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Hurricane Intensity Scale
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Category Storm Surage Wind Speed Description
1 4-5 feet 74-95 mph Damage to trees,shrubs, foiliage and unanchored mobile homes. Well-built structures undamaged. Low-lying coastal roads may flood.
2 6-8 96-110 Some trees blown down; major damage to mobile homes. Some damage to roofing materials, doors and windows. Major damage to piers. Evacuation of low-lying homes on coast may be required.
3 9-12 111-130 Leaves torn from trees; some large trees blown down. Mobile homes destroyed; some structural damage to small homes and utility buildings, minor damage to non-load bearing walls. Piers destroyed. Serious flooding near the coast damages structures, and structures 5 ft. above sea level may flood as far as 6 miles inland.
4 13-18 131-155 Extensive damage to roofing materials and non-load bearing walls. Complete structural failure of roofs on small homes. Major damage to lower floors of structure near the coast. Major erosion of beaches. Land less than 10 ft. above sea level require massive evacuation up to 6 miles inland.
5 >18 >156 Complete roof structure failure on many buildings. Some complete building failures, small utility buildings blown over or away. Major damage to lower floors of all structures less than 15 ft. above sea level within 500 yards of the coast. Massive evacuation of areas on low ground within 5-10 miles of the coast may be required.

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