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AATC - Zoom 505
Alesis QuadraVerb
Audio Effects FAQ
AX30G Page
Boss GX-700
Digitech GSP-2101 FAQ
Duncan's Amp Pages
Fender Amp Field Guide
FX Patch Dump
GEO - The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page
GP-100 MIDI Implementation Booklet
GP-100 Web Site
GP-100 Web
GSP-2101 Reference Library
GSP-2112 Announcement
GSP-Dev-Users Website
GSP-Users Archive
Guitar Amp Tone and Effects Placement
Guitar Effects Boxes
Guitar Effects FAQ
Guitar Effects Ring
Harmony Central Amp Database
Harmony Central: T.C. Electronic FireworX
Homebrew Tube Amp Corner
How To Build A Tube Compressor/Limiter
Intro to Mackie 1604 Mixer
Kevin's Vacuum Tube Audio Page
Korg AX30G Workshop
Korg Pandora Page
Marshall Amplifier FAQ
Musical Instrument Tube Amp Building, Maintaining and Modifying
Musician's Tech Central
NAMM Oddities 99
Pat's Tube Schematics
Patches for the Zoom 4040
Roadie Net
Roland VS-880 FAQ
Scott's PA System Tutorial
Studio Sound Review - Fireworx
Sweetwater Sound: FireworX
Tape Machine Gallery
Tascam DA-88 FAQ
TC Electronic
Tone Depot
Tube Amps for Beginners
Tube Dude's Page of Vacuum Tube Lore
Tube Lovers Anonymous
Tubes To Go!
Unofficial Korg ToneWorks AX1G Page
Vacuum Tube AudioGallery
Vacuum Tube Page
VanillaBob's ZOOM 505 Page
Zoom 2100 Patch Central
Zoom 3030 Patch Page
Zoom 3030 Patchworks
Zoom 505 Central
Zoom 505 Effect Pedal - Unofficial Site
Zoom 505 World
Zoom 505: Pedal and Bank-switch Together
Zoom 506 Settings

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