC
Mark Eats AOL
Micro off and Inhel
Micro Super Soft
Microshaft Joke of the Day
Microsoft and the Bavarian Illuminati
Microsoft Club
Microsoft Funnies
Microsoft Jokes
Microsoft Parodies Postcards
Microsoft Versus...
Microsquish Internet Exploder
Mr. Carpio's Computer Cures
Mr. CompuPotato
Mr. T vs. Bill Gates and MechaT
Nikki's 1997 AOL Recycled Diskette Present Collection
Noiz Online
Ode to UNIX
Omri's Computer Humor
PC Dormant
Pentium MMX Oven
Plug and Play Hamster
Programmer Jokes
Punch Bill Gates
Restricted Screen Names for America Online
RHTML Beta Test Site
Satanic SysAdmins
Satires and Jokes by the OS/2 Information Center
Scott's Page o' Computer Illiteracy
Secret Diary of Bill Gates, The
Shit Happens to Computers
Shosh Forbes Shift Awards
Sledgehammer, The
Society for the Prevention Of Gates Getting Everything
Software Rules!
Spawn of the Devil...Bill Gates Makes a BaBy
Steve Case Ate My Balls Page
Support Group for People Used by Microsoft
Sysadmin Price List
Sysadmin Recovery
Sysadmin Songs
System Administration - the movie
Tao of Programming, The
Tech Tales
Tech's Support
Technical Support Nightmares
Technology Bytes!
Thank you AOL!
Thanks a Billion
Tina's Humor Archives - Computers
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Unix humor
Unix Humor
Unix Pronounciation How-to
Virtual Computer News
Virtual Sysadmin Problem Report
Virus Alert
Ware Wars
What if Dr. Seuss wrote technical manuals?
What If People Bought Cars Like They Bought Computers
Why Bill Gates is Richer than You
Windows 95 and Mac Joke Wallpaper
Word Foo, The
Year 2000 Parable
You might be a computer geek if....
You Might Be a Computer Geek If...
Your Worst Nightmare

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