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American Academy of Underwater Sciences
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Aqualog Magazine
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Asian Diver Online
At Sharky's Dive
Atlantis Dive Center
Beneath The Sea, Inc
BFDC and North Carolina SCUBA/Wreck Diving
Big Blue Video
Blue Oasis
British Sub-Aqua Club Branch 854
Buceo Web Spain
Buchan Divers
California Scuba & Wreck Forum
Campbell River Sport Diving
Canadian East Coast Diving
Carlos' Diving Page
Carlos' Diving Page
Cathi's Dive Site
Cave Divers Association of Australia
Cave Divers Corner
Cave Diving Page
Cave Diving Website
Central California Council of Dive Clubs
Chauncy's - Wetfun
Chicago Aquanauts Scuba Association
CMAS - ConfTdTration Mondiale des ActivitTs Subaquatiques
Conch Republic Divers
Cuttlefish Capital of the World
CyberRealm Divers
CyberSea Scuba Journal
Deep Visions
Deeper Blue
DeepTech Online
Dive Gear Magazine
Dive Girl
Dive Industry News Journal
Dive Log New Zealand
Dive Site Network
Dive Site
Dive Tech Magazine
Dive Travel Industries Association
Dive Travel Planner
Dive Zone Social Club
Diver Dan
Diver Magazine
Divers Alert Network - Research
Divers Datalog
Divers Outlet
Diver's Travelogue
Divesite, The
Diving Bonaire
Diving in New Zealand
Diving in Saskatchewan
Diving in Singapore
Diving in Sweden
Diving in the Florida Keys
Diving in the Philippines []
Diving in the South Pacific
Diving Medicine Online
Diving The Northwest
Doc's Diving Medicine
Dolphin Reef, The
Don's Dive Site
Dyk! Scandinavian Dive Magazine
Eric's SCUBA Page
FAQ - Bay Area Diving
First U.S. Brazilian Dive Club
Florida Scuba Connection
Florida Scuba News
Florida Scuba Wreck Data Base
Freediving and Snorkeling
Freediving in Florida
Galvan's Scuba Photos
George's Scuba page
Global Underwater Explorers
Greater Los Angeles Council of Divers
Gulf Coast Divers
HSA International
Hungarian Cave Diving
IDEA Europe
Il Subacqueo
International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
International Association of Technical and Nitrox Divers, Inc
International List of Cave Divers on the Net
Internet Diver's Guide
Island Waterworks
Israeli Diving Federation
Karl's Rebreather Page
Key West Dive Information
Let's Go Shore Dive'n' on the Kona Coast
Little Photi Dives
Long Island Diving
Madison Aquatic and Recreational Park
Malaysia's Undersea Heritage
Malta Professional Diving Schools Association
Maui's Scuba and Shore Diving
Melbourne University Underwater Club
Musings of a Scuba Diver
National Association of Black Scuba Divers
National Association of Scuba Diving Schools
NAUI Australia Ltd
NAUI Services Canada
New Jersey
New York State Diver's Association
Northern California Underwater Photographic Society
Oceanfest '97
Odyssey Expeditions
Our World-Underwater
Pauls Scuba Page
Philippe's Scuba Page
Philippine Dive Sites
Philippine Diver
Promote Scuba Webring
Randy's Scuba Page
Recreational Divers Association
RockWater Adventures
Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine
Scuba Central
Scuba Central
Scuba Divers Network
Scuba Diving Explained
Scuba Diving in Maui - Extended Horizons
Scuba Diving in Singapore
Scuba Diving in Thailand
Scuba Employment Journal
Scuba in Aruba
Scuba in Quebec
Scuba in Turkey
SCUBA Information
Scuba New Zealand
Scuba With Frank Down Under
Scuba World Page
Scuba, Scuba
ScubaMom's Gateway to Diving
Sea Eye Diving
SeaClypse Divers
See & Sea Travel Service, Inc.
Sheares Affiliates Dive Club
Shipwreck Diving in Tasmanian Waters
SiamGuide: Thailand Scuba Diving Guide
Silent World Dive Center
Singapore BS-AC
Singapore Club Aquanaut
Skin Diver Magazine
South Florida Dive Journal
Southwest Florida Artificial Reef Association
Sportdiving Magazine
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Steve Norvich
Sub Ocean Safety
Technical Diving International ASIA
Technical Diving Video Library
Texas Diver
Texas Scuba Divers Page
Thailand Cave Diving Project
Thailand Sub-Aqua Club
Tony Backhurst Scuba
Touch the Sea
TravelBase Scuba Guide
Treasure Quest Magazine
Triangle Dive Club
UK Diving
UK Scuba
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, The
Underwater Contractor Magazine
Underwater Photographs From Around Australia
Underwater Sports World
United States Dental Diving Association, Inc.
World Wide Scuba Links by Mikko Levo
Worldwide Diving Encyclopedia
Wrolf's Wreck
Young Ed's Cave Diving Page

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