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Cheater's Guild
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Cheater's Paradise
Cheater's Playground
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Cheats and Patches
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Command and Conquer
Cory's Sega Saturn Page
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Douwes On-Line Cheating Collection
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E-Man's Game Place
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Extreme 64
Falcon's Cheat Archives
Fox McCloud's N64 Page
Frontier Elite II
Gäh's Nintendo 64 Page
Galaxy 64
Game Cheats and Tips - Sharepaper
Game Genie Codes
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Irelands only PC and Console Game Website
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N64 Cheats
N64 Guide
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NetRangers Cheat-Codes
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Nintendo 64 Codes and Cheats
Nintendo 64 Codes and Cheats
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Nintendo 64 Universe
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Playstation Cheats
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