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Alternative Fuels Data Center
Alternative Methods of Propulsion
Alternative Vehicle Club of Cal Poly Pomona Segway
Argonne National Laboratory - Transportation Technology R&D Center
ARPA Electric and Hybrid Vehicle National Data Center
Book of Seg
Corbin Motors
DaimlerChrysler Fuel Cell Car
DaveNet: Dave Winer on a Segway
Denver Electric Vehicle Council
Electrathon America
Electric Cars Online
Electric Transit Vehicle Institute
Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas
Electric Vehicle Project
Electric Vehicles and Their Benefits
Electric Vehicles UK
EV Club of the South
EV1 Club
First Moto Gallery: Sparrow
Fuel Cells 2000
Ginger: What is IT?
H2 Cars
Her ElectricVehicle
Honda EV Plus Drivers
How Stuff Works: How Segways Work
Impressions After Riding a Segway HT
International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (IANGV)
Japan Electric Vehicle Club Matsumoto
Motorcycle Online: Corbin Sparrow
National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA)
National Station Car Association
Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
New Corbin Sparrow 2000 Owner's 2000 Mile Review
Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium (NAVC)
Office of Transportation Technologies - U.S. Department of Energy
OSU Formula Lightning
Pagina dels Vehicles Electrics
San Diego County Electric Vehicle Consortium
San Diego Gas & Electric: EVs
Segway Chat
Segway News
Sparrow, The
Think Corbin Inside the Segway
Toyota RAV4 EV
US Patent 5971091: Transportation Vehicles And Methods
Vehicle to Grid Power
Web Directory: Alternative-fuel Vehicle Directory
Zero and Low Emission Vehicles

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