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Australian Birdman
Avian Medicine
Avian Resources
Aviary, The
Aviornis UK
Backyard Birding
Backyard Birding
Better View Desired
Big Bend Bird Club
Bird Banding at Powdermill
Bird Banding Data Computerization Project
Bird Banding Laboratory
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Bird On!
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Bird Watch Group in Turkey
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Bird Web at Conoco Natural History Centre
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Birding in Canada
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BirdLife International
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Birds Birds Birds
Birds of Ambergris Caye
Birds of Fermilab
Birds of Prey
Birds of the Imperial Valley
Birds of the New Hythe Area
Birdwatch Online
Birdwatching Australia
Birmingham Audubon Society
Bob's Birding Page
Buffalo Ornithological Society
Canada Goose Conservation Society
Canadian World Parrot Trust
Canberra Ornithologists Group (COG)
Caring For Your New Bird
Challenger Trumpeter Swan Migration Project
Clear Springs Aviaries and Gardens
Congress of Eagles, A
Connecticut Birding Web Site
Cooper Ornithological Society, The
Cumbria Bird Club
Dan Cowell's Game Bird and Waterfowl Pages
Daniel Bastaja's Birding FAQs
Daunia Risi
Delta Marsh Bird Observatory
Desktop Activist Guide
Dick E. Bird News
DickEBird News
EPA and Bird Conservation
Fair Isle Bird Observatory
FAQ - Optics for Birding
FAQ - Pet Bird First Aid
FAQ - Pet Bird Index
Feather Trade and the American Conservation Movement
Flights Of Fancy
Forest Habitat Campaign
Friends of Friedrich Wilderness Park
Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater
Fugleskue Birdwatch
Game Conservancy Trust
Gay Birders Club
GeoGraphical Birding Guide
George M. Sutton Avian Research Center
GORP: Bird Watching and Related Information on Birds
GORP: Observing the Fall Bird Migration
Göteborgs Ornitologiska Förening
Grays Harbor Audubon Society
Greg Kunkel's Birdsongs
Guatemalan Birding Resource Center
Hagen Avicultural Research Institute
Hamilton Aviary
Hato Pinero
Hawaii's Bird Alert
Heading South
Heavenly Feathers
Hong Kong Bird Watching Society
Hull Valley Wildlife Group
Hummingbird Society
Inland Bird Banding Association
Interactive CD-ROM Guide to North American Birds
International Aviculturists Society
International Crane Foundation (ICF)
International Osprey Foundation, The
Interpretive Birding
Introduction to the Aves
IVN Zwolle
Jerusalem Bird Observatory
Joe Morlan's California Birding Pages
John James Audubon 1785-1851
John James Audubon Gallery
John James Audubon: Works Viewable on the Internet
John's Birds
Jurong Bird Park
Jurong BirdPark
Kathy's Birding Photography
Kingfisher Project
Kiwi Recovery Programme
Klamath River and Scott Valley Birding
Knutsford Ornithological Society
Kuaotunu Kiwi Sanctuary
Lab of Ornithology
Lake Renwick Heron Rookery Nature Preserve
Leah's Bird Den
Life of Birds by David Attenborough
Maine Birding
Mapping Avian Productivity and Survivorship
Marcus Martin's Bird Photo Gallery
Michigan Birding
Mid-America Eagle Watch
Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries
Migratory Bird Conservancy (MBC)
Mill Grove
Minnesota Ornithologists' Union
Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail
Minnesota's Featured Species
Mynah Birds
National Audubon Society Expedition Institute Alumni (unofficial)
National Audubon Society
National Audubon Society's Endangered Species Campaign
National Aviary
National Bird-Feeding Society
National Bird-feeding Society
National Quail Association, Inc.
National Wild Turkey Federation
Native Songbirds in Color and Sound
Neotropical Bird Club
Nest Box, The
New Zealand Birds
Ninepipes Center for Wildlife Research and Education
Nita's Nest
Norman Bird Sanctuary
North American Bird Banding Manual
North West Raptor Protection Group
North West Swan Study
Northern Virginia Bird Club
Nutty Birdwatcher
Obsolete English Names of North American Birds
Ocean Wanderers
Ohio Birder Resources
Ontario Birding
Oriental Bird Club
Ornithological Association Ixobrychus
Ornithology WebSite
Panhandle Bird Club
Parrot Jungle and Gardens
Patuxent Bird Quiz
Pet Bird Page, The
Peterson Birds
PetStation's Bird Barn
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Potty-Training Your Pet Lory
Project Bird Watch
Quail Unlimited Chapter 256 of Orange County, CA
Quail Unlimited
Rouge River Bird Observatory
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO)
Scottish Seabird Centre
Shorebird Migration Maps
Society for the Conservation and Research of Owls (SCRO)
South Florida Birding Connection
Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory
Spatial Patterns of New Zealand Bird Diversity
Stanley's World
Talkeetna Birding Cooperative
Tall Timbers Research Station
Texas Birds
Texas Gulf Coast Birding and Naturalist Web
Texas Ornithological Society
Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary
Tracy Aviary
Trumpeter Swan Migration Project
Twitchers Paradise
UK Birdwatching Links
University of California at Davis - Center for Avian Biology
Up at Six
Ventana Wilderness Alliance
Ventana Wilderness Sanctuary
Virtual Birder, The
Virtual Birding in Tokyo
Washington Breeding Bird Atlas
Washington Ornithological Society
Web Directory: Birding and Natural History Links
Welsh Ornithological Society
West Chester Bird Club
Wild BirdCam
Wild Wings: Heading North
Wild-Eyed Alaska
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
Wilson Ornithological Society
Wings Over Michigan
Winkler, Robert
Winona Birding
Wisconsin Birds Online
Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas
Wisconsin Citizens Concerned for Cranes and Doves
Wisconsin Society for Ornithology
Worcester County, Maryland Birdwatching
World Bird Sanctuary
World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary
World Parrot Trust
York Ornithological Club
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