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A Note About Web Browsers & Privacy
Advisory Committee on Online Privacy and Security - Final Report
Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP)
Anonymity, Privacy and Security
Anonymous Communications on the Internet
Bacard's Privacy Page
Bake your own Internet Cookie
Better Business Bureau Online Privacy Program
CDT's Privacy Watchdog
Coalition Letter to IETF on Cookies
Consumer.Net's Privacy Policy
Cookie Controversy
CPA WebTrust
Dark Side of Cookies
Development of Surveillance Technology and Risk of Abuse of Economic Information
Discovery Channel: Cybersurveillance
Electronic Privacy Information Center
EPIC Alert
EPIC Cookies Page
EPIC Online Guide to Privacy Resources
Full Disclosure
Georgetown Internet Privacy Policy Study (GIPPS)
Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC)
Golden Key Campaign for Private Communications Online
How Tasty are Your Cookies?
How Web Servers' Cookies Threaten Your Privacy
Internet Privacy Coalition
Internet Privacy Issues
Internet Privacy
Kidz Privacy
Modem Operandi FAQt: Persistent Cookies
Nameless in Cyberspace: Anonymity on the Internet
Online Privacy Alliance
Online Privacy
Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Project
PricewaterhouseCoopers' BetterWeb Program
Privacy Analysis of your Internet Connection
Privacy and American Business
Privacy International
Privacy Site, The
Privacy Times
Save The Web
Secure Assure
Security and Freedom Through Encryption Forum
Stalker's Home Page, The
Swedish Personal Register Law

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