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American Society of Media Photographers, The
Atlanta Photography Group
Calgary Photographic Society
Camera Club of New York
Camera Club of New York/Tothtron Photography Home Page
Camera Club of Ottawa - Official
Canadian Association of Photographers
Center for Photography at Woodstock
Center Hall Foundation
Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association
Cranford Camera Club
Digital Camera Club
Fort Worth Camera Club
Hamilton Camera Club
International Freelance Photographers Organization
Knutsford Photographic Society
Light Factory Photographic Arts Center
Lomographic Society International
Lowestoft Photographic Society
New England Camera Club Council
Nikon Club Australia
North American Nature Photography Association
Nova Scotia Photo Co-op
Photographic Historical Society of Canada
Photographic Society of America
Photogroup Center
Photo Imaging Education Association
Professional Photographers of America
Professional Photographers of Greater New York
San Diego Underwater Photographic Society
Select Foundation
Society for Contemporary Photography
South Bay Underwater Photographic Society
Syosset Camera Club
Texas Photographic Society
University of Hong Kong - Photographic Society
University Photographers' Association of America
Vox Populi
Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

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