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#!/usr/bin/girl - A girl's thoughts.

&c - Politics from The New Republic Online.

0(zero)format - Daily columns and essays.

2003 Weblog Awards - Photos, travel, and other fun.

aaronland - Aaronland, a bunch of stuff. - Weblog of a Pakistani-born, Emirates-bred nomad.

Agenbyte - Regret everything and always live in the past

Agitator, The - Insights and opinions on alots-o-stuff..

Ain't too proud to blog - A collection of blogs.

Airbag - Ten miles to Disneyland. Work and play in Orange County

Amateur Hour - Technology, creativity, and business.

Amygdala - A different look on news, politics, culture, history, science fiction, and stuff.

Anarchitect - The world of graphic art and design.

And Another Thing - A Canadian girl's weblog. - A London man's weblog with things, stuff, and the like.

Angry Librarians's Blog - Antiglobalization, culture jamming, and changing the world.

Anthill - Music and life and more.

Anti-Idiot - A listing of idiots and anti-idiots by Satyameva Jayate.

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - Right wing political jabber on the latest news and events.

Anythink.Org Newscast - Interesting sites, sounds, and stuff from around the Web.

Are You Hep to the Jive? - Weirdo news, pictures, general mis-information and opinions on current events.

Area 52 - A Sci-fi web log about extraterrestrial invasion, residence, aristocracy, and political candidacy.

Assymetrical Information - Weblog of Jane Galt with her thoughts and feeling.

Audiot - For recording and audio enthusiasts.

B*Buzz - Music, magick, musings, and messages.

Bad Hair Days - Criminal justice and novel reviews.

Bagpuss Coffee Shop - Coffee breaks.

Balloon Juice - Jibber, jabber and other ill-informed banter.

Be Blogging - Technology news.

Beltway Bloggers - Web loggers from D.C.

Bertrandom - Random topics and other links.

Beware of the Blog - Entertainment and internet technology.

Bjørn Stærk Blog - War and politics.

Blair, Tim - Journalist, commentator, and oppressor. - One man, one text editor, way too much free time.

BlindDateBlog - Dates are judged by the public. Winning couple gets money and goes on a very public date.

BlogNomic - Game of Nomic, in which changing the rules is a move.

Blog of the Day - Nominate the Blog of the day.

Blog Tech - User support for blogs.

Blog*Spot - Free hosting service for Blogs. - A UK-based journalist, talks about the Internet, TV and more.

Blogathon - A blogger event where you can find sponsors.

blogChalking - Mapping weblogs for blog searching.

Blogcritics - Over 200 bloggers talk about popular culture and news.

Blogdex - A system to organize personal news content.

Blogging Brits - A British blogging ring.

Blogging Network - Get paid to write a weblog.

Bloggus Caesari - A weblog by Julius Caeser.

Bloggy Opinions - Opinions about weblogs and journals.

BlogHop - Searchable directory of blogs.

BlogPhiles Webring - A blog webring.

Blogs of War - A diary of the war in Iraq.

BlogStreet - Keeps track of related web logs in blog neighborhoods, top blogs, and blogrolling.

BlogTalk - Web-based publishing, communication and collaboration tools from Europe. - Web log genealogy and records which blogs inspired others.

BlogTrooper - A collection of links taken from other blogs.

Blowback - Terrorist attacks and their aftermath. Also links to mainstream and alternative news sources.

bluelikethat - Poetry in college life.

Bob Blog - Anarchist teacher dealing with political and lifestyle issues.

boing boing - Directory of wonderful things.

botWerks collaborative - Technology things.

Brainsluice - Through the eyes of a New Zealander. - Online journal, photography and more.

Bricklin, Dan - Thoughts on making web sites, computer industry, digital photography, PC history and more.

Broken Chair - NYC student shares his thoughts and links.

Buck Stops Here, The - Thoughts on law, economics, politics and more.

Bukys, Liudvikas - Information security, IT architecture, software development, robotics and more.

Buni's Blog - What's happening in the world today.

BuzzMachine - War, media, the Web, and whatever.

c71123 - News blog, boxbot project, and daily photos.

CamelBlog - Bitching and griping about ironies in life that keep life interesting.

Canadian Loudmouths - A frustrating and confusing look of daily Canadian and international news.

Captain Underpants - Vancouver-based weblog with photos, daily entries and more. - Filipino-American writer and artist from Canada covering news and various topics.

Cato the Youngest - War on terrorism.

Catscape - Fonts, interviews, and ASP code for good measure. - Music links and stuff. - Entries by a 20-something from Manila.

chockfullahate - Punk, hardcore, drinking, being violently ill, hating, work, and the rest.

Chod's Blog - Karate, heavy metal, public ludity and nudity, beer, bizarre behavior, and hating working in Liverpool airport.

Clay Shirky's Internet Writings - Internet, economics and culture, media and community, Open Source and more.

Commonplace CommonSense - News, politics, and everyday life.

Complete Guide to Web Logs, The - A collection of web log links, tools, definitions, articles and more.

Cox, Peter D. - Management and training consultant based in Cardiff, Wales.

Craftypants - A weird one featuring hair-brained how-to projects, ceramics, and the compost cam.

Cramer, Clayton - News and events of the day from this conservative with libertarian sympathies.

Cranky Hermit - From a recluse.

CrazyAss13 - Parody and informational site dealing with pop-culture. - News from the viewpoints of cynical moderators.

Curry, Adam - Stories from a former MTV veejay. - A little doggie boggie.

Cutty's Den - Sports, music, soccer, graphic design, and weird stuff.

dabbler, the - Media, pop culture, Chicago, and personal rants. - Don't expect an ongoing anger-management program.

Daily Blah, The - From Time magazine's Chris Taylor.

Daily Croissant, The - Culture, food, books, music, languages, philosophy, and travel.

Daily Dean, The - Gay life on politics, language, media, and sex.

Daily Diatribe, The - Current political news events.

Daily Rant, The - Thoughts on politics, sports, and pop culture from both sides of the issue with no BS.

Daimnation - Political news and opinions from Newfoundland.

dam site, a - Links, commentary, and bad spelling.

Dan Bricklin's Log - Co-creator of VisiCalc, the first PC spreadsheet. - Observations, rants and insights from a computer programmer.

Dash, Anil - Internet technologist, entrepreneur, and writer living and working in New York City.

Dave Barry's Blog - From the humor columnist.

Daypop Top 40 Links - Links that are currently popular with webloggers from around the world.

Dedman, Jim - All kinds of stuff with links, movie reviews and more.

Defense Tech - Military weblog featuring news and links.

DeLong, Brad - Economics, and on other topics as well.

demandmedia - Users post and comment on video footage found on the Web. - From New Orleans. - For really crappy days. - A complete waste of time and space.

Disco Blog - New wave of disco dance creations. Huh?

Discriminations - The theory and practice of discrimination, and how it is reported and analyzed.

Dissecting Leftism - Left wing politics and the full truth behind Greenie distortions, too.

dive into mark - Technical slant.

Doggie Bloggie - Through the eyes of Sophia the dog.

Donkey on the Edge - A designer based in London, UK. - Adventures from a house called DragonDrop with web and watch cams.

Dream Catcher - Post about your dreams: describe them, analyze them, or relate them to real life.

Dutch Bint - Dutch-born now lives in London.

Eatonweb Portal - Directory of web logs, organized by category, language, country, and alphabetically.

Edge of England's Sword, The - British and American events and politics.

Effected - Comical thoughts, writings, and funny images.

Eject! Eject! Eject! - All the good things you believe about America and her people are true.

ejournal - News, views, and a Silicon Valley diary.

Elegant Hack - Guide to information architecture, interface design, usability, user centered design and more.

Ellis, John - Business, technology, politics, golf, media, advertising, P2P, genomics, and other subjects of interest.

Enigmatic Mermaid's Linguablog - Language, translation, sex, and threshold thinking.

Eric Alterman: Altercation - Media, politics, and culture.

Ethel the Blog - Science, computers, books, music and other shiny things that catch my mind's eye.

etherphyte dot com - Dysfunction for the fun of it.

everlasting blort - Odd and humorous links. - The truth is often annoying.

Executive Summary - Marketing news and industry resources. - Philosophy, news, rants, ruminations and links.

Exploding Fist - A London-based web designer.

F.U.B.A.R. - Bad in a good way.

Fabulousness - Linguistics.

Fark - Humorous news and links and allowing you to get involved.

february 7 - Thoughts, news, and humor that will be sure to amuse the whole family.

Follow Me Here - Sharp edges of the world as seen through the web.

Footprints - Digital strolls and musings. - Cool geek stuff.

Freeze the Flame - Childhood, current events, gay lifestyle, and everyday life.

Fresh Hell - Media links and commentary.

Frog in the Valley, A - Internet technology, Montréal, and society.

Froggegyrl's Pad - From one gyrl. - UI design, information architecture, Berkeley life, and daily drivel.

Gallagher, David - Photos from a journalist in NYC.

Game Girl Advance - Gaming.

Gang - Current events, rants and raves, music, and creative writing.

Geegaw - Links, lyrics, and random thoughts.

Geek's World - Tech site.

Ghost in the Machine - Political, cinematic, cultural, and athletic stuff.

Gina Snowdoll's Eeeeeks! It's a Blog! - Transgenderism, fashion, music, records, books, telly, life, the universe and more.

Gizmodo - Gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics.

Globe of Blogs - Directory of blogs organized by title, topic, and author name, age, gender, birthday, and location. - Languages, linguistics, life, WWW, books, more languages, and random nonsense.

gmtPlus9 - From Osaka, Japan.

Going Bridal - A bride chronicles her experiences leading up to her wedding date.

gotham2003 - Political comment.

grapefruitopia - Surreal and bizarre stuff.

Green Fairy - From a bitter and barren woman.

Gwen World - Petty, judgmental, evil thoughts.

Halfbakery - Submit a half-baked idea that you've had and other users will chime in with their thoughts and ideas.

Halfway House - London-based web log with links, thoughts, and stuff.

HawaiiStories - A community of Hawaii bloggers and journal writers, exploring island life.

Healy, Kieran - Assistant professor of sociology at the University of Arizona. - User-driven discussion site that seeks out the controversial.

Henderson, Suzanne - Photography and poetry.

Holy Weblog! - Religion-realted links and offers commentary.

Homeless Guy - From a man who has been homeless since 1982, lives on the streets, and posts from his local library.

Honeyguide Web Log - Science news, robots, books, and many other topics.

hoshq - A southerner in the far North.

Hostile - Pop culture and the human condition.

Hungry Tiger, The - Recipes and meal exploits.

I Live on Your Visits - Discover the world's favorite sandwich fillings.

I Love Everything - Graphic designer from Glasgow, UK.

I think it's time for me to fly - Current events, photography, and on what's going on.

I Wish, You Wish - For bloggers' birthday wishlists.

iamcal - Hidden complexity.

Iatremia - In and out of medical school in New York. - Writer, public speaker, race traitor, Christian iconoclast, and unabashed Mac advocate.

Ideapad - Media links and commentary.

if you lived here you would be home by now - A west Londoner who likes cycling and Thai green curry.

I Love Your Work - Adam Goldberg's movie.

iMakeContent.Net - A London-based freelance journalist. - Gallery, software, films, articles and more from London.

industrial beauty - Features reflective writing, poetry, essays, photography, and links.

infosift - Web content strategist.

Inscrutable American, The - Analysis, commentary, and links to interesting news articles.

InstaPundit - Politics, science, and culture.

interact - Current events and culture.

Internet Scout Weblog - Academic resources and around the Web.

iola - Digital artist and designer, with a focus on the arts. - Gal with a passion for expression.

Israpundit - News and views on the political situation in Israel and the Middle East.

It Came From the Codeslave - Technology, web development, toys, video games and more from a veteran web designer.

It's All About Coffee - All things coffee.

Jeremy Zawodny's Blog - Linux, Perl, MySQL, Open Source and more.

Joel on Software - UI design writer and software developer writing about software development. - Just some thoughts from your average joe.

John Robb's Radio Weblog - President of Userland Software.

JOHO the Blog - Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting for the Soul. - Travelogues from Tanzania and New Zealand.

Julian's Lounge - Editorial journalism, libertarian jihad, and miscellaneous philosophy.

Kasia in a Nutshell - Unix geek writing about her work, life, and anything else. - Network geek, photographer, collector of stuff.

Katastrophe - I fall down, drops things, and breaks things a lot. - Politics, media and culture.

Kesher Talk - Judaism, Jewish culture and politics, Middle East affairs and more. - Music, bikes, Apple, and the Red Sox, as well as a photo and design archive. - From Ocoee, FL.

Kitchen Cabinet, The - Political/cultural issues by four twenty-something people in the USA.

Kleiman, Mark A. R. - Politics, policy, philosophy, science and spirituality, literature and life.

KrazyBlog - General weirdness.

Laura Holder not com - Urban life in NYC in pictures and words with photos.

LePera, Scott Andrew - Internet technologies and scripting, as well as urban-folksy music.

Levy, Jacob T. - Political theory and public law from a professor. - Librarian culture of interest to rarin' librarians and other info nuts.

Life and Stuff - The girl next door run amok.

Little Green Footballs - Current events.

little.yellow.different - Projects, favorite songs, resume and more.

Living Can Kill You - Canadian new media, from online journalism to web building.

London Bloggers - The London Underground map or find your nearest station and discover the bloggers who live nearby.

Lucas, Rachel - Self-confessed gun-totin' capitalist oppressor.

Lynch, Kevin - Chief Software Architect at Macromedia, product development.

malevole - Virtual scraps of paper. Check it out.

Marc's Voice - Comments, pictures and otherm"stuff" from Marc Canter.

Mermaniac - Show tunes.

Metafilter - community weblog allows anyone to contribute a link or a comment.

MetaGrrrl - She's a web geek.

Millar, Bill - Lots of fun pictures and animations.

Miscellaneous, Etc. - What happens to you when you watch too much TV.

missingmatter - Technology, physics, and future culture.

Modern Age, The - Photos and reviews of rock musicians performing in New York.

MonkeyFarts - Wacky stuff.

More Like This Weblog - Building dynamic web sites, XML, information architecture and more.

Morning News, The - New York City-based local to global, eclectic annotated links, news and more. - Multiplayer online entertainment, and also science topics.

Mystery Fan - Mystery and suspense.

Naked Blog - A fifty-something gay man from Leith, Scotland.

Never's Spooky Dream House - A goth girl in a strange world.

New Left Politics - New, mainstream American liberalism.

No-Nog Weblog - Anti-eggnog weblog. - Sex, humor, and other mortal sins.

NYC Bloggers - Directory of weblogs from New York City.

OxBlog - Political rantings of some graduate students at Oxford University.

Paul Boutin - News and commentary from the senior editor of Wired magazine.

peculiar planet - Photography blog.

People Talk Too Loud - Album reviews, articles, and links.

Pepsi Blue Blog - News stories, images, and comments related to Pepsi Blue soda. - Interface design, web development and more. - Resource designed to help people find high-quality photoblogs.

Photographica - Allows users to post and review photos.

Photojunkie - Photo gallery, events, archives and more.

Pickles - Pickle Blog. - Links, commentary, and journal from London.

Plenty of Taste - Design, typography, writing, editing, journalism, and other things.

Pocket PC eBooks Watch - News about and personal experiences with electronic books for Windows CE devices.

Politics in the Zeros - Politics, California, water and more.

poopoochoochoo - Pop culture, indie rock, and love from Austin.

Pop Culture Junk Mail - Pop-culture themed web sites like trashy TV, British royalty, the 1980s, toys and more.

Popdex - Web site popularity index.

Present Attention - An eagle's nest view of culture, art, technology, and communications.

Priva - Privacy, security, free-speech, and civil rights online and off. - World events, trivial happenings and the pursuit of love and happiness.

Provenance: Unknown - News, opinions and links.

Quiet Resonance - From a web developer.

Radio Free Blogistan - Categorized commentary.

Raging Cow: Pasteurize This! - A cow diary.

Rantburg - Politics.

RatcliffeBlog - Business, technology, and investing news. Daily - Technology, politics, media criticism, and occasional humor.

Real John Doe, The - Artificial intelligence, poetry, web design, and theology.

Rebecca's Pocket - Cynical idealism, plus gothica, web design resources and more.

Redneck High - A good ol' boy in the high tech field.

Reenhead - A law student and punk wannabe.

Regions of Mind - History, U.S. regionalism, foreign policy, politics, and journalism.

Religious News Online - Religious news and commentary, gathered from around the world.

Reverend Brendan Powell Smith, The - Images, stats, news, and stories.

Right-Thinking from the Left Coast - Conservative comments on liberalism, leftists, and life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ringnalda, Phil - Technical weblog. - Weblog, pictures, and cam. - Weblog and photolog.

Royal Journal - Interesting and bizarre news, found art, projects, and other fun stuff. Blogs - FAQ and an overview of what a blog is, how it works, and how to start one.

Saltire - Articles, book reviews, and other musings on business and technology. - Internet, computing, telecommunications, governmental policy, and history.

Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment - News of Salon, Salon blogs, and the world.

Scrum, The - Politics. - Life on the Internet and in Singapore.

Sew Wrong - Domestic artisans and their arts, with a focus on sewing.

Sharpeworld - Art and pop culture.

Six Apart - Technology and weblogs by the company behind Movable Type.

Snarkcake - Pop culture and current events.

Snarkout - Tension, apprehension, and dissension.

Snoop Doggy Blog - Parody.

Soapboxgirls - Social issues regarding politics and passions of women.

Social Sciences Weblog - Essays and articles about the social sciences.

Solent, Natalie - Politics, news, libertarianism, science fiction, religion, and sewing.

Speak Up - Graphic design and digital art. - Computer related blog organized by topic.

Spoons Experience, The - A lawyer living in Chicago, covering politics, economics, business, and other news.

squish - Life and thoughts of a Toronto cyborg.

Stand Down - Opposing an invasion of Iraq.

Stone, L. Brandon - Photos, projects, bookmarks and more. - A software engineer and writer.

surreally dot com - Featuring authors from around the world.

Swaine's World - High tech news links hand-selected every weekday.

Tagline - Movie weblog.

Tal G. in Jerusalem - From Israel.

Talking Points Memo - Political discussion.

Tapped - From political gossip to policy to commentary on material from other publications.

Tard Blog, The - By a special education teacher.

Telling Lies - News and discussions regarding the Middle East conflict, travelogue, and Hebrew weblog.

Ten15 - NYC-based photo weblog.

Texas Gigs - Covers bands, bookings, shows, venues, and radio in Texas.

Textism - Popular culture.

Think Halal - From the Muslim community. - Life and politics.

This Boy is Toast - A weblog, CD reviews and artistic works.

Tony's Busblog - The only person in Los Angeles without a car.

Treesit Blog - An activist who has been sitting 150 feet up in an ancient redwood in Freshwater, California.

Tripod: Blog Builder - Blog building software and directory. - TV news and criticism.

U2 Log - Links, news and information on the band U2.

User Not Found - Dealing with the death of online friends.

var/log/blog - Tech news, fun, business and economy. - Literature.

Volokh Conspiracy, The - Citizenship, philosophy, politics, freedom of speech and more.

waxpraxis - Macromedia Flash, the Flash community, Macs and more.

Way.Nu - Technology, captivation marketing, Internet culture and more.

Web Queeries - Gay blog on LGBT news and issues.

Web Voice - Tech and business.

web-graphics - Hypertext design resources, links, commentary and more.

weblog wannabe - An Indonesia blog.

WebWord - WebWord Usability Weblog.

What Does Not Change - Politics, poetry and photography.

Windowseat Weblog - Thoughts on music, literature, TV and more.

Winds of Change.NET - Liberty, discovery and humanity.

Wohl, Amy - Technology industry.

WylieBlog - Right-wing conservative political viewpoints.

xymphora - Cultural and political issues.

Yaser - Web designer.

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