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About: Urban Legends and Folklore
anti-GoodTimes virus page
Bill 602P Hoax & Toll Charges for Internet Access
Bill 602-P Postage Surcharge Hoax
Brendan's Urban Legends Page
Christopher Marlowe
Computer Virus Hoaxes
Consuming Fire That is klapTor, The
Contagion Warning
Cookie Recipe
Dave's Web of Lies
Dead Elvis Sightings
Don't Spread that Hoax!
Elvis Sighting Bulletin Board
Elvis Sightings
Email Folklore
Exploding Whale
False E-mail Report about Klingerman Virus
False Rumors of Federal Internet Access Charges
FAQ - The Alt.Folklore.Urban Page
Forbidden Cookie Recipe, The
Gullibility Virus
h2g2 : The Paul McCartney "Death Clues"
Hoax Causes Havoc
Hoax: the Deeyenda virus
ICSA.net: Virus Hoaxes
Infamous Exploding Whale
Internet Spider Hoax
Is Elvis Alive and Is Bigfoot Real?
Is Elvis Presley Alive?
Is Paul McCartney Dead?
Is Tupac Really Dead?
Klingerman Chain Letter
Legend of the Gnome, The
Legends From a Small Country
Lies People Tell
Origin of the Rocket Car In The Cliff Legend
Paul is Dead - The Conclusive Evidence
Paul Is Dead
Postcards from the Internet
Register: Is This the Greatest Ever Email Hoax?
Robby Robb's Reasons Tupac Is Alive
Scaryduck's Lie Emporium
Sophos Campaigns to Save Christmas Elves from Cruelty
Spamming and Urban Legends
Spiders in the Toilet
Terry Chan's Urban Folklore Page
The Great Library of Congress Fraternity Legend
The Walrus (Paul Is Dead)
This One'll Kill You!
Tom Petty is Dead
Tom Petty is Not Dead
Top 20 Reasons Why Tupac is Alive
Truth about "E-Mail Viruses"
Tupac Amaru Shakur: Alive theory
Tupac Isn't Dead
Urban Legend Machine
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Sex (Under the Yum-Yum Tree)
Urban Legends Research Centre
Urban Legends
Usenet's Frequently Posted Urban Legends
Virus Hoaxes and Netlore
Warinner, Andrew
Who is Claire Swire?
Why Tom Petty is Dead
William Campbell is Alive

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