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Against The Grain
American Studies
Ancient Worlds
Catalog Management Department
Cataloging Oasis
Cataloguing Internet Resources
CIC Center for Library Initiatives
Colleges and University Home Pages
Computers, Freedom and Privacy Video Library
FinanceNet's Electronic Library
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Gabriel - Gateway to Europe's National Libraries
Geographic Cutter Table
Gutenberg Books
Gutenberg Subjects
InfoBahn Librarian
Intellectual Property: A Pathfinder for Librarians and Educators
Internet Public Library
Internet Resources for Cataloging
Journals Online News
Karen's Kitchen: The Librarians' Menu
Language Center
Librarians' Professional Resources
Library Job Hunting
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Classification System
Library of God
Library Paraprofessional Clearinghouse , The
Library Support Staff Resource Center
Library-Oriented Lists and Electronic Serials
MC2 Systems
MLA - Technical Services Section
Online Computer Library Center
Planning an Electronic Library Classroom: An Annotated Bibliography
Public Librarian's Guide to Internet Access
Public Library Internet Reference Guide
Public-Access Computer Systems Review
Technical Processing Online Tools (TPOT)
The Smithsonian
The WWW Virtual Library
UKOLN - UK Office for Library and Information Networking
Web4Lib Electronic Discussion
World Constitutions
Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians
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