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Aaron Fuegi's Fortunes Page
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Amanda's Humor Collection: Famous Last Words
Amanda's Lois & Clark Quotes
Amazing Daily Quotes
Anarchist Sampler
Angel Bytes
Annabelle's Quotation Guide
Aparna's Quotations Page
Aphorisms Galore
Apple Seeds
Arthur's Friends Quotes
Atheist Fortune Cookies
Au Revoir Les Inmates
A-Z of fortune cookies
Bad Cookie
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Benno Rice Quote File
Best of Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Betsy's Quotation Page
Bill Gates: The Myth, The Man, The Lovin' Machine
Bob Ross Quote of the Week
Brendan Connell's Quotes Page
Butterfly Dilemma: Quote Page
Carrie's Compilation of Cool Quotes
Casper Weekly Gazette
Charlie Fink's Quote of the Week
Cheryl's Quotations
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Christian Quotation of the Day
Chux Silly Quotes Page
Classic Quotations
Cole's Quotables
Comfort and Compassion
Conner's Unfamiliar Quotations
Conventional Wisdom
Cool Quotes Collection
Customer Is Always Right Quote of the Week
Daily Zen
Diane's Quote Page
Dictionary of Inspirational Quotations
Doctor Who Quotes
Don't Stop the Carnival...
Doug Turner's Quotation Server
Douglas Adams Quote Directory
Doug's Page of Quotations
Encouraging Quotes and Excerpts
ER Quotes and Fan Fiction
Famous Quotations Network
Famous Quotations
Favorite One Liners
Favorite Quotes by Eli Khamarov
Flummery Digest, The
Former USA VP Dan Quayle Quotes
Fortune For You
Frank Zappa Quote of the Day
Funny Farm: Famous Last Words
Gabrielle's Collected Quotes
Gagler's Quote of the Day
Gem of Proverbs and Poems
Generation Terrorists
Gist of It, The
Goddess's Page of Fortune Cookies
Good Quotes by Famous People
Grapevine, The
Great Aviation Quotes
Great Quotations To Inspire And Empower: Music
Great Quotes
Great Writing
Greenleaf Enterprises Business Quotations
Grizzard Directory of Quotes
Harto's Quotes Page
Heather's Quote of the Week
Humor Quotes and Deep Thoughts
Inbedded Text Generator, The
Inspiration Peak
Inspiration Place, The
Inspirational Quote for the Day
Inspirational Quotes From The Hitchhiker's Guide Books
Inspirational Quotes
Intellectual Trash
Intellectually Stimulating Quotations
Jenny's Movie Quotes Page
Joakim's Quotes & Aphorisms
Kerrie DeGood's Music Quotations
Kerrie's Quote Page
Labor Quotes
Larry Charbonneau's Quotes Page
Listening Quotes
Lost Quotes
Love and Marriage Quotations
Love Quotes Encyclopedia
Mad Amishman: Thoughts for the Day
Mark Twain Quotations
Mark Twain Quote of the Day
Marsh's Unfamiliar Quotations
Mathematical Quotation Server
Mathematics Quotations from Platonic Realms
Maxims of Madame de Sable
Meditation Tip of the Day
Melissa's Quote Collection
Mfx' Quotations
Misfortune Cookies
Mis-Fortune Cookies
Motivational Point
Motivational Quote of the Day
Motivational Quotes Archive
Motivational Quotes from Motivating Moments
Movies At Home Quote Database
Mr T's Quote of the Week
Mulberry Lane: Our Favorite Musical Quotes
Musical Essay Quotes
My Fave Quotes
NewsRadio Quote of the Week
Nick's Fortune Cookies
Oberacker's Quote Archive
On Matters of Most Grave Concern
Oneliners and Proverbs
Online Fortune Cookie
Original Pessimist Quotations
Page O' Quotes
Page Of Quotology
Pages of Romance
Paul Tomko's Humorous Quotes Site
Phantom Tollbooth Quotes
Poetry Quotes
Pooh Quotes
Positive Page
Positive Saying of the Day
Prisoner Quotes Page
Product of a Nethole: Quotes of the Week
Proverbs and Inspirational Sayings
Proverbs and Sayings
Put Downs by Famous People
Queen Lily's Quotes
Quotable Quotes Concerning Traditional Jazz
Quotable Quotes
Quotation Center
Quotation Database
Quotation Guide
Quotation Server
Quotations @ alphamedly.com
Quotations by Subject
Quotations Central
Quotations for Inspiration
Quotations of William Blake
Quotations Page, The
Quotations Site
Quotations, Philosophy, and Life
Quote Lady's Quote of the Day
Quote of the Day [Brian Pudliner]
Quote of the Minute
Quote of the Week by Thom
Quote Post
Quote World
Quotes from JRR Tolkien
Quotes of the Day
Quotes of the Week
Quotes on Love
Quotes Unlimited
Quotes, Quotes, and ... More Quotes
Quotingman's Famous Quote Page
R.A.W.'s Thought for the Week
Randy's Famous Last Words Page
Rob's Quotation Collection
Sammy Server, The
Seinfeld Quote of the Week Page
Seinfeld Quotes
Selected Quotes from the Constitutional Convention of 1787
Send A Fortune
Sharon's Quotes Page
Slainte! Toasts, Blessings, and Sayings
Snow's Quotation Treasury
Sports Quotes: Get Psyched!
St. Augustine Quote of the Week
Star Trek Quotes
Sugar Packet Wisdom
Television's Other 10%
This Great Justiciary
Thomas Carlyle Quotes
Thought of the Day
Thousands of Movie Quotations
Tick vs .... Fortune Cookie
Today's Fortune
Top Ten Famous Last Words
Useless Movie Quotes
Vanna Bonta Quote Generator
Voices and Verses
Wacky Bible Verse of the Week
Weekly Angel Quote
Weird Quotes
What Movie is That From?
What's That Line?
Wisdom of the Ages
Wisdom Quotes
Words of Love
Words of Women
Words to Live By - Yada
Words to Live By
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Your Wisdom Buffet

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