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Accufax Investigations Inc
Advantage Credit Services
AGI Companies
Alice Byrne Investigations, Inc.
Allstate Investigations
American Polygraph Association
APB Investigations
APC Corporate Security
Baxter and Associates
Beau Dietl and Associates
Berger & Berger Investigative Services
Bill Greenberg Special Services
Bishops Services
Blue Moon Investigations
Brewer Detective Service, Inc.
Brian Brown & Associates Inc
Carratu International
Central Detective Agency
Check Investigative Services
Clarence M. Kelley & Associates
Coonis Investigations
Corpa Investigations
Corporate Screening Services, Inc.
Creative Research, Inc.
Crutchfield Investigators Inc.
D/TEX Investigative Consulting
Daniel Sirek Investigations
Decision Strategies Fairfax International (DSFX)
Delve Information Resources
Dig Dirt, Inc.
Discreet Data Research
Discreet Data Systems
Emerald Group
ESI International
Falcon Collection and Investigations Inc.
Fidelity Information Corporation
Find Em Fast
FireTech, Inc.
Greentree Investigations, Inc.
Grey Fox L.T.D.
Hunter Locators International
Information Search Inc. (ISI)
Institute of Professional Investigators
Intelex Ltd.
Inter-Probe Corporation
Interfor Inc.
Intertect, Ltd.
Investigate America
Investigations 4 U
Investigative Resources International
Investigators Online
J. Barbieri & Associates
JL & Associates
Kroll Associates
Kroll Information Services (KINS)
Lajoie Investigations
Louisiana Board of Private Investigator Examiners
MEC Investigations Division
Michael G. Kessler & Associates, Ltd.
Michigan Council of Private Investigators
Midland Investigations
Morales and Associates LLC
Most Wanted Heirs
National Association of Legal Investigators
Nationwide PI Network
Private Investigators Association of Florida
Private Investigators Mall
Professional Investigations, Inc. (CA)
Protective Security Investigations
Richmond Group International
RMI On-Line Information Services
South Eastern Association of Private Investigators (SEAPI)
South Florida Investigators Association
Southwest Private Investigations, Inc.
Stewart & Associates Inc.
T.H.R. Investigations
Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau
Ultimate Internet Spy Tool
Unitel Intelligence Group, Inc.
V.Y. Harper & Co.
Verdict Re:Sources

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