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Amherst College Men's Squash Team
Colby College Squash Team
Confederacao Brasileira de Squash
Cornell University Squash Page
Finnish Squash
Hammarby Squash Club
Harvard Men's Squash
Hobart Squash
Internet Squash Federation
Internet Squash Federation (in Switzerland)
Irish Squash
Italian Squash Federation (FIGS)
Luleň Squash Club
Maida Vale Squash
Middlebury College Women's Squash
Portuguese Squash Federation
Roslagen Squash Club
Rules of Squash
Sacremento Valley Squash League
Squash Australia
Squash Canada
Squash Clubs In The USA
Squash Landesverband Nordrhein-Westfalen
Squashclub 't Kasteeltje
Squash North-East UK
Squash Rackets Association
Strings Squash Club
Texas Squash
Thailand Squash Rackets Association
Tufts University Women's Squash
United States Squash Raquets Association
Usenet - rec.sport.squash
Wales Squash
World Squash Resort Guide, The

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