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American Committee for Interoperable Systems (ACIS)
American Network Inc. v. Access America
Artists Against Piracy
ASCAP RateCalc
Audio Home Recording Act of 1992
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Cody v. Ward
CompuServe, Inc. v. Patterson
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS)
Copyright in Music
Copyright Issues for Music
Copyright Primer on Computer Music Files
Copyright Resources on the Internet
Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
Cyberlaw Journal
Cyberspace Fraud and Abuse
CyberSpace Law Center
Cyberspace Law Institute
Digital Future Coalition (DFC)
Digital Millennium Copyright Act Overview
Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Status & Analysis
Digital Signature Guidelines Tutorial
Digital Signature Initiative Overview
Digital Signature Standard (DSS)
Educause: Digital Millennium Copyright Act
EFF Intellectual Property Issues & Policy Archive
Electronic Commerce & Law Report
Esquire Magazine v. ESQ.wire
Express Success Sucks
FAQ - Web Law
FindLaw - Cyberspace Law
Fraud Bureau, The
Fraud on the Internet Resource List
Free Music Philosophy
Guide to Copyright for Music Librarians
H.R. 2265 - No Electronic Theft (NET) Act
H.R. 3209
How to Spot Internet Scams
How We Got Colgate-Palmolive To Back Down
ILPF: Digital Signature Working Group
Intellectual Property On The Web
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Internet Fraud Watch
Internet Fraud
Internet Law & Policy Forum
Internet Library
Internet Patent News
Internet ScamBusters
Jurist - Cyberspace Law
KuesterLaw: Technology Law Resources
Link Controversy Page
Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS)
Music Publishers' Association
Musicians Against Copyrighting Of Samples
Net Law News
Net-Based Business Opportunities: Beware of Flop-portunities
Professional Music Forum: Why and How to Copyright Your Music
S. 1146
Seen a Potential On-Line Fraud?
Sign of Trouble: The Problem With E-Signatures
Site Seeing on the Internet
Summary Of E-Commerce and Digital Signature Legislation
Sun Mirosystems Java Name Battle
Sweeping Changes Propel U.S. Copywright Law Into Digital Era
UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy
What Do E-Signatures Mean for You?
What is Copyright Protection?
Who can stake a claim in Cyberspace?

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