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Sound Intensities
The Info Service Chart & Reference Guide
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Decibels Degree Loudness or Feeling
225 Deafening 12" cannon @ 12 ft., in front & below
194 Deafening Saturn rocket, 50# of TNT @ 10'
140 Deafening Artillery fire, jet aircraft, ram jet
130 Deafening Threshold of pain

>130 causes immediate ear damage

Propeller aircraft at 5 meters

Hydraulic press, pneumatic rock drill
120 Deafening Thunder, diesel engine room

Nearby riviter
110 Deafening Close to a train
100 Very Loud Boiler factory, home lawn mower

Car horn at 5 meters, wood saw
90 Very Loud Symphony or a band

>90 regularly can cause ear damage

Noisy factory

Truck without muffler
80 Loud Inside a high speed auto

Police whistle, electric shaver

Noisy office, alarm clock
70 Loud Average radio

Normal street noise
60 Moderate Normal conversation, close up
50 Moderate Normal office noise, quiet stream
45 Moderate To awaken a sleeping person
40 Faint Normal private office noise

Residential neighborhood, no cars
30 Faint Quiet conversation, recording studio
20 Very Faint Inside an empty theater

Ticking of a watch

Rustle of leaves- light breeze

10 Very Faint Sound proof room

Threshold of hearing
0 Very Faint Absolute silence

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