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Absolutely Public Domain
Academic Computer Society Cookie Page
Advice From a Caterpillar
Advice from Sir Charles
Agony Non-Gender-Specific-Entity Site
Alladin's Lamp
Anti-Telemarketer Source, The
Ask 2 Dorks
Ask a Klingon
Ask Beepo
Ask Darlin' Demi
Ask Dr. Gabe
Ask Dr. Joe
Ask Dr. Sage
Ask Fallafel
Ask Flo
Ask Grinny
Ask Grogg
Ask HeartBeat!
Ask Kosh!
Ask Lola
Ask Mr Scum
Ask Mr. Angst
Ask Mr. Bad Advice!
Ask Old Mephistopheles
Ask Saddam
Ask Sarah
Ask Señor CPU
Ask Sister Rossetta
Ask The Great Gooroo
Ask the King
Ask the Peanut Guy
Ask The Psychic Pop-Tarts
Ask The Toadmeister
Atheist Fortune Cookies
Bad Answer Man
Bad Cookie
Boot's Advice Column from Hell
Broke & Brilliant Hotline, The
Cato's Magic 8 Ball
Consult the Muse
Dan's Magic 8-Ball
Dear Duke
Dear Eddie...
Dear Granny Murphy
Dear Raoul
Decision Maker
Dr. Pitman's Advice to the Lovelorn
Dr. T. Lewis
E_moation Devotion
Empowering Oracle
Floaty Oracle
Fortune Balls from Outer Space
Fortune Cookies -
Fortune For You
Fortunes for the Masses
Forum 2000
Futuristic Software's Magic 8-Ball Page
GenX Fortune Cookies
Get a Clue
Gorm the Wired Viking
Howto... egotrip
Ian's Magic 8-Ball
Inbedded Text Generator, The
Infinitely Magic Ball
Joe's Magic 9 Ball
Julio Iglesias' Prom Planning Calculator for Boys
Kurt Cobain's Magic Talking 8 Ball
LightQ Oracle
Magic 40 Ouncer
Magic 8 Ball - Digital Dementia
Magic 8-ball - Springfield, Illinois
Magic Infinity-ball
Magic Mr. T Head
Magic One Ball
Mis-Fortune Cookies
Mystical Colour Fortunes
Mystical Smoking Head of "Bob">
Nerve Magic 8 Ball
Nick's Fortune Cookies
Observatory, The
Online Fortune Cookie
Oracle of the Plywood Elvis
Origami Fortune Cookie
Planet Innovation Magic 8 ball
Pojo's Digital Destiny Machine
Price's Advices & Tom's Tips
Psychic Chicken Network
Ralph's Magic 8 Ball
Self-help with Lori
Spike's Magic Eight Ball
Steel Pair
Steve's Magic Eight Ball, The
Strange Phenomenon
Teen Aide - Teen Advice
Telemarketer Fun
Temple of the Spinning Head
Thought For The Day
Toaster Oracle
Todays Fortune
Todd's Magic 8-ball
TR-i's Magic 8 Ball
UNIX Fortune Teller
Virtual 8-Ball
Voice of the Woods
Walrus Rumpus Room and Advice Emporium
Web Directory: Lame 8-Balls on the Net
Wisdom of the Lair
WonLoo Cookies
World Wide Web Ouija
WWW Fortune Cookie Machine
Your lucky fortune cookie

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