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Info Service Categories

Abandoned Site
AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Alien Cultures
Answering Machine, The
Around the World With Half 'A' Cow
Barney Fun Page, The
Bent Bar Rench
Biks Flicks
Blackhole, The
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers, The
Bog of the Eternal stench, The
BrainTainment Center, The
Bring back the codpiece
Bryan's Page of Antique Weirdness
Bumble Ball Gallery, The
Bureau of Missing Sockls, The
Cameras and MORE Cameras
Carlos' Coloring Book Home
Cheezy Cultural Primer
Choo Choo Page
Clear Plastic Fashions
Crossing The Line
Cyrano's Valatine Server
Daily Dump, The
Dave's Rockin' Java Hut
Death Clock
Destination: Scandal!
Dream Page, The
Engles Oil Page
Everchanging Lame Page
Fake Mail
FBI's Most Wanted
Find The Spam
Gallery of the Absurd, The
Games You Can't Lose
Geoffrey's Geek Guide
Grinnell College Warp Core
Harry's Internet Disco Strobe Light Party Page
How To Tell If Yout Head's About To Blow Up
Human brain shrinks, yet human being thinks
Infamous Exploding Whale
Interactive Frog Dissection, The
International Airsickness Bag Collection
Internet in a Baby
Internet Lunch Counter, The
Jeremy's News Page
Lamest Homepage Contest, The
Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool
Lee's Super-Hero Generator
Lite Brite
Love Calculator, The
Lunatic Fringe
Mad Martian
Mental Debris - Voice of the InSaNe
Mile High Club
Millionares Page, The
Monty Python's Flying Circus
MOO-COW CAFEteria, The
Musical Potty
Mr. Potato Head
Nose Page, The
Obituary Page, The
Online Pregnancy Test
Outfitters of Popular Culture
Q-Tips - The Fanpage
Random Light Bulb Joke
Random Sillyness
Rectal Foreign Bodies
Red Meat - from the secret files of Max Canno
Rid Me of My Curse
Roberto's Daily Journal
Robert Wadlow
San Francisco Examiner Bondage Files
Scratch and Sniff Theater
Sea-Monkey Worship Page
Show Me Somethin', Mister!
Sneaker Nation
Spy on Lab Users
Squirrel Clan
Stephen Turner's Coldlist
Stories To Make Your Brain Slide Down Your Neck
Straight Dope, The
Streams and Brian present Piercing Mildred
Stupid Lame Dumbass Screen
Thank you AOL!
Todd's Gallery of Pathetic Human Regret
Top Tips
True Science
T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project, The
Useless WWW Page Hall of Fame
Virtual Panhandler
Visible Human Project, The
Vomitus Maximus Museum
Wacky Patent of the Month
Wall O' Shame
Weird Science On The Net
Why I'm Smarter than You -- Rebuttal
Word Foo, The
World Birthday Web
WWW Virtual Keyboard

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