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Directors Guild of America
Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency
Early Motion Picture Archive
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Hong Kong Cinema
Internet Film Community
James Bond 007
Joe Bob Briggs
John Wayne
Kubrick, A Multimedia Film Guide
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Low Res Film Festival
Miramax Films
Movie BBS, Inc., The
Movie Cliches
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Movie Mania
Movie Mom's Guide to Movies and Videos for Families
Movie Review Query Engine
Movie Web
New York Film and Animation Co. Ltd.
OnScreen Magazine
Paramount Pictures
rec.arts.movies archive
Screen Shots
Screensite Reference Shelf
Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page
Sony Pictures Entertainment Page
Star Wars Multimedia WWW Page
Star Wars
Sunrise Theater
Tarantino World
Teen Movie Critic
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The Cult Shop
The Cyberplex Theatres
The Dermatology in the Cinema Web Page
The Documentary Film Group Home Page
The Greatest Films
The Film 100
The Film Zone
The Godfather Trilogy
The Movie Poster Page
The Movies Sounds Page
The Trailer Park:
Top Movies
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