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13th Battalion Black Watch Royal Highlanders of Canada
1755 French and Indian War
6th Infantry Regimental Association
American Civil War Historical Reenactment Society
American Civil War Society Ltd (UK Re-enactment)
American Federation of Old West Reenactors
American Longrifle Association
American Longrifles
American West Heritage Center
Any Place, Any Time
Australasian Register of Living History Organisations (ARLHO)
Bill's Living History Pages
Bitter Creek Outlaws
Blue and The Grey
Bog Troopers Page
British Brigade
Buffalo Ranch
Captain John Outwater's Company of Militia
Center for Medieval Studies, The
Chatham Home Guard
Civil War Camera
Clan Dummunhull Gypsy Troupe
Clan Iain Abrach~MacIain
Co. A 7th United States Infantry Living History Assoc.
Colonel Robert Overton's Regiment of Foote
Das TeufelsAlpdrücken Fähnleîn
Des Schloß von Ravensburg
Digital History - The French Indian War
End of the Roman Age Society
English Civil War Society
English Civil War
English Glorious Revolution of 1688
First Queensland (Moreton) Regiment, The
Fort Henry Project
Fort Norfolk 1812 Garrison
Fortress of Louisbourg Volunteer Association
French and Indian War Magazine On-line
French and Indian War's Impact on America
French and Indian War
Gordons Musketeers
Great Dark Horde
Great Plains Chautauqua Society
Guild of Saint Cuthberts
Guild of Santa Maria
Guild of St. George
Guns of the Golden West Association
Hale Farm & Village
Halifax Citadel Regimental Association (HCRA)
Historic Collinsville
History and Reenactment Resources
How Newspapers Covered The French and Indian War
Kingdom of Galandor
Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournament Resource Library
L'Âge d'Or
La Compagnie des Hivernants de la Riviere Saint Pierre
Landsknecht WebRing
Legio X Gemina
Living History Farms
Living History International
Living History Organizations
Manitoba Living History Society
Markland, Ltd.
Medieval Battling Club
Medieval Centre
Medieval Free Company
Meister Modius von Mergentheim
Military Re-enactment Society of Canada
Milites deBec
Mogh Roith
Montagu's Regiment of Foote
Museum Village
National Civil War Association
National Indian Wars Association
Nevada Civil War Volunteers
Nevada Gunfighters
New Zealand Mediaevalist Groups
North-South Skirmish Association, Inc.
North/South Alliance
Norvik Hrafnswyrd
Nova Roma
Old Dallas Gunfighters and Reenactment Society
Old Washoe City Gunfighters
Old West Living History Foundation
Olde Towne Brass
OMNIA Foundation
Oregon Trail Travelers
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire
Plimoth Plantation
Realm of Chivalry, Inc.
Reenactors Page
Regia Anglorum
Riley's Farm
Saint Sebastian's Renaissance Guild
Scalping During the French and Indian War
Scottish Civil Wars
Scottish Civil Wars
Seattle Knights, The
Shadows of The Past
Ship's Company
Siege Group, The
Societe d'Europe
Society of Former Landsknechte
Somerville Manor
Southern Guard Living History Association
Sovereign Rose, Companie of Lawe
Spirits of the North
St. Elizabeth's Guild
St. Ives Historical Society
St. Kennoch's Guild
Teddy Blue's Bunkhouse
Texas Through Time Living History Foundation
Todesengel Fähnlein - St. Maximilian Landsknecht
Twain Harte to Sacramento
UK Information for Re-enactors
USA - French and Indian War 1
USA - French and Indian War's Impact on America
USA - The Seven Years War
Varnum Continentals and Varnum Armory
Victorian Lady
Vikings, The
Virginia Line Association
Washington's Naval Base
Waterloo Village
Web Directory: The French and Indian War
West Virginia Reenactors Association
White Buffalo Society
White Company
Wizards Guild

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