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Info Service Categories

Aaaaaargh. The Rats!
Abbans Rattery
Bay Area Rat and Mouse Club of America
bclee's Rats!
Boggle and Grizzle's Chewy Page
CheesyWorld of Our Mice
Devoted to the Rats I Love
Filip Sebek's Homepage
For the Love of Rats
Gideon's Rat Page
Introduction to the Rat Race
Just the Rats Ma'am
London & Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club (LSCMRC)
Mia's Homepage
Michelle R. Tribe's Home Page
National Fancy Rat Society
NetVet - Rats
New South Wales Fancy Rat and Mouse Club
PetRat 3.0
Rat & Mouse Gazette
Rat and Mouse Club of America
Rat Fan Club
Rat Pack Network
Rat Site, The
Rat World
Ratclub Berlin
Rats Are People Too
Rat's Guide to Responsible Human Ownership
Rats Make Great Pets
Rattie Rescue
Stacy's Rats
Swedish Rat Society
Teddy and Red's Rats
Tuffe's Rat Page
University of Iowa Rat EST Project
Virginia's Rat Page
Wererat's Lair, The

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