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ACIP: Smallpox Vaccine
CDC: Variola major (Smallpox)
Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies: Smallpox
Demon In the Freezer, The
Jenner, Edward (1749-1823)
Medical Treatment and Response to Suspected Smallpox: Information for Health Care Providers During Biologic Emergencies
MEDLINEplus: Smallpox
Remaining Smallpox Virus Stocks Are Too Valuable To Be Destroyed
Smallpox (Variola)
Smallpox as a Biological Weapon: Medical and Public Health Management
Smallpox Research Grid, The
Smallpox: Homepage
Smallpox: Inoculation Vaccination Eradication
Smallpox: The Triumph over the Most Terrible of the Ministers of Death
Urban Legends and Smallpox
US Smallpox Hospital - Minton House
WHO/OMS: Smallpox

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