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20/20 Vision
Activist's Oasis, The
America's Charities
American Red Cross
Amnesty International
BBWnetwork - Size Acceptance Network
Carter Center
Center For Democracy and Technology
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Electronics Frontier Foundation
Envirolink Network
Environmental FTP Sites
Environmental News Network
Environmental News Network
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
First Amendment Center, The
Freedom Forum, The
Foundations Online
Global Recycling Network
Gulf War Veterans Resource Pages
Habitat for Humanity
Home Recording Rights Coalition, The
Impact Online
International Service Agencies
Internet Cremation Society, The
National Organization For Women
National Rifle Association, The
Nidra King Center
Northwest Oregon Autism Resources
Polly Klaas Foundation, The - Missing Children
Progress and Freedom Foundation, The
Religious Freedom Home Page
River of Hope
Space Activism Home Page
Surfrider USA
Tabacco BBS

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