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Aberdeenshire North East Folklore Archive
Ages of Classical Music
Alabama Music Hall of Fame
American Classical Music Hall of Fame and Museum
And We Danced...the 80s
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Appeal for Help from Readers, Visiters
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Baroque Music Defined
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Before There Was Rock 'n Roll
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Boswell Museum
British Invasion, The
California Missions History and Music 80's Music Spotlight
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Clarement Colleges - Kenneth G. Fiske Museum
Classic Music of the Eighties
Classical Guitar Illustrated History
Classical Music - A Short History
Classical Period Music Links
Collecting Crap Records
Country Weekly - What Every Country Fan Should Know
Delta Blues Museum
Disco Inferno
Disco Lounge
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DooWop Nation
Early Eighties Song of the Week
Early Music Institute
Edinburgh University - Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
European Musical Heritage Class
Experience Music Project
FAQ - Early Music
Finchcocks Living Museum of Music
For Sentimental Reasons
Frank's Vinyl Museum
Gaelic Harps and Harpers in Ireland and Scotland
Glam Page
Gottfried Silbermann: Master Organ-builder of the German Baroque
Great Folk Scare
Guitar Pre-1650, The
Heavy Vibes
History of Ancient Greek Music
History of Country Music
History of Rock and Roll, The
Hits and Misses of 80's Music
Hogan Jazz Archives
Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame
Hoy Hoy
Hustle Dance Club
I Wrote A Parody
Ill Lunch's Beats & Vinyl
International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections
Internet Jazz Hall of Fame
It Happened This Week in Music History
Ivan Jadan Museum
Jazz Oral History Index
Jazz Roots
Jazz Singer, The
Knights In Blue Denim
Kunitachi College of Music - Collection for Organology
Lush Lives: Ladies of Jazz
Lush Lives
Manic Medley
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Medieval and Renaissance Music
Medieval and Renaissance Ring
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation
Medieval Music - 800-1450
Medieval Music Links -
Medieval Music Links -
Medieval Music Links -
Medieval Music of Cyprus
Mining Co.: 80s Music
Misheard Lyrics to Eighties Songs
Mississippi State University - Templeton Music Museum and Archives
Moving Magic
Mr. Jefferson's Music
Museum of Music History
Museum of Music
Museum of Musical Culture
Museum of Popular Instruments
Museum of Synthesizer Technology
Museum of Timepieces and Mechanical Music (MUMM)
Music and Dance of the Renaisance
Music Hall
Music History 101
Music History Resources
Music in the Public Domain
Music of the 14th Century
Music of the Ancient Near East
Music of the Fifties
Music Under Soviet Rule
Musical Epochs
Neanderthal Flute
NetSERF: Medieval Music
New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park
Nydahl Collection
Old Crank, The
Oldies Unlimited
Oxford University - Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
Peterson's Classic and Collector Vinyl Records
Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz
Platform Shoes
Popular Music and Conservatism
Prescott Folklore Center
PT's Milestones of the Millennium Series
Recording Technology History
Red Hot Jazz Archive
Renaissance Consort
Renaissance Music Links
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Romantic Era Music Links
RTMC Home of Real Audio Oldies Music
Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments
Ryan's Eighties Music Page
Selection of Medieval Music
Seventies Dance Music Page
Sixties Pop Diary, The
Society for Ethnomusicology
Soulman's World of Beats
Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society
Southern Music Network
Studio aHOYO
Summer of Love Psychedelic 60's WebRadio
Super Seventies RockSite!
Synth & MIDI Museum
Texas Music Museum
The WELL's Woodstock Conference
Thirteenth-Century Polyphony
This Day in Music History
This Day in Music
This Day in Rock & Roll History
To Be Lost In The 80's Again
Trans-world '60s Punk
Twentieth Century Music Links
Ultimate '80s Songs
University of South Dakota - Shrine to Music Museum
Vassar College - The Treasure Room
Vintage Jazz and Dance Music on 78rpm Records
Vinyl Bologna
Vinyl Collector Civil Resistence Page
Vinyl Underground
Virtual Synthesizer Museum
Web Directory: Baroque Music Links
Web Directory: Record Collecting Resources
Who Can It Be Now?
Woodstock '69
Woodstock Festival
Woodstock Nation Foundation Inc.
World of Jazz and it's Originators
Worst Songs of the 80's

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