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Info Service Categories

Alpha OSF/1 Support
Alpha-osf-managers by date
Calgary Unix Users Group Capital Area Central Texas Unix Society
Command line and batch interpreters and screen shells
Dallas Fort Worth Unix Users Group
Description of different types of shell
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital UNIX InfoCenter
EurOpen - European Forum for Open Systems
EurOpen.SE (the Swedish Unix Users group)
FAQ - comp.unix.unixware
FAQ - Digital UNIX
Finnish Unix Users' Group
First UNIX Hints
Florida West Coast Unix Users Group (FWCUUG)
Freely Available DEC OSF/1 AXP Software
French Unix Users Group
Houston Unix Users Group
How to write a shell script
Independent Group of Unix-Alikes & Networking Activists (Iguana)
Index - UNIX Users' Groups
Manitoba UNIX User Group
Northern New England UNIX User's Group (NNEUUG)
OSF - Open Software Foundation
Shell Games
Stupid Shell Tricks
The rc shell
UK UNIX User Group (UKUUG)
Unix Answers
Unix FAQ
Unix Guide
Unix Help Index
UNIX Users Association of Southern California
UnixWare Online Users Group
UnixWare Technology Group
Usenet - comp.unix.osf.osf1
Washington Area UNIX Users' Group

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