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A Political History of the Norwegian Language
Aaron's World Language Page
Abed Khooli
ADF School of Languages Library
African Languages and Literature - University of Wisconsin at Madison
African Languages Program at The University of Georgia
Afrikaans Stigting
AIPLF Région Amérique
Alan King Basque Page
Albertus Magnus - The Book Of Secrets
All About French
Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar
Alphabets for Urdu
Altanna Gaeilge
Alternative sci.lang.japan - FAQ
Alternative Turkish Dictionary
Am Bràighe
American Assoc of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages</FONT></A> <br>
American Association of Teachers of Arabic
American Indian Resources - Language
Amis Dalla Lenghe Furlane - Friends of the Friulan Language
Amr's Arabic Archive
An Ceathramh
An Comumm Gaidhealach America
Ancient Scripts
Arabic Language
Arabic Ring
Arabic Verb Conjugation
ARTFL Project: Latin Vulgate Bible
ARTFL Project
Ask a Linguist
Asociación Galega de Editores
Baltic Language Subgroup
Baltic Languages
Basic Phrases for Eastern European Languages
Basic Spanish Words with Pronounciation
Basque Studies Program
Beginners' Guide to Offline Language Materials - Afrikaans
Beginners' Guide to Offline Language Materials - Low Saxon
Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course
Black Mountain Gaelic Society
Blackfoot Language
Brazilian Portuguese grammar
Brussels OnderwijsPunt
Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg / Welsh Language Board
Casa Xelaju
CELIA - Computer Enhanced Language Instruction Archives
Celtic Language Events in North America
Cherokee Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide
Cheyenne Language
Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Project
Chilean Spanish Guide
Chinese Character Genealogy
Chinese characters FAQ
Chinese Computer Terminology
Chinese Learner's Alternative Site
Chinese-Language-Related Information
CJK Character Set Server
Comann an Luchd-Ionnsachaidh
Computer Aided Turkish Lessons
Conradh na Gaeilge/Washington
Conservation of Endangered Languages
Contemporary Latin Poetry
Coordinadora d'Associacions per la Llengua Catalana
Cornish Language Centre
Counter Dictionary
Creolist Archives
Critical Discourse Analysis
Croatian Language - Basic phrases
Cultures of the Andes
Cuposoup's Yiddishism of the Week
Cursing in Swedish
Curso de Quechua
Cymdeithas Madog
Dakota Language
Dale Frakes' Arabic Language Page
Daltaí na Gaeilge
Danish for Tourists
Det færøyske skriftmålet
Dialect List in Japan
Die Knoop: Honderde Afrikaanse Bestemmings
Dongxiang Mongols and Their Language, The
Dr. Rix Spanish Pig Latin Page
Egbe Isokan Yoruba
El Quichua de Santiago del Estero
Endangered Native American Languages
English - Malay Reference Guide
English-Chinese IT Glossary
English-Greek-English Dictionary
English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs (2nd edition)
Eolaire - Gaeilge ar an líon
Eritrean Languages
Eskimo Words for Snow Derby
Estonian Language
Ethnologue Languages of the World Database
Eurovoc Thesaurus and the Czech Eurovoc Project
Euskal Herrian Euskaraz
Euskara Hutsezko Web Oria
Euskera Orrialdea
Fàilte gu Sabhal Mór Ostaig
Faroe Islands, The
Faroese Language and Literature
Filled Pause Research Center
Find Out Your Hawaiian Name
Finnish Language
Focal an Lae
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Foundation for Endangered Languages
From Aant to Wuppdi
Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Quechua
Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
Gaelic Languages Info
Galician Institute
Georgian Truetype Fonts - Imnaishvili
Georgian TrueType Fonts
German Language in Austria
German Text-to-Speech Synthesizer
Germanic Linguistics Occasional Papers
Germanic World, The
Glossary of the Chinook Jargon
Good Stuff In Tagalog
Gujarati Script
Hawaiian Language: Traditional and Pidgin
Hawaiian Language
Hebrew WWW Fonts
Hellenistic Greek Linguistics
Helpful Sites for Students
Herve ha Nora
Hindi Program at Penn</FONT></A>.
History of Telugu Language
History of the Swahili Language
Hmong Language Users Group
How the Greek Language Fertilised the European Languages
How to Learn Tagalog
Hugjiltu - Comparison of Turkish and Mongolian
Human-Languages Page
I Can Eat Glass Project
Index - Coleman's Websites for Hispanists
Index - Internet Resources for Germanists
Index - Italian General Subject Tree - WWW Virtual Library
Indian (South Asian) Languages
Indian Languages Page
Indian Languages
Institute of Yoruba Language and Culture
Instituto da Lingua Galega
Interactive On-line Russian Reference Grammar
International Clearing House for Endangered Languages
International Language Institute
International School of Mongolian Studies
Internet Chinese Bible
Internet Living Swahili Dictionary
Introduction to Linguistics
Introduction to Swedish
Introductory Tagalog Lessons
Irish Gaelic Language Reader
Íslensk málstöð
Japan Language and Culture Network
Japanese Ancient History and Ainu Language
Jennifer's Language Page
Jim Breen's Japanese Page
Joe's French Page
José Moreira's Spanish Resource Page
Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
Kevren Cornish Language Page
Kiswahili-Bantu Research Unit
Konkani-NET .
Korean Linguistics
Kyo Kotoba
La Page de la Plaisanterie
Languages and Scripts of India
Larry Trask's Basque Page
Latin Grammar Aid and Wordlist
Latin Grammar FAQ</FONT></A>.
Latin Language and Literature
Latin Library, The
Latin Translators
Latin Verb Conjugator
Latin Vulgate Bible
Latin-English Dictionary
Latvian Language Learning Resources
Latvian Language
Latvian Page
Learn Tamil on the Web
Learn to Read Urdu
Learn to Speak Tagalog
Learning Practical Turkish
Less Commonly Taught Lanuages
Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology
Lexicon of Linguistics
LingNet - The Linguist's Network
Lingua Latina
Linguist List
Linguistic Phenomena/Devices
Lithuanian Dialects
Lithuanian Language Learning Resources
Little Czech Primer in Pictures
Little Greek
Llenguatge icònic
Lojban Archive
Lowest Protocol, The
Lowlands Orthography for Low Saxon - Low German
Ludus Sanae Mentis
Maayboli : Marathi and Maharashtra related resources
Macintosh Russification
Mandarin Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Manx Language Resources</FONT></A>.
Mining Co. - Mandarin Chinese
MLS Software and Technical Documents
Modern Standard Arabic Page
Monash University - Korean Program
Munduko Hizkuntzak
Native American Language Center - University of California, Davis
Natural Echo Studios
Navajo Community College - Navajo Language Program
Nihongo: Japanese Language
Non Sequitur - Erin's Latin Mottoes and Phrases
Norsk - The Norwegian Language
North American Institute for Living Latin Studies
Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month
Noun Classification in Swahili
Ohio University CALL Lab
Ojibwe Language and Culture
Okay Japanese
Old French Language Page
Online Russian Library at Oregon State University
Online Swedish Course
Op Bernsteen
Orbis Latinus
Origins and Emergence of West Semitic Alphabetic Scripts
Otake Japanese Calligraphy
Oxford Galician Society: Sociedade Galega de Oxford
Página de la Lengua Española
People, Culture and Language of Hawai'i
Phonétique du Français Québécois
Pidgin/English Dictionary
Pidgins and Creoles
Plataforma per la Llengua
Polish "Online Talking Dictionary"
Polish Language - Useful Phrases</FONT></A>.
Portuguese Language
Post-Contact Languages of Western Australia
Pride and Prejudice (English/Chinese)
Primary Latin Texts
Pronouncement Software
Quechua Language
Quechua: The Language of Love
Rabbit in the Moon
Raidio na Gaeltachta
Recull de Dites Populars Catalanes</FONT></A>.
Reference Guide for Pidgin and Creole Languages
Resources for Chinese Learning and Teaching
Review of Chinese Word Lists Accessible on the Internet
Rod Heimpel
Russian and East European Studies Internet Language and Literature Resources
Russian Manual Alphabet
Russian Stories
Sanskrit Document list
Sanskrit Links
Saturn Hmong
sci.lang.japan - FAQ
Sententiae Latinae
Serbian Language
Shoecabbage Page
Sinhala Language
Slighe nan Gaidheal
Slovak for Tourists
Slovene Alphabet
Slovesa Server
SOAS Guide to Asian and African Languages
SOAS Guide to Asian and African Languages
Some Gujarati language resources
Sound Symbolism
South Asian Languages: Inventory of Language Materials
Spanish Centre for Language and Culture
Spanish Grammar
Spanish Resources
Spanish Text-to-Speech Synthesizer
Speak Cree
Spoken Yiddish Language Project
Stotra Page
STP CALL: Swedish
Study Guide to Wheelock Latin by Dale A Grote
Studying Phonetics on the Net
Swahili Lesson
Tabm Kernuack - A Bit of Modern Cornish
Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe
Tamil Electronic Library
Tenas Wawa
Terralingua: Partnerships for Linguistic and Biological Diversity
Thai Language FAQ</FONT></A>.
Thai Language Page
The Baltic Languages
The Latvian Language
The Lithuanian Language
Translate Your Name Into Japanese
Travlang's Turkish Phrases
Tsuguya Sasaki's Cyberia
Turkish Language and Literature
Turkish Natural Language Processing Initiative
Turkish Proverbs
UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages in Europe</FONT></A>.
Universal Survey of Languages
University of California at Berkeley - Korean Program</FONT></A>.
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Ojibwe Language Program
University of Pennsylvania - Arabic Program</FONT></A>.
University of Pune
Useful Marathi (Indian) Travel Phrases</FONT></A>.
Useful Swahili Words</FONT></A>.
Using Japanese on the Internet
Vernacular Language Program
Viajes de Descubrimiento
Virtual CALL Library - U. of Sussex
Virtual Francophone Voyage
Virtual Language Lab
Vlaamse taal
Vocabulary Training Exercises
Vulgate Daniel et Esther
Wangaratta Secondary College Japanese
Welsh Course
Welsh to English Lexicon
Word Page
World of MultiLingual Parallel Concordancing
World Tamil Web</FONT></A>.
Yamada Danish Language WWW Guide
Yiddish Homepage
Yiddish-English Projects
Yoruba Language Learning Resources</FONT></A>.
Yuen Ren Society
Yugntruf - Yugnt far Yidish

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