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Tornado Intensity Scale
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Scale Strength Max Wind Speed Description
F0 Weak

<73 mph Damage to tree branches.
F1 Weak

73-112 Roofing materials peeled off, mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned, moving automobiles pushed off road.
F2 Strong

113-157 Roofs torn off wood-frame homes, mobile homes demolished, railroad boxcars pushed over, large trees uprooted or snapped-off.
F3 Strong

158-206 Roofs and some walls torn off well-built wood-frame homes, locomotives over-turned, most trees in forested areas up rooted, automobiles lifted and moved.
F4 Violent

207-260 Well-built homes leveled, automobilies thrown about, heavy objects become missiles.
F5 Violent

261-318 Structures are lifted off foundations and carried away, reinforced concrete structures damages. Less than 2% of all tornadoes reach this intensity.
F6 n/a 319-380 Not expected to occur on Earth.

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