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Info Service Categories

500 Ways To Annoy Your Roommate
A Gadzillion Things To Think About
A Little Island
Access Provider Disk Report
ACME Nerd Suppressant
Activegrams' Fake Memos
Adrian's Humor Site
Alex's Humor File
Best of: Humor
Book of Clichés, The
Book of Wife, The
Boss Button
Center For The Technically Abused
Closet Pocket Protector
Code at Wiretap
Comdey Zone, The
Complex Statements for the Simple Minded
Computer Stupidities
Conk!!Tools for Goofing Off
Coolest Hostnames on the Net
Cute Geeky Boyz
Cyber Chicken, The
Dates From Hell
DaveMc's Can of Humor
Disgruntled and Damn Proud
Do It Yourself Root Canal Kit
Emergency Medical Humor
Everything you wanted to know about Dunkin' Donuts
Fermat's Last Theorem Poetry Challenge
Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Flaming On the 'Net
Funny Pages, The
Funny Town
Geek Fun
Geek Heroes
Geek Site of the Day
Geek Speak
Geek World
Geeks of the World Unite!
Geoffrey's Geek Guide
Girl's Guide to Geek Guys, A
Greg Goldsher's Websmell
Guy's Guide to Geek Girls, The
Hatemail in a Box
Health Care Humor
Help Desk Workshop
Helpful Lists to Improve Your Life
Hostess Gripe Page
How to Procrastinate
Hypatia's Humorous Library Tales
I Hate My Job Ent
I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick
Illegitimate Comedian, The
In Jest
Index - Humor Archive
Interactive Top Ten List
Internet Wiretap - Gopher server
Janie's Warped Mind
Jay's Comedy Club
Laziness Central
Life and Death - Magazine for Elimination of Truth
Lighten up, Seriously!
Lighter Matters
Lipstick Librarian
List of Cliches and Other Fun but Stupid Things to Say
Lonster's Virtual Manager
Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist
Max's WWW Humor Archive
Medical Bloopers and Anecdotes
Mental Health Net - Humor of the Day
Mind Reading Markup Language (MRML)
Mindless Jobs of America
Mr Bill's Humor for Presentations and other
My Boss Sucks! Anti-stress page
My Boss
Nerd Humor Archive
Nerd Liberation Movement
Nerd Sex Instructions
Nerd Songs
NerdBoys at SherryArt
Nerdly Jaikus
Nerds Revolutionary Front
Nexus Gate's Top Ten Lists
Off The Boss
On the Internet
Operating Systems That Suck
Oracle Service Humor Archives
Outrageous Aussie Sayings
Pee Your Pants Humor Page
Procrastination Central
Procrastinator's Creed
Red Fish Page, The
Ridicholas Exaggeronte
Ridiculous Names
Rusty the Office Intern
Satanic SysAdmins
Schlake's Humor Archives
Scott's Page o' Computer Illiteracy
Simpsons Lounge, The
Sysadmin Price List
Sysadmin Recovery
Sysadmin Songs
System Administration - the movie
Tech Tales
Tech's Support
Technical Support Nightmares
Temp 24-7
Test your New Media knowledge
Things that are Wrong!
Top Ten Ways The Internet Could Get Worse
Top Ten Ways to Tell If You Have a Sucky Home Page
Totally Useless Office Skills
UGeek Magazine
Uncle Shitpie's Comedy Lounge: Lists
Universal Problem Solver, The
Virtual Sysadmin Problem Report
Virtual Tie - that becomes real!
Waitressing Gripe Page
What Constitutes an Asshole?
What If People Bought Cars Like They Bought Computers
What is a geek?
Wheel of Time Humor
Why Are All Rejection Letters Alike?
Win a Date with a Geek
Working for the Man
Year 2000 Parable
Year 3000
You Might Be a Computer Geek If...
Your Worst Nightmare

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